The Majority of Americans Want Illegals Deported… Dear Leader Propaganda Fail….

Illegal is not a race(Reuters) – More than half of U.S. citizens believe that most or all of the country’s 11 million illegal immigrants should be deported, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released on Wednesday that highlights the difficulties facing lawmakers trying to reform the U.S. immigration system.

Thirty percent of those polled think that most illegal immigrants, with some exceptions, should be deported, while 23 percent believe all illegal immigrants should be deported.

Only 5 percent believe all illegal immigrants should be allowed to stay in the United States legally, and 31 percent want most illegal immigrants to stay. (read more)

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29 Responses to The Majority of Americans Want Illegals Deported… Dear Leader Propaganda Fail….

  1. Lynn says:

    Folks, I have mixed emotions about this. As I have posted before, I work in a restaurant where most of our kitchen staff are Mexicans. We all work for a “Leasing Company” so I truly believe they all have their green cards. I was also told that they come here for a few years, work their butts off and then go back to Mexico and live like Kings. They also send almost all of their pay to family back home. I think most of them are family (or are related) and one is the “ring leader.” Our restaurant is one of the most popular in the area and also the busiest. At any given time, you can walk into our kitchen (it is open), and if they aren’t serving food, they are cleaning. You could eat off the floors in our kitchen! I don’t have a problem with giving people a chance who want to work, and do their job well! Most Americans wouldn’t last a day in our kitchen, but the Mexicans run it like a well-oiled machine. Do they get free medical care in the U.S.? I have no idea, but I would have a problem with that — especially since I don’t.

    I was especially touched by one of our young Mexican workers the other day. His sister had her 16th birthday celebration a few months back (I had no idea how elaborate this was), but my honey made one of her cakes for the celebration. Upon hearing that we were engaged last week, he and his mother offered to help pay for our wedding! I was deeply touched and despite the language barrier, she knew how much that meant to me. The whole family WILL be invited to the wedding, and we won’t accept a dime!

    Like I said, I have mixed emotions. Not all are “illegals” and I have met the most wonderful Mexicans with strong family values, and I’m proud to be working with them.


    • canadacan says:

      I am with you 1000 percent. I remember 15 years ago or more low end jobs could not be filled by Americans. In so many places where I was living. Nature hates a vacuum and guess who filled those empty positions. to quote Dennis Miller I am NOT about to chase some hard working cat through a restaurant or a work site so I can deport them. if this is an opinion that gets me kicked out of the tree house- which I doubt- bring it on.
      I have had Mexican and Hispanic people who have been come citizens and pulled their way up who ever offered me the shirt off their back to help me out. I am a super WAsp. I am a big supporter of a great percentage of the Latino population. so take me out and shoot me. GoMarco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Susan Martinez.


      • dizzymissl says:

        They are keeping wages depressed and stealing from our people.

        They need to go.


      • nobaddog says:

        There not all so good. There are quite a few that are drunks and criminals and they need to go. We have a bunch that arrived after Katrina and they are trash and i want them gone. They stand in front of Home Depot getting drunk waiting for someone to give them a day job. Me no pay no tax! There just was a 51 year old lady that was raped after a Mexican ran over her with his truck. Guess what? He then raped her on a canal bank and left her to die. He was caught.


        • kate says:

          in our city they are all illegals with weapons and cartels/drugs. the few good families we have want out, for fear of not following suit. I am sorry, deportation and a border is a must or we will see civial war again, and our citizens will suffer. what is so wrong with standing up for our country. government fails us constantly these days!! build a wall, deport and next time around…make things more civialized for everyone!


    • ctdar says:

      Lynn, do the green card carrying Mexicans or Aliens you know that come and go as they please over the border pay US taxes, receive free health care…do they vote? Or do these employess just pick & choose times to come to the US for a few years, work hard to make great money (over or under the table) than leave & spend the cash in theirs while other hard working Americans that stay in the US have to pay taxes that rise every year get stuck with the portion of their tax bill as well as pay skyrocketing costs of living expenses such as health, auto, home, & other insurances for those individuals that are not?
      You think of the select few aliens you know via the restaurant, just multiple that number by the thousand, that is the problem with the US & its lack of border control.


