Media prepares for new Trayvon Martin frenzy

(Via CofCC)  Trayvon Martin Reboot: Expect the “Mainstream” media to re-launch the old, proven lies all over again.

George Zimmerman’s next court date is tomorrow, February 5th. The politically motivated “murder” trial is scheduled to start in June. It is expected to cost the state of Florida millions of dollars. The defense has already spent $300,000, most of which came from donations.

Prepare to see pictures of Trayvon Martin as a 13 year old and all the proven lies propagated all over again. The CofCC website staff believes the media is preparing to launch an all new frenzy of anti-white hatred, usually the same old hoaxes we heard last year.

Zimmerman was arrested and charged with a crime to prevent black radicals from rioting and disrupting tourism in Florida.

Let’s refresh our memories on who Trayvon Martin really was and what really happened.

Here is the article that changed the course of history on the Trayvon Martin hoax. CofCC member Kyle Rogers wrote this for It went on to become the most read article in the history of the politics section, received over 550,000 views, over 200,000 facebook shares, and was credited by award-winning investigative journalist Amber Lyons as “changing the media discourse.”

George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin – by Kyle Rogers    CLICK HERE


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23 Responses to Media prepares for new Trayvon Martin frenzy

  1. arkansasmimi says:

    And the hating renews…. I worry about people this week, as the hoodies up brigade begins their rallies


  2. howie says:

    What else could they do? Get real?


  3. rumpole2 says:

    The propaganda worked. The false narrative got in and for many that will never change.
    Big racist white guy decided to chase and kill a little black boy on his way home with candy. That is pretty much it. No other facts or circumstances matter.


    • howie says:

      Millions of dollars? This must be good foe the economy?


    • rumpole2 says:

      It looks like “Imprinting”

      Imprinting is the term used in psychology to describe any kind of phase-sensitive learning (learning occurring at a particular age or a particular life stage) that is rapid and apparently independent of the consequences of behavior

      The classic example is ducklings who naturally follow their mother soon after hatching. This can be interrupted by ensuring that the duckling first encounters some object.. or even a human handler.. and so will follow that object or human.

      The Traybot crowd are clearly susceptible types… easily led easily fooled… and once that initial false narrative got imprinted it was fixed.
      They follow “leaders” like Crump/Julison initially, and subsequently dopes like Leatherman and the Alpha Cretins at JQ.
      It is the sort of scary “Mass Hysteria” you see in mobs…. the mechanism in play in a “Lynch Mob”


  4. boricuafudd says:

    As long as people are willing to believe, despite evidence to the contrary from case after case that they exists young black males who will instigate and start a fight for no discernible reason than their lack of control, we will have controversies like this one.


    • howie says:

      They are not aware of evidence.


      • boricuafudd says:

        I grew up in NYC, so I saw my share of violence by black males, and I also saw how the first response was to search the reason (excuse) for the violence. When I was in tenth grade I was pushed down the stairways, suffered a consussion and a broken arm, when I returned to school the counselor wanted to know what I did to provoke incidents, since I had witnesses to the incident. It turned out that 2 of the 3 guys who threw me down the stairs had been expelled from school for fighting. Apparently, they did not like the way I look that day.


  5. Justice4All says:

    Millions of dollars????

    Would have been cheaper to let the racists burn their ghettos down!!!


  6. lovemygirl says:

    I hate to ask but is that a real cover for People?
    OMG it is after a bit of searching.
    Oh, My oh my.


  7. rumpole2 says:

    Daily Daft Photo From Justarse Quest

     photo dad92ddf-a916-41a6-baec-935f78ca0efe_zpsa490c06e.jpg

    …………………………………………. photo cockatoo_zpsd358cb24.gif………………………………………….


  8. lovemygirl says:

    I’m an idiot, that was a 9 month old article. Sorry. I too can be daft.


  9. elvischupacabra says:

    The more that the media pollutes and taints the impartiality of the prospective jury pool, the better for Zimmerman and his defense team. One only needs to look at the Dr. Sam Shepard trial to see why.


  10. TonysThoughts says:

    I think what bothers me the most is that the FDLE in my opinion should be out to defend the truth regardless if it is a win or a loss for them. That is not what they are doing. The overwhelming evidence has for months now proved the story is not what they thought after issuing the “Affidavit”. Yet they keep battling knowingly that 90% of what they “Thought” has been dis-proven. I do not post much, but I visit many times per day and love the site. I have to say just like all of you have, that I am disgusted with FDLE. Have a fantastic day everyone and god bless George and his family.


  11. Lou says:

    I do hope MOM plays hardball in June. If I were him I’d have a blown up pic of Travyvon with the grill because that is a much more updated pic of him. I’m sure BDLR will have a blown up pic of the 12 year old Trayvon.


  12. Josh says:

    All because “…today would have been Trayvon’s 18th birthday…”
    Those in the media are just so grief stricken…


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