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One Year Ago Today – Exposing the Corruption, The Lies, The Scheme…. day by day….

OK, Treepers, you want to know what you can do to help George Zimmerman, well, here it is. Today February 26th is the anniversary of the day 17-year-old thug Trayvon Martin angrily attacked George Zimmerman and was shot and killed … Continue reading

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THE REAL RACISTS – The Pretzel Twisting Contortions Of Race-Based Narratives – Toure’ Edition

The mind bending pretzel twisting of logic needed to advance ideological narratives based on race is actually hilarious to witness.   Hypocrisy does not even come close to describing the rabid delusional mind. MSNBC’s Toure’, paying homage to Trayvon anniversary, is still … Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

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Trayscheme: It Began as a fraud – A Photoshop….. The fraud continues one year later…. And So Many Idiots (sheeple masses) still buy the B.S.

On the left the real picture – On the right the photoshopped fake picture. Which One Was needed to sell the false narrative?

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Obama’s Strategic Astroturfing Support – OFA Fake Twitter Accounts Created To Tweet Congress For Gun Ban Support

Weasel Zippers also covered this story last week  It is so typical of this propaganda administration to “create” the optic of support where no such support for their leftist ideology exists. @LilMissRightie "Twitter for Blackberry" says most of the accounts … Continue reading

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Vice Presidential Advice – “Buy A Shotgun, Buy A Shotgun”…

An enterprising person put together this very excellent video after Vice-President Biden gave his famous advice telling women to buy a shotgun. This ‘in your face reality’ is exactly the right approach to take when progressives give advice. One of … Continue reading

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Senate Committee Vote On Gun Ban Legislation Expected This Week

(WaPo) — A proposed ban on military-style assault weapons faces a key test vote as early as Thursday when the committee considering gun control legislation is scheduled to decide whether to refer the proposal to the full Senate. The Senate … Continue reading

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