    • tara says:

      People who have green cards aren’t the problem.


    • dizzymissl says:

      You said “you were told”.

      Who told you that?


  2. My boyfriend works in landscaping and the only time he gets a lot of work plus overtime is when the Mexicans leave in the fall. This past summer his boss hired all these guys from Mexico and he kept losing hours and overtime to all of them. One of the guys has a wife, kids, and a nice house with a pool in Mexico. Meanwhile, we barely pay the bills and certainly cannot afford children. It’s ridiculous that people can come over here and not even speak our language, pay taxes, or stay and they live better than we do. It really is outrageous.


  3. tara says:

    It would help immensely if Congress would change the law which allows US citizenship merely for being born in the US. Citizenship needs to be limited, you are either born of two legal US citizens or you apply for citizenship in the normal manner. Period.


  4. brutalhonesty says:

    I worked at an italian restaraunt and the whole kitchen staff was mexican, or colombian.
    half of them didnt speak english and would use that to get out of work. they were pissed when I was hired to dishwash and started translating for the boss.
    anyway one thing I always wonder…..(the ones at my work complied)… have all these illegals with fake Id and stolen SSNs working illegally in kitchens all over america… many of them have gotten a hep-b shot if required in that state for all food workers? or is this another rule they feel they dont have to abide by? they already dont have to fill out the census by law or pay penalties like the rest of us…they dont drive legally like the rest of us…how man laws do these “good people” who “just want a better life” break to the detriment of our society, our safety, and even our health?


  5. retire2005 says:

    OK, let’s look at the IL-legal issue as it actually is, not as the elites in D.C., pandering for votes, see it, shall we?

    To begin with, it is a misdemeanor to enter our nation illegally. Unless you are caught more than once, at which point it becomes a felony punishable by two years in prison. So when you are told that entering our nation illegally is no more of a crime than a speeding ticket, they are wrong.

    Next, it is illegal to “knowingly” hire an illegal. Any company can, and should be fined, if it is learned that they “knowingly” hired illegals to replace legal citizens But that law is seldom, rarely enforced. Remember, these illegals are NOT undocumented. They are highly documented with stolen Social Security numbers and fake driver’s licenses. Stealing someone’s SS# is a felony. When was the last time (any time?) you remember an illegal being prosecuted for identity theft? Another law that is not enforced. At one time, you could go to Trader’s Village in Houston,, and for $200.00 buy a bogus SS card, a fake driver’s license and even a fake passport.

    Most Americans know only those illegals who, like the poster in the first post, work with them. They are not, and have not been, exposed to the dark side of illegal immigration, the criminal element that comes here, not for opportunity, not for a better future, but for nefarious reasons. And their numbers are greater than you think. Don’t believe me? Just research the worst gangs in the U.S. You will find that they belong to MS-13, the Mexican Mafia, et al. In L.A. the Mexican Mafia is attacking law abiding black residents trying to make the blacks move out of certain neighborhoods. So now L.A. has a Hispanic/Black gang war problem that has gotten out of control.

    Read this:

    This study was not done by some anti-immigration organization, but done by a respected criminalologist who studies crime stats for use in law enforcement training.

    Pew Hispanic Research Center takes surveys of Hispanics in the U.S. As our D.C. elite push for amnesty (call it what it is, please) Pew finds that when asked their priorities, Hispanics list jobs and education first and immigration issues come in dead last. We are told that Hispanics just want to be citizens of the U.S. Not true. When surveyed, Pew learned that of the Mexicans now eligible for citizenship, only 36% had taken actions to become citizens, citing lack of being able to speak English as their prime reason for not doing so. To claim that illegals only want to be citizens is a lie. That is not the case. Pew also found that the majority of illegals were fully aware they were violating U.S. law, but did not care, and were also not interested in ever becoming citizens. Most wanted to simply make enough money to go back to their native lands to benefit that country. So, with their first action, they express disrespect for the laws of the nation they want to live in.

