Jan Brewer Asks The Obvious: “who the heck is running this country”?

“The American people are fed up. We have all of this outrageous activity going on. And, they’re releasing illegal criminals. Because this is not arrest and release people. These are people who have been held for a reason… No one has contacted my office. No one has reached out. And, obviously they don’t know what the HECK is going on because they didn’t know anything about it either. Well, who’s running this country?“

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13 Responses to Jan Brewer Asks The Obvious: “who the heck is running this country”?

  1. 22tula says:

    Who is running this country?

    “The Alinsky Administration”
    By Jim Geraghty = May 14, 2009

    When Obama announced a paltry $100 million in budget cuts, and insisted this was part of a budget-trimming process that would add up to “real money,” he clearly understood that the public processes these numbers very differently from the way budget wonks do. Alinsky wrote: “The moment one gets into the area of $25 million and above, let alone a billion, the listener is completely out of touch, no longer really interested, because the figures have gone above his experience and almost are meaningless. Millions of Americans do not know how many million dollars make up a billion.”

    If I had a son – Link
    “Son sees father’s handiwork in convention”

    Rub Raw the Sores of Discontent Then Galvanize Them.


  2. caruhsel says:

    How about humor to bring levity to a depressing topic…

    This is not a Biblical

    Story, but it might have been!

    Two Coffees in


    Having arrived at the

    Gates of Heaven,
    Barrack Obama meets

    a man with a beard.
    ‘Are you Mohamed?’

    he asks.
    ‘No my son, I am St.

    Peter; Mohamed is

    higher up.’
    Peter then points to a

    ladder that rises into

    the clouds.
    Delighted that

    Mohamed should be

    higher than St. Peter,
    Obama climbs the

    ladder in great strides,
    Climbs up through the

    clouds and comes into

    a room
    Where he meets

    another bearded man.
    He asks again, ‘Are
    you Mohamed?

    ‘Why no,’ he answers,

    ‘I am Moses;
    Mohamed is higher

    Exhausted, but with a

    heart full of joy
    He climbs the ladder

    yet again.
    He discovers a larger

    room where he meets

    Angelic looking man

    with a beard.
    Full of hope, he asks

    ‘Are you Mohamed?’
    ‘No, I am Jesus, the

    You will find Mohamed

    higher up.’
    Mohamed higher than

    Man, oh man! Obama

    can hardly contain his
    Delight and climbs and

    climbs ever higher.
    Once again, he

    reaches an even

    larger room
    Where he meets this

    truly magnificent

    looking man
    With a silver white

    beard and once again

    repeats his question:
    ‘Are you Mohamed?’

    he gasps as he is by
    Totally out of breath

    from all his climbing.
    ‘No, my son, I am Almighty God, the
    Alpha and the Omega,
    But you look exhausted.
    Would you like a cup of coffee?’

    Obama says, ‘Yes please!’

    As God looks behind him, he claps his hands
    And yells out: “Yo, Mohamed, two coffees!”

    Keep your trust in God;
    Your president is an idiot.


    • taqiyyologist says:

      That was actually pretty funny!

      Joel Chapter 2, on the other hand, and as it relates to this land in this time?

      Not so much. The first half of that prophecy is What Is About To Happen To America.

      The second half is the solution, the prescription, the antidote, that we should have taken ten years ago. It is far, far too late now.

      Joel 2 was never about locusts. Hell, it says “people”. But no…. the “experts” always said it’s locusts, and that this prophecy was fulfilled centuries ago.

      Weren’t all the “experts” wrong in Christ’s day, too? My, oh my. What a shock.


  3. Voice from the wilderness says:

    Was the Q. rhetorical? Not on your life, she is a Zombie. The fact she poses the question makes her incompetent to be governor or even a candidate for the local school board.


  4. Unless ICE is paying for those prison cells on a daily basis, those illegals should still be in jail.


  5. Rich Branson says:

    Who’s running this country? Well that’s an easy one. Wall Street, the Elitist Hollywood crowd, and the Muslim Brotherhood are running this country.


  6. taqiyyologist says:

    Who was running Israel when she was conquered by Babylon and Assyria?

    Oh, that’s right: God.

    God was giving Israel precisely what He said He would if His people didn’t turn from their Satanic ways, by allowing Babylon and Assyria — and much, much more — to overtake and persecute Israel.

    Obama is our Saul… Our Babylon and Assyria are up for grabs. Mexico? The Neo-USSR? China? The Ummah? Time will tell. One or more of these.

    We sit in the pews with abortionists, extortionists, embezzlers, liars, and other proud and unrepentant sinners, confident that they will be “saved”. Those few who still sit in the pews, that is. And fewer still those who shun television as their “church away from church”. 40 hours a week watching television vs. 40 minutes a week listening to God.

    What else can this formerly Godly nation expect than what has gone before?


  7. myopiafree says:

    So they release people who broke the law? They don’t have money? Then they wonder why a person has, and needs to own firearms – to protect himself in their home.


  8. ctdar says:

    who is running the country? Why valerie jarrett and bill ayers of course.


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