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Abercrombie to close up to 50 US stores – Used Cars Tell The Story…

Financial Times – Abercrombie & Fitch said it would close 40 to 50 stores in the US this year as the youth fashion retailer’s shares tumbled following weak sales in the crucial Christmas quarter. “The earnings report was just one … Continue reading

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Insufferable Progs – They Just Don’t Get it….. They Probably Never Will….. (A Follow-Up Story)

Last year we wrote several articles about Darden Restuarants owners of Olive Garden, Red Lobster and Longhorn Steakhouse.  Specifically, how their progressive ideology disconnects them from business sense.   At the time we spotlighted a few specific examples from their ideological organization, and flawed … Continue reading

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The Peruvian-American killer media ignore

Author Jack Cashill has shown keen insight into the Trayvon Martin shooting case. Back in March of 2012 he penned an article that in hindsight is exceptionally accurate in a predictive sense. Read Here:  The Peruvian-American killer media ignore The … Continue reading

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Father of the Bride Gives Most Touching Speech Ever – (Video)

I’ve been to many a wedding, but I’ve never heard anything that comes close to this father’s expression of love and joy for his daughter.  No one that attended this wedding will ever forget what it meant to this man … Continue reading

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Thirteen Days Of Glory: Day One, February 23, 1836

This series of articles is guest posted by Elvis Chupacabra! … February 23, 1836: General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna reaches San Antonio with a large body of his troops, mostly cavalry. Much of his assault infantry, engineer troops and siege artillery … Continue reading

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Quick Run For The Bunkers – It’s, It’s, Sequestergeddon !! Aiiieeeeee – Run Away, Run Away…..

RUSH LIMBAUGH:  Now, here’s this ABC story: “57 Terrible Consequences of Sequester.” Now, I wish I had time, I wish I had the ability to go through all 57. I’m not gonna bore you. But I want you to listen … Continue reading

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The Ben Crump Defense Strategy – California Attorney Argues His Client, The Mayor, Was “Too Stupid” To Know He Was Breaking The Law

CALIFORNIA – The former mayor of Bell, California, was too stupid and uneducated to know his $100,000 salary for the part-time city job was illegal, his lawyer argued today. Oscar Hernandez is illiterate, has no high school degree and didn’t … Continue reading

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