    We must understand that the Hispanic mindset toward government is not what we Americans hold dear. Pew’s recent survey, again of only Hispanics/Lations, revealed that the majority of them want bigger government with even more government provided services. On all issues, Hispanics sided with the Democrats, save one; abortion, where the majority felt it should be illegal. When all nationalities are looked at, those from Spanish speaking nations are the most reluctant to assimilate, refusing to learn English and holding loyalty to their native lands, not the U.S. Asians, Europeans, are the quickest to assimilate into American culture and language.

    I could go on and on and on. But the fact of the matter is that we already have laws on the books that have not been enforced, and a law unenforced is toothless. Meaningless. And what will a new amnesty do? It will make our southern borders look like the Oklahoma land rush as illegals will know if they sneak into the U.S. and manage to avoid ICE long enough, they will be granted the right to stay as LEGAL residents. Again, our nation will be rewarding bad behavior.


    • brutalhonesty says:

      I didnt click your link but wonder…is that the same pew study I was…it said something like 80% of mexicans (in mexico) surveyed feel that mexicans in american, or mexican-americans…should owe allegiance to mexico first…….I often cited that study and asked the pro-illegal trolls if they feel that once they touch our magic soil those feelings disappear….that is to say if that 80% had all come here they would all change their mind and put the usa first……


  6. Rich Branson says:

    When there are millions of University educated people, and people well funded who want to open business’s who have to wait in line for 5+ years to get a green card the legal way in the US, it’s an insult to be talking about ways to fast track illegals. Plain and simple. These brain dead morons should be working overtime to help out the people trying to immigrate legally who will be benefiting the country. Instead they want to help the criminals who will end up sucking us dry on welfare. It’s laughable to say the least. All these Mexicans are here working under the table, so who says they are gonna stop working under the table when they are legal? They will be sucking off welfare and working under the table, paying no taxes. All you have to do is spend some time in Miami and see what the Cubans have done there. It’s like a third world country. The democrats dream of making all of America the same. And if they get their wishes, it will be a third world country AND we’ll all be unarmed.


  7. Mike says:

    The businesses that hire the illegals are aiding the invasion of America. They are also saving money but they are saving money off the back of legal Americans. Simple supply and demand requires that wages for employment goes down when you hire illegals. On top of that, they work cheaper because they know they have no rights under to law to complain about sub minimum wage jobs.

    The bleeding hearts posting on this topic need to know that our importing millions of illegals to do the jobs Americans won’t do is analogous to America importing millions of slaves from Africa to do the work they didnt want to do. Look how that turned out.


  8. brutalhonesty says:

    Illegal immigration is the thing that got me into politics on the internet. my hispanic adopted by whites sister in law shared an anti1070 page asking all her fb friends to like it. as soon as I saw what those people were preaching about illegal isnt a crime, posting maps where the mexican border includes texas and arizona and new mexico as theirs…..all their reconquista and anti-white (gringo) talk I started posting against it. the sister in law decided that makes me racist and kicked me out of the wedding (this was before they married) and has since excluded me from my nephews life, and now her new twins, all 3 nephews. all because I have sense enough to know illegals are illegal and should be discoverable just like when I get asked for ID by cops….that the fact that most illegals in arizona are mexican is a fact and not racism….and not our fault.
    her bias must come from having illegals in the family. she has like 12 brothers and sisters all with different names, most of which were given up for adoption, by her mexican mom…who is from arizona.


    • brutalhonesty says:

      a picture of the map I spoke of, this is norton james profile, a proven paid spammer…all of his posts came from username universal


      • nobaddog says:

        Thats what they want. To displace us and take over by their own admission. Us frail white people like that idiot teacher in Mexifornia said. And they all cheered and waved Mexico flags…in California. Isn’t that nice of them.


