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“Francine” – The DeeDee Narrative Author/Chaperone – State V. Zimmerman

Ever since the name “Francine” came up during the George Zimmerman hearing(s) as the author of the DeeDee statement, and chaperone for the August 2012 visit to Jacksonville, many people have been puzzled by exactly who this person could be. … Continue reading

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SHOCK: NBC Buried/Ignored The Fact Benghazi Whistleblower Was A Democrat – Voted For Hillary Once, Barack Obama Twice….

Given the fact the media huddled with the White House prior to the Carney press briefing this should not be a surprise.   Nah, probably just another one of those now famous NBC production mistakes….  move along, move along…. nothing to … Continue reading

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A Notable Tremor In The Dark Force – Years of Imbalance Are At Risk of Upheaval

Thermonuclear Splodey Head Warning:  Liberals Coast To Coast rabid with worry about the potential sale of the Tribune Co. media organization to the Koch Brothers. Nothing would bring such joy to the Patriot movement than to see this sale take … Continue reading

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Newsflash: “There’s something fundamentally really really wrong with the news media”….

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Pat Smith – Mothers Day Message To Hillary

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Oh, The Places You’ll Go

Recently I was fortunate enough to reconnect with someone I went to school with from kindergarten through high school. I have not seen her since we walked across the stage and out into life, as it would unfold for each … Continue reading

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Mailboxes and Old Barns: Guest Post from my cousin’s writings, about our Grandfather

DRYLANDER’S DREAM, BY A DRYLANDER’S GRANDDAUGHTER   “Joannie Girlee” as told by her dear Mother, Esther on July 3, 1993 Fabricated and Filled by Joannie             The heat from the sun burned down on the parched earth as Fredrick Hansen scanned his once … Continue reading

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