George Zimmerman Hearing 1:30pm Discussion Thread – This one is a big deal…

Today the Defense and Prosecution will be back in court to discuss the various motions filed by both the Defense and the Prosecution:

While there are many aspects to be determined, the key question before the court is will Martin family attorney, Benjamin Crump, be deposed and held to account?

Judge Nelson

Here are some *possible* Links to the Hearing:

Hat Tip Rumpole for the list.

Here are some considerations in advance.

Crump Presser

Judge Nelson is going to have to decide if she will allow/instruct Martin family attorney Benjamin Crump, to be deposed.   This is a defining moment in more ways than most can imagine.

Benjamin Crump manufactured and manipulated the evidence that led to George Zimmerman’s arrest.   This is not disputed.    The entire construct of his Witness #8 narrative was a fraud, a ruse, a guise.    Dee Dee, as he called her, was not the same person on 3/19 that she was on 4/2.  Again, this is NOT disputed.

Even the most vocal of opponents to George Zimmerman would have to concede in intellectual honesty, that Ben Crump lied about the persona he identified.   It is physically impossible to be 16 years old on March 19th 2012, during his phone conversation, and to be 18 years old two weeks later on April 2nd when she gave her affidavit to the State of Florida.

The question becomes “why” did he lie?   What motivation was there to fabricate a story around a persona?   And why has both his team, Parks, Jackson and himself, worked feverishly to hide her identity and subsequently convinced the State of Florida to do the same.

What risk is inside the truth?

Pam Bondi - Benjamin Crump - Martin Lee Anderson caseUltimately if Judge Nelson rules against the defense, despite the law and legal precedent, being on the side of the defendant, then something far bigger is at stake.    She will be denying the defendant the opportunity to question the man who created the witness against him.   She will, in essence, be setting the stage for non-immunity because she would be establishing the framework of a trial by denying the defendant a right to confront his accuser and the person who constructed the only evidence that contradicts his claim of self-defense.

We know with specific detail who has been pre-briefing this consideration.

Mark+O+Mara+Trayvon+Martin+Shooter+George+o7h9YCzuwnMlSimultaneously, if Nelson rules against the defense, then attention will IMMEDIATELY turn to how does O’Mara and West approach it AT THAT MOMENT.    Because if they accept such a ruling they are, in essence, conceding that the justice of truth can be dispatched from the case.

Hopefully Nelson will rule that Ben Crump will be deposed, and if she has reservations, and if she is a solid legal mind, she will dissuade any concern by conducting the deposition in her courtroom during a closed session of the court so that she can rule on any objections immediately and listen to the questions and answers for fair application of discovery inquiry.


But that is a very large dose of hope.

Angry Wolverine

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836 Responses to George Zimmerman Hearing 1:30pm Discussion Thread – This one is a big deal…

  1. arkansasmimi says:

    SD sent you email from yday thread. Also wasnt there someone here a few days ago saying something like they worked for the Def? WOW 715 comments on this thread! Lol but I reading from email whew!


  2. arkansasmimi says:

    I am trying to locate, but I saw on someones link day or so ago, where there was a new trustee to the account for GZ donations. I wonder what that was about?


    • justfactsplz says:

      And the plot thickens, hanky panky with the fund perhaps? I hope nobody is messing with George’s funds.


    • woohoowee says:

      Perhaps it was in conjunction with the lawsuit the security firm filed against MOM and GZ? Haven’t found much with a quick search. Looks like a new trustee was appointed prior to payments being stopped to the security firm.


  3. rooferx says:

    With the ruling today, doesn’t it mean that anything that Crump has said in the past aside from his affidavit and taping of W8’s testimony is irrelevant, concerning W8?
    If that’s true, it could be useful in the future.


  4. maggiemoowho says:

    A great article on Prosecutor Misconduct and tipping the scales. Shocking and disturbing how often this happens. Talks about Florida and the Lyons case from here in Orlando.


  5. Letsbefairtogz says:

    Wow, almost surreal. BDLR on ID channel show about “deadly women” right now.


  6. Sharon says:

    Each party to this mess (except George) is choosing every action they take, in court and out of court. Everything they do is a choice: they have other options for every action they take (very often the “other options” would be the legal, normal practice ones) but regardless, they do have other options. And they choose one course of action over another.

    It’s all choices. Not going anywhere with that–it just struck me as something important to remember. Most times lawyers and court rooms are restricted and guided by precedent, by case law, by court room norms, by the give and take between prosecution and defense. None of those dynamics seems to characterize this. This is characterized by myriads of choices being made by a whole bunch of free-actors who are not anchored in law or precent or courtroom norms.

    They are choosing one thing over another, again and again. And yet the choices aren’t random…and the choices tend to a given direction (with an unclear goal). Very, very weird.

    This doesn’t feel like a courtroom proceeding. It feels like nasty gotcha novel in a small town.

    Which reminds me of a book recommendation: The Oath. It will make your skin crawl. One of the few thoroughly Christian, solid doctrinal books (fiction) I’ve ever read that absolutely made my skin crawl. That’s what this reminds me of.