  9. brutalhonesty says:

    among my studies along the way dealing with the randy parraz paid trolls (ill explain that later)…I came across this…and found it very useful for attacking most of their arguments. copy pasted and slightly altered to show where each applies to their arguments
    Criminal and Addictive Thinking Patterns
    As noted earlier, criminal and addictive thinking patterns
    are linked. Each criminal thinking pattern is closely related
    to an addictive thinking pattern. They are defined below.
    Thinking Patterns
    • victim stance
    • “good person” stance
    • “unique person” stance
    • fear of exposure
    • lack-of-time perspective
    • selective effort
    • use of power to control
    • seek excitement first
    • ownership stance
    Thinking Patterns
    • self-pity stance
    • “good person” stance
    • “unique person” stance
    • fear of exposure
    • lack-of-time perspective
    • selective effort
    • use of deceit to control
    • seek pleasure first
    • ownership stance
    Now we’ll take a closer look at those patterns.
    1. Victim stance. This criminal thinking pattern allows you to blame others for situations you
    usually created for yourself. You make excuses and point your finger at others, claiming you
    were the one who was really wronged. You try to justify your behavior. Self-pity stance. This
    addictive thinking pattern makes you think the world is just out to get you. You claim that your
    life is so miserable and screwed up, why shouldn’t you drink or use drugs? HEY ITS NOT OUR FAULT WE ARE ILLEGAL, THE LINE IS TOO LONG, WE JUST WANT A BETTER LIFE, WE DIDNT CROSS THE BORDER THE BORDER CROSSED US
    2. “Good person” stance. When you adopt this criminal thinking pattern, you consider yourself
    to be a good person, no matter what. You work hard to present that image to others. In fact, you may not only consider yourself a good person, but may think you’re better than others! As a “good person” stance addictive thinker, you focus on the good things you’ve done and ignore the harm. WE ARE JUST TRYING TO HAVE A BETTER LIFE, “GIVE US YOUR MASSES YOUR POOR”, WE ARENT CRIMINALS, HUMANS CANT BE ILLEGAL
    3. “Unique person” stance. This criminal thinking pattern allows you to think no one in
    the whole world is like you or has experienced what you have. Rules don’t apply to you. You
    commit crimes because you never think you’ll get caught. You believe that if you think it, then
    it must be that way. You also use “unique person” stance to feed your addiction. Maybe you think your alcohol or other drug use makes you especially cool. YOUR WHITE YOU CANT KNOW WHAT WE SPEAK OF
    4. Fear of exposure. You act like you are fearless, yet you’re full of fear. You fear that you’re nobody and that you’ll be found out; you’re afraid that you’ll be exposed as being full of fear. One of your biggest fears is the fear of fear! Fear of exposure
    addictive thinking is fear of self-knowledge, excessive or inappropriate trust, addict pride, and zerostate. Zero state is a fear that you cannot change. SELF EXPLAINATORY, NO CRIMINAL WANTS TO GET CAUGHT….THE SOUTHSIDE RAPIST, OR HOW ABOUT MICHAEL DEVLIN THE GUY THAT HAD SHAWN HORNBECK AND SOME OTHER KID HE ABDUCTED..THEY DONT WANT TO BE ASKED FOR ID BECAUSE ILLEGALS DONT HAVE ID
    5. Lack-of-time perspective. When you use this criminal thinking pattern, you do not learn from
    past experiences or plan for the future. You seebehaviors as isolated events. Your philosophy is “I want it, and I want it now.” You expect to be a big success with little or no effort. You make
    choices based on what you want to be true,rather than what is true. When you adopt this
    addictive thinking pattern, getting high is the most important thing in your life; you live only
    in the present when you are high and only in the near future (“How can I get more soon?”)
    when you are not high. Lack-of-time perspective addictive thinking helps you do that.


