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Crumped Up Charges: Trayvon Martin Family Attorney Benjamin Crump Seeks To Avoid Deposition Around Witness He “Found” To Create Charges Against George Zimmerman

Theater of the Absurd You just can’t make this stuff up. The attorney, the civil attorney Benjamin Crump, the Martin family hired to pursue financial justice against various interests in the Trayvon Martin shooting is now fighting to stop his … Continue reading

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Stand and Fight

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“No More Hesitation” – Homeland Security and Police Dept. Request Targets For Shooting Practice To Help Desensitize Law Enforcement To Shooting Average Americans…

The Department of Homeland Security has ordered and is storing billions of rounds of ammunition.   Recently they ordered a series of practice targets called “No More Hesitation“.  The purpose of shooting lifelike targets is to condition a person to shoot … Continue reading

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President Obama’s BFF: 17,000 New Mosques Built In Turkey Since Erdogan Took Power, Zero New Schools…

Few people actually recognize the influence of Turkey as the intentional new Middle East gatekeeper post Gadaffi.  But let there be no doubt Turkey retains a vastly superior influence over the Islamification of the West than any other national head.  ANKARA, … Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

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Ted Cruz (TX) – This Guy Scares The Hell Out of Liberals….

It was sad to see Jim DeMint leave the Senate earlier this year.   However, it is wonderful to see Freshman Senator Ted Cruz strike fear into the heart of liberals. They are freaking out at his direct confrontational approach to … Continue reading

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We Will Not Be Disobeyed – Biden Gets Testy During Town Hall When Pushed On Gun Control’s Failures: “Is This Parents Magazine? I Have Parents Magazine. I’ve Never Heard Anybody In Parents Magazine Ask These Kinds Of Questions”…

How dare the bitterclingers present a counter argument to the regime !! WASHINGTON – Vice President Joe Biden was caught off guard Tuesday by questions he was asked during a Facebook Town Hall with Parents Magazine. One questioner equated gun … Continue reading

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