2J’s-Jr Headed To The Pokey – “Significant Jail Time” In Plea Deal With Feds…

jesse jackson jrCHICAGO – Sneed has learned a plea deal is now on the table between former Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. and federal authorities probing allegations of campaign fund misuse.

Sneed is told the plea deal includes Jackson serving time in federal prison.

“Significant jail time is now definitely a part of the deal,” said a top Sneed source close to the probe.

“But I think [Jackson’s wife] Sandi, feels like she was thrown under the bus by her husband, ” now that a separate probe has begun on her, a second source added.

Sandi Jackson claims she was stunned by campaign finance abuse disclosures against her husband, who has been treated for mental disorders and allegedly spent $40,000 on a Rolex watch purchased with campaign funds.  (continue reading)

Jesse_Jackson facepalm

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12 Responses to 2J’s-Jr Headed To The Pokey – “Significant Jail Time” In Plea Deal With Feds…

  1. nobaddog says:

    Born thieves and Obama our daddy is cleaning out the treasury! I learned that at a young age but looks like the liberals are going to learn the hard way and my kids are going to suffer for their ignorance.


  2. Omar says:

    You might call it significant jail time, but here in IL, we call it prolonged campaign meeting.


  3. teajr says:

    I don’t feel the least bit sorry for this man, although, he didn’t stand a chance–being the son of JJS and a product of the civil rights opportunists. I imagine his detox from crack is gonna be horrible when he gets confined.


  4. czarowniczy says:

    ‘Your children need your presence more than your presents.’

    That’s a JJ quote – maybe we can arrange an adjoining room?


  5. One of very few quotes which I will ever use of our current Commander in Chief “If I had a son, he’d look like” Jesse Junior….


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