    • brutalhonesty says:

      The propaganda and lies on 1 million against az sb 1070
      Listen to Dacyl lie.

      Page Creator Dacyl Acevedo

      Anyone is free to join her page and see if you get banned for debating, especially if you hold a pro-1070 position.

      Notice who the admins are on this page:SAY NO TO FOX NEWS

      Jackie Marie
      Laura Brany
      Eleonora Ugo
      Norton James
      Jacqueline Turunen Chavez Herrera (USS Chile)
      Caroline Eden
      Jionni Gee
      Daniel Payne
      Jaime Castillo
      Jacqueline Yaniz Gutierrez
      Michael Maldonado (Fayetteville, NC)
      Ursula E Mosley (Fresno, CA)
      Vicky Nipper Salazar
      Amy Melenbacker McMullen (Phoenix, AZ)
      Ruby Lorena Wangler Gomez
      Elizabeth Hernandez
      Brandy Iveth
      Joel Trujillo
      Luli Martinez
      Maime Rodriguez
      Roderick Duncan (Longview / Tyler, TX)
      Raquel Peyton
      Mateo Watts (Greenville, SC)
      Jesse Garcia
      Tere del Castillo
      Kelvin Jamal Johnson
      Dacyl Acevedo (New York, NY)
      Diego Vega
      Karla Yanez
      Briget Ledger
      Ed Moreover
      Cincity Cin
      Eddie Campos
      Gladys Lopez
      Paulina Davidesco Trefault
      Hector Sanchez
      Jhony Hupson (creator)

      One of these was once “daffney duck”.


      • brutalhonesty says:

        Amy Mcmullen, fraud:”Here I could spend a great deal of time discussing and hotly arguing with people all over the world about the different aspects of the law and its perceived impacts on both Arizona and the entire nation. I called all those wasted hours “research”, when in reality it was fun as hell and I was enjoying myself.”
        SB1070 As Seen on Facebook – Amy McMullen – Open Salon

        how is that with a block list like this

        Amy Melenbacker McMullen
        As of today this is my list of blocked people, mostly from the Anti-SB1070 site and a few from the Immigration Reform For America site. I believe there are approx 87 so far.