    • Omar says:

      I read that book! Your characterization of it is completely accurate!! It made my skin crawl too. And you’re right. Now that you mention it, this case very much reminds me of “the Oath” inasmuch as I feel there is something sinister lurking and driving the actions of the participants. Something unspoken, and if seen, terrifying.


  7. brutalhonesty says:

    west should have said the relevent material is “who told him about halftime, who gave him the sally port video, why did he order the martins to remove the social media the defense is entitled to, and why did he obstruct justice with the phone pin” as well as “how come you didnt get her name or age or proof it was her parents giving consent to talk to you, or why did you make that part up about the parents giving permission and not wanting their minor child to be revered”


  8. brutalhonesty says:

    “…in spite of all the bar examinations and better law schools, we are more casual about qualifying the people we allow to act as advocates in the courtroom than we are about licensing electricians. The painful fact is that the courtrooms of America all to often have Piper-Club advocates trying to handle the controls of a Boeing 747 litigation” Warren Burger 1973


  9. brutalhonesty says:

    “If the court will listen, the court will learn” john campbell 1899


  10. brutalhonesty says:

    “We see what you are driving at, but you have not said it, and therefor we shall go on as before” Holmes….Johnson v United States 1908


  11. Nettles18 says:

    Memo to Bernie De la Rionda – I have sent you emails about your spelling mistakes but to date you haven’t corrected it. You represent the State of Florida, it reflects on the State and your spelling mistake copied from response to response reflects badly.

    In every response you spell HEREBY as HERBY, please correct this. I heard you say today, you know what gets posted here. As you didn’t act on my emails, hopefully you will act on this post and I can look forward to great spelling in your future submissions.


  12. Alexandra M. says:

    I am but a mere college student here (University of Washington—-GO HUSKIES!) but I repeat what I’ve said before:
    WHO is supporting the Scheme Team and “Team Trademark”??
    My answer has been simple and I believe in the truth of it wholeheartedly!

    Think about it.
    Trayvonites either;
    A) Have rap sheets themselves
    B) Have relatives (especially teen children) with rap sheets
    C) Are MORE than familiar (wink wink) with the criminal justice system
    ‘NUFF SAID!!!


    • Alexandra M. says:

      Having said that—-I am reading and carefully contemplating your words Sundance. Of that I assure you! You are someone who doesn’t waste a single syllable…..and that’s a damn powerful skill you possess.


  13. brutalhonesty says:

    it was spam filtered and no telling if it will get posted, but they made a big deal out of the treehouse posting public info….well its time for omara to point out natalie retweets dothprotest and they stalked sundance, posting videos of his home, telling all about his daughters and personal life. they also doxed piercy more than once, and they created a fake robert zimmerman twitter and reported it as real.


  14. diwataman says:

    So yesterday O’Mara wanted to talk about some stupid articles that were nothing but of the same ol nature similar to that of any of the other thousands of articles that have been posted for the past year and today George is denied the right to depose Crump and get addresses of his accuses.

    That being said what do you think O’Mara will write tomorrow? Something about Mickey Mouse?


    • waltherppk says:

      This case I have called a dog and pony show can’t be “for real”. Seriously, From the very beginning of this theater of the absurd which has continued now for nearly a year …..ANY competent police investigator, private investigator, or competent attorney who could find their own butt with either one or using both hands, should have been all over the complete forensics reports on the PHONES associated with the case. The data from those forensics reports would have settled much of the peripheral nonsense involving speculation and theory which is one huge FOG and SMOKESCREEN obscuring the events of 2-26-2012 in regards to what is plausible to have occurred with respect to being consistent with the FORENSIC EVIDENCE. The “news media” has been conspicuously “out to lunch” …PRETENDING not to “get it” about the importance of the PHONE RELATED FORENSIC EVIDENCE which could confirm or impeach the plausibility of the PROSECUTION THEORY which was basis for the probable cause affidavit. This is NOT “rocket science” about the relevance and materiality of the forensics reports on the phones. . So how much longer should anyone have any patience with the STUPIDITY of the PRESS ….and everybody else connected with this three ring circus …..particularly with the Apparent investigative Stupidity and Incompetence of the Cops and Attorneys involved ? Failure to properly investigate a case is a breach of duty, it is
      dereliction of duty. Days …not weeks or months should have been the time required for obtaining ALL the COMPLETE forensics data for the phones. Only the clueless would not be looking at that particular evidence as priority number one.


  15. brutalhonesty says:

    scared of depo, stops showing to court…willing to go on tv again

    carlnelsonshow ‏@carlnelsonshow
    @attorneycrump We are hoping to have you or someone from your office on The Carl Nelson Show Tues between 5-7pmEST
    5 hrs Benjamin Crump, Esq. ‏@attorneycrump
    @carlnelsonshow DM me the information.
    Hide conversation Reply Retweet Favorite More
    5:16 p.m. – Feb 22, 2013 · Details


  16. rooferx says:

    BDLR spouted out in court “the treehouse” and “The Conservative Tree House”. Why did Nelson not ask, What are you talking about Mister De La Rionda? Why?
    OR, does she know exactly what he was talking about?
    This is a Judge, she should know and understand what everyone in the court is saying.


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