Pope Francis: Will Not Live In Opulent Papal Palace…. Chooses To Be Comfy At Suite in Guest House

ROME – Pope Francis’ frugality has captivated headlines, as this pontiff has very openly shunned unneeded amenities both during his time as a cardinal and in his short tenure as head of the Catholic Church. His most recent decision — to decline the papal apartments in the Apostolic Palace — is, once again, capturing headlines.

As the National Catholic Reporter notes, Francis is, instead, planning to live in a suite inside the Vatican guesthouse (also known as the Casa Santa Marta). This is the same location where he has been residing since the conclave.

The stunning announcement was made by Fr. Federico Lombardi, a spokesperson for the Vatican. It marks the first time in 110 years that a pontiff has decided not to live in the traditional residence.

Once again, Francis shows himself to be one who shuns or, at the least, avoids luxury accommodations. For the time being, he plans to steer clear of the Apostolic Palace for living purposes, but he is using the space to hold meetings and audiences, CNN reports. (read more)

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3 Responses to Pope Francis: Will Not Live In Opulent Papal Palace…. Chooses To Be Comfy At Suite in Guest House

  1. jello333 says:

    I think I’m liking this guy. I’m not Catholic, so I don’t have any “personal” reasons to care one way or the other, but I still know how important the Pope is. And I think it’s great to see that this one might be a real person. I particularly liked the post the other day about him calling his newspaper-delivery kid, who apparently thought he was being pranked. And so the now-Pope is like, “No, seriously, this is Cardinal Jorge… I’m calling from Rome.” Love it!


  2. St. Benedict's Thistle says:

    I hope folks understand that the press is currently engaged in pitting the actions/styles of His Holiness Benedict XVI and Pope Francis I against each other in an attempt to denigrate Benedict. Trust me, they will do this to Francis in due time. Benedict is a very humble man. He chose to take on the trappings, and he chose to step down from the office because of his humility. Francis chooses to spurn the trappings because of his humility. Two very different men with different perspectives. Both humble. Do not be fooled by the media’s games.


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