        ■Kinsington Remaklus (Arizona) Unblock
        ■Trae Valenzuela (St. Ambrose) Unblock
        ■Chris Lombardi Unblock
        ■Samad Ilyas Unblock
        ■Jeff Simmonds (Northfield Mount Hermon School) Unblock
        ■Terrance Singh Unblock
        ■Marianna Mojica (West Orange High) Unblock
        ■AlWolf Sandlin Unblock
        ■Ryan Gravina (Northfield Mount Hermon School) Unblock
        ■Chris Cattern (CSU Fullerton) Unblock
        ■Fridom Snowbird Unblock
        ■Wes Dalton (N. Arizona) Unblock
        ■Eric Scott Woodson Unblock
        ■Curt Busch Unblock
        ■Rexy Ross Unblock
        ■Brian K Morris Unblock
        ■Joe Hollish Unblock
        ■Richard Thiedemann Unblock
        ■Monica Rae Boyd Williams Unblock
        ■William J. Green Unblock
        ■Charles Michael Wilhite Unblock
        ■Reidee Coldeen Unblock
        ■Ahmed Laza Unblock
        ■Brian Sniff Unblock
        ■Jackie Steiner Acheson Unblock
        ■Chris Hayden Lewis Unblock
        ■Roy Henderson Unblock
        ■Jason Holt Unblock
        ■Matthew Roe (Floresville High School) Unblock
        ■Scott Hall Unblock
        ■David R Chapman ⎝⏠⏝⏠⎠ Unblock
        ■Louie Guapo Unblock
        ■Kris Rapier Unblock
        ■Kyle Albanese Unblock
        ■John Conley Unblock
        ■Justin Barnhart Unblock
        ■Shovel Wielder Unblock
        ■Edwin Cotto Unblock
        ■Danielle Albanese Unblock
        ■Jakub Lakomski Unblock
        ■Greg Miller Unblock
        ■Douglas Nelson Unblock
        ■Jasper Crockett Unblock
        ■Christina Ramirez Unblock
        ■Vanessa Delmonte Unblock
        ■Matthew Busby Unblock
        ■John Howard Unblock
        ■Alan Harrier Unblock
        ■Jud Adams (North Hardin Christian School) Unblock
        ■Todd Salvo Unblock
        ■Mary Reese Unblock
        ■Michael Orama Unblock
        ■Ishmal Varianatov Unblock
        ■Thurstun Howell Unblock
        ■Jack Blair Unblock
        ■Fabiola Green Unblock
        ■Tabitha Johnson Unblock
        ■Mc Gusto Unblock
        ■Jimmy Helton Unblock
        ■Jessica Larson Unblock
        ■Jim Dangle Unblock
        ■Tomas High Unblock
        ■David Pitts Unblock
        ■Christopher Brown Unblock
        ■George Huang Unblock
        ■Tyson Bam Unblock
        ■Ike Turner Unblock
        ■Lucas Barfield Unblock
        ■Leon Phelps Unblock
        ■Jeff Moretti Unblock
        ■Sergianco Bleniovich Unblock
        ■Gordon Lee Unblock
        ■IndependentAmerican TeaParty Unblock
        ■George Jefferson Unblock
        ■Clayton Bigsby Unblock
        ■Alan Harrier Unblock
        ■Layla Renée Jalili Unblock
        ■Michael Tierney Unblock
        ■Alan Turner Unblock
        ■Vanessa Delmonte Unblock
        ■StJames MoorSlayer Unblock
        ■Madeline Spiteri Unblock
        ■Tiffany Diamond Unblock
        ■Whitey D Wasp Unblock
        ■Jamie Miscuell Unblock
        ■William J. Green Unblock
        ■Chloë Gallagher Unblock
        about 10 months ago · Report


        • brutalhonesty says:

          Their page for suppressing debate by mass flagging and reporting peoples comments as hate when it isnt.(please note it now has only 4 members due to when fb restructured groups under a new platform, and then later intoduced pages…they once had several hundred members)

          Anti-SB1070 Troll WhackersCategory:Organizations – Political OrganizationsDescription:If you’re one of the 1+ million on the Anti-SB1070 and tired of trolls, let’s show our discontent at the polls.Privacy Type:Open: All content is public
          .Paola D’ Razo (Chicago, IL)
          Luis Serrano
          Gladys Lopez
          Nacho Man (creator)

          OfficersNacho Man
          General, chief strategist, and primary satirist.
          Paola D’ Razo (Chicago, IL)
          Gladys Lopez
          Luis Serrano

          Nacho Man Here it is again:
          Here’s the famous troll list mis amigos:

