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Yes… FINALLY ! Excellent Gun Debate Video: “Keith Morgan” Needs To Be On Piers Morgan Show ASAP !!

I’m not sure who this guy is, but y’all need to listen to the way he frames the conversation.   Finally someone puts the argument into perspective, AND as a bonus he hits on the law enforcement “affirmative responsibility” aspect to … Continue reading

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Chris Kyle Funeral – Thoughts On Services From Yankeeintx

From Yankeeintx – I just returned from the Chris Kyle Memorial Service. It was an incredible send off to an incredible American hero. The service introduced us all to the real Chris Kyle. When his wife read a message, she … Continue reading

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Rebuked Groveling – Iran’s Ahmadinejad Tells Obama: Change Your Attitude If You Want To Talk To Us….

Once again the appeasement POTUS fails on the international stage of influence.  Last week the White House announced it was willing to talk to Iran face-to-face.   Iran responds to President Obama telling him to change his attitude and they’ll think … Continue reading

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One Month After Joining Twitter The Pope Quits His Job – Claims “Tired” all the time…

Vatican newspaper frontpage: "Benedict XVI leaves the pontificate" pic.twitter.com/PS3bwOR7 — Catholic News Svc (@CatholicNewsSvc) February 11, 2013 Vatican newspaper says Benedict made his decision to resign "many months ago" after his trip to Mexico & Cuba March 2012. He was … Continue reading

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Us. VS Them – Priority List Comparison

The President Obama White House has three current “priority issues” in the works.   Gun Control, Immigration Reform and Climate Change (energy reform) as current important objectives. Compare those three to the Priority List of Americans in General.   Where do they … Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

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Lindsey Graham Talks About Benghazi, Brennan and Hagel…

Lots of folks are praising Lindsey Graham for his stance about Benghazi.   However, it is prudent to remember he has been a face of manipulated optical opposition before.  I don’t trust Graham, and this could well be just another decepticon angle … Continue reading

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