Hank Johnson Award – Candidate #45,721

Michigan Democrat Rep. John Conyers vies for the coveted Hank “Tippy Guam” Johnson Award.

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19 Responses to Hank Johnson Award – Candidate #45,721

  1. cajunkelly says:

    This is getting as stupid and confusing as what to call non-caucasians.

    Illegal immigrant…nooo!
    Undocumented immigrant…noooo!
    Out of status citizen….
    ummm our , our our, the people in this country…aren’t illegal….

    Ignorant JACKASS! They broke the laws to come here….


    I.E. “I hope no one is honest with their terminology here today”.

    👿 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿


    • Sharon says:

      He just broadcast to the whole world that he doesn’t know the definition of illegal. His family must be so proud.

      ….and besides that….they’re just illegal–they, by definition, are not immigrants. Calling them immigrants of any kind is the equivalent of calling a clothing store burglar a customer.


      • stellap says:

        His family is as bad as – if not worse than – he is. His wife was just released from prison, and is under house arrest until May.


        • John Galt says:

          No big deal, she just received some out of status cash.


        • czarowniczy says:

          See what I’m saying about the decision paper? Illegal versus undocumented versus ‘out of status’. They parse the laws to their own advantages, “your honor, my client was arrested as an illegal alien while he was actually merely and undocumented alien as illegal is a determination that has to be made by the court”. Let’s shake out the Democrats (Republican too) home staff and see how many out-of-status immigrants they have working for them? Like Humpty Dumpty said, it’s a word game and words mean exactly what I say they do…


      • Wraith says:

        They’re not immigrants. They’re INVADERS.


  2. auscitizenmom says:

    ((Shaking head)) Speechless!


  3. cajunkelly says:

    If someone gets caught trying to board a plane with a hand gun….

    I guess we just call it “undeclared baggage”, eh?


  4. Sal Paradise says:

    We are clearly in uncharted troubled waters….


  5. yankeeintx says:

    How can others in the room not burst out laughing?


  6. retire2005 says:

    Please, please, please. Don’t call them illegal aliens. That is soooo insensitive. Call them what John Conyers, who used to have his taxpayer funded website in both English and Arabic, thinks they are:

    future Democrat voters.


  7. BigMamaTEA says:

    If there ever was another example of the need for term limits; Conyers is starting his 25th term!


  8. nobaddog says:

    To avoid all this confusion just call them what they really are. wetbacks. Thats short for illegal alien of the Mexican variety! Im up to my neck in unemployed wetbacks here. They know theyre invadind the US. Its a joke, the local police wont arrest them unless its a major felony because INS wont come get them.Cant give them a ticket, dont know who they are. They all give the same name to authorities. When they get amnesty where are they going to work?


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