          * Andrew Schnack (Texas) Remove… See More
          * Craig Evans (BYU – ID) Remove
          …* Tania Villanueva Remove
          * Samuel Montgomery Scully (Episcopal High School) Remove
          * Jessica Ford (AIU Online) Remove
          * Ed Ryan Remove
          * Terrance Singh Remove
          * Jeff Parker (Indiana) Remove
          * Mariana Mojica (West Orange High) Remove
          * AlWolf Sandlin Remove
          * Ryan Gravina (Northfield Mount Hermon School) Remove
          * Luke French (United States Army) Remove
          * Chris Cattern (CSU Fullerton) Remove
          * Tyler Schiola Remove
          * Sue Pienta Murrell Remove
          * Kyle Dykhoff (Perham Secondary) Remove
          * Leigh-Ann Moynihan Remove
          * Fridom Snowbird Remove
          * Rasheed Mohamed Remove
          * Juan Cabrera (UC Riverside) Remove
          * Karla Patino Remove
          * Eric Scott Woodson Remove
          * Raul Magana Remove
          * Travis Johnson (Virginia Tech) Remove
          * Shari Klasse Remove
          * Joyce Donche Remove
          * Omar Clemente Remove
          * Kevin McCall (Washington University in St. Louis) Remove
          * Kelly Shunae Williams Dehait Remove
          * Brian K Morris Remove
          * Shannon Barber Remove
          * Heather Farris Sanford Remove
          * Rob Kozik Remove
          * Joe Sutherland Remove
          * William J. Green Remove
          * Reidee Coldeen Remove
          * Inspired Byu Remove
          * Bryan Bitterman Remove
          * Debbie Braden Remove
          * Brian Sniff Remove
          * Jaun Flores Remove
          * Nick Gull Remove
          * Chad Fife Remove
          * Jonathan Steele Remove
          * Mirely Bautista Remove
          * Louie Guapo Remove
          * David Williams Remove
          * Roger Zewe Remove
          * Cindy Cuevas Remove
          * David Colby Remove
          * Kyle Albanese Remove
          * Nathan Ramage Remove
          * Aaron Griffin Remove
          * Larry Wayne Harley Remove
          * Derrick Juengst Remove
          * Ronald Stafford Remove
          * Duane Hatton Remove
          * Dolman Merida Remove
          * Juan Penaloza (Washington) Remove
          * Joey Broski Remove
          * Richard Serafin Remove
          * Michael John Trotta Remove
          * Vince Hernandez-Ramos Remove
          * Lindsay Reed Remove
          * Bob Kinlaw Remove
          * Jon Baxter Remove
          * Grecia Huang Remove
          * Frank Lucas Remove
          * Michael Taylor Remove
          * Danny Clement Remove
          * Kelley Gardner Remove
          * Diana Palacios Remove
          * Greg Miller Remove
          * Douglas Nelson Remove
          * Vanessa Delmonte Remove
          * Matthew Busby Remove
          * John Howard Remove
          * Shad Sills Remove
          * Christopher Moran Remove
          * Nacionalismo México Ovn Remove
          * Doug Macklin Remove
          * Mike Dunn Remove
          * Karen Adlercreutz Remove
          * Michael Orama Remove
          * Mark Bard Remove
          * Leroy Freeman Remove
          * Jack Blair Remove
          * Billy A-ten Remove
          * Aaron MacGillycuddy Remove
          * Jimmy Helton Remove
          * Tyler Ryan Remove
          * John Schaab Remove
          * Lorde Syfilis Remove
          * Jimmy Helton Remove
          * James Borum Remove
          * Romay La Consejera Remove
          * Jeff Wineberg Remove
          * Susan Marsh Remove
          * Jim Dangle Remove
          * Ann Hero Remove
          * Jesper Sanchez Remove
          * Christopher Brown Remove
          * Wendy-Adolf Woods Remove
          * Peter Partievan Remove
          * Conor Adams Remove
          * Alexis McTexas Remove
          * Nick Swoley Remove
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          * Manual Labor Remove
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          * Wolfgang Amadues Remove
          * Mark Mcd Remove
          * Layla Jalili Remove
          * Billy Aten Remove
          * Miso Hohnee Remove
          * Alan Turner Remove
          * LovelySophisticated Jade Remove
          * Karmen Iany Remove
          * Jamie Miscuell Remove
          * Zack Glickman Remove
          * Ima Tacobender Remove
          See More
          May 27, 2010 at 1:52p


          • brutalhonesty says:

            and last but not least there was this piece of work, claimed to be a lawyer

            Hank Rameys hate page:
            1,000,000 Americans and Others Against the Incredible League of Stupid C’sCategory:Common Interest – PoliticsDescription:This groups is to oppose all the tactics of all these stupid, Republican C—s (I have to self-edit the C-word. Sorry, I also want women in this group that is NOT representative of the following, because it is not my attempt to create an anti-all women group by any means.):

