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“A Very Serious Leak”. “The MOST Serious Leak”. “If Not The Top, Most Certainly In The Top 1, 2 or Three, ever seen in my career”….

That’s how Attorney General Eric Holder justified the Associated Press Scandal over the phone records from 100+ reporters, spanning over 20 AP phone outlets including the AP Congressional office phone line. I strongly urge all readers to watch this video segment: … Continue reading

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Jello Graffiti

In general graffiti is not good, and I’m not condoning it. However, every once in a while you can spot an intellectual street artist’s fingerprints. And THAT can be darned funny: When I saw this, I thought of Treeper Jello – … Continue reading

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Texas Home Invasion – The Invaders Locked Homeowner in Wrong Closet…. His Gun Closet – UPDATE: Video Added

(HOUSTON TEXAS)  […]  HPD Sgt. J. Brandon said, “They confronted the homeowner, assaulted him briefly and they put him in a closet.” They didn’t look in the closet, because that’s where he keeps his guns.  Police were told the homeowner … Continue reading

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Two Faced & Administratively Metaphorical – Hero police officer who met Michelle Obama after being shot in the face arrested for ‘holding two women at gunpoint, drugging and raping them’

(DAILY MAIL) A former Philadelphia police officer once  hailed as a hero and given a seat next to the first lady at a speech by  President Obama has been arrested and charged with rape and other  crimes. Authorities allege that … Continue reading

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Masked Man Follows Hofstra U Twins Home – Shoots One As She Pleads For Her Life – Dies In Shootout With Police

(Daily Mail)  The gunman who held hostage 21-year-old Hofstra University student, Andrea Rebello, who later died in the police gun battle has been identified by police as Dalton Smith – a known criminal who was wanted for absconding parole for … Continue reading

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No Landing Gear? No Problem: Well Done Job By U.S Airways Pilot and Crew (With Video)

NEWARK NJ – US Airways flight with 34 people aboard was forced to make a dramatic belly landing at Newark International Airport last night. Terrified passengers managed to escape the plane unharmed after the plane’s pilot – named by witnesses … Continue reading

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Benghazi – Darrell Issa Subpoenas Pickering For “Closed Door” Questioning about State Dept. Self-Investigation ARB Report

Considering the Accountability Review Board (ARB) “investigation team” never questioned Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, or U.S. Libyan #2 person on the ground, Greg Hicks, I’m sure the oversight committee has multiple questions about how an investigation could reach conclusions … Continue reading

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