            Sarah Palin
            Jan Brewer
            Sharon Angle
            …Orly Taitz
            Marge Baker
            ALL SPAMMERS
            Jose Garcia, a phony Latino
            Rich Ewing
            Linda Trenhaile
            Vicki Perkins-Ermeling
            Lynn Sineni Johansen
            Richard Gibson
            Robert Johnson
            Sarah Meinhardt
            Lease- N-Tom Telquist
            Wendy Wright
            Carly Fiorina
            Meg Whitman
            Michelle Bachmann
            Virginia Fox
            Ann Coulter
            Michelle Malkin
            Andrew Notsobreitassbitch
            Bobby Jindal
            Joe Barton
            Haley Barbour
            John Boehner
            Rudy Giulianni
            Abel Maldonado
            Rupert Murdoch
            Roger Ailes
            Glenn Goldenass Beck
            Stan Gramps
            Rushed Limburger
            Shaun Insanity
            John McCain
            John Kyl
            Joe Apraio
            Tom Tancredo
            Pat Buchanan
            Michael Wiener-bitch
            Sue Myrick
            Douglas Rutkowski
            Michael Leago
            Scott Hesterman
            Carlys Krueger
            Marco Rubio
            Brian Bilbray
            Mitch McConnell
            Ron Christie
            Dick Cheney
            Elton John
            AND SWEET J—-, I HATE Bill O’Perverted
            Privacy Type:Closed: Limited public content. Members can see all content.Contact Info Email:hanksanberdoo@aol.comWebsite:http://hankram.blogspot.comLocation/San Bernardino, CA


  10. brutalhonesty says:

    and the original page…..thanks to their new page for posting it on one of the old threads. its no longer on the info area but it used to have direct links to donate to randy parraz’s campaign, and all the root troll profiles were connected to him directly.

    1 Million Strong Against the Arizona Immigration Law Sb1070
    Our original ‘Group’ has 1.6 million members, since facebook is planning to archive all groups to replace pages, we had to start from scratch, but if thats all you got, its pretty pathetic
    October 14, 2011 at 6:46pm · Like

    from link:
    Closed GroupClosed Group
    Welcome to our group, 1 Million Strong Against SB1070.

    Background: This group originally started back in 2010 after passage of Arizona’s harsh immigration law, SB1070 and it quickly grew to over one million members. Facebook changed the format of groups in 2011 and the original group was archived, then recently migrated over to this new group format. If you’re wondering how you were “added” to this group, it’s because you most likely “liked” the original page a while back and have automatically become a member now.

    Our Mission: We are here to discuss not only SB1070 (which was enjoined by the courts and is soon to come up before the Supreme Court) but other topics including immigration, immigration policy, personal experiences and knowledge about immigration issues, how the private prison corporations and The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) influences the creation of immigration laws, Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIS), the Dream Act and politics as it relates to immigration policy, intolerance of immigrants and other related issues.

    We are an inclusive site and you may express yourself in whichever language you wish. Those who don’t understand may make use of Google Translate to follow along but please, no more posts insisting people write in English. We are not a site to be spammed or to go far off-topic. We ask you to keep your language clean and respectful and avoid name-calling. We have a dedicated team of admins and our policy is to warn first and then remove those who can’t follow our simple rules. We are not online 24/7 however so if we miss something that’s offensive or violates the rules please direct our attention to it.

    We’d love for you to join in the conversation! There is much to be learned here, even if you don’t agree with us. All we ask for is an open mind and respect for all. Or if you wish, you can unjoin the group by clicking on the little star icon on the upper right corner of the page. Also please set your notifications as needed.


    The Admins:
    Vicky Nipper Salazar
    Ernie De La Rosa
    Amy M. McMullen
    Velocity Fleur

    Members (3,871)


  11. faketony says:

    Boy does this above post bring back memories.

    Back in the day I used to argue with Vicky, Ernie, Amy and Velocity at 1 Million Strong Against the Arizona Immigration Law Sb1070.

    Greg Miller would drive these people crazy.

    Memories… Good times….


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