Catch and Release – Turkey Lets OBL Jr. Walk….. Erdogan Attacks Israel (again)

Last week we discussed Osama Bin Laden Jr. being captured by Turkish authorities.   Now reports are coming out they just let him walk.

Obama Erdogan - Turkey(Washington Free Beacon) Turkish authorities reportedly captured and then released Friday morning the fugitive son-in-law of terror mastermind Osama bin Laden after he was allegedly caught entering the country illegally, according to Turkish press reports.

Suleiman M., bin Laden’s son-in-law, was reportedly arrested in Ankara by Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization after United States intelligence sources in Washington, D.C., informed Turkish authorities of his location, according to a report in Turkey’s Hurriyet Daily News.

A CNN Turkey reporter additionally tweeted early this morning that “bin Laden’s son in law was caught in Ankara,” according to a translation of her tweet in Turkish.

Suleiman, who had allegedly been hiding in Iran since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, was quickly released from Turkish custody and will likely be extradited back to Iran, according to the report.  (link)

Meanwhile Erdogan had this to say about Israel….

erdogan-obamaTurkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan slammed Israel on Sunday over its alleged airstrike in Syria.

“Anything could happen in the region,” Erdogan said. “Those who treated the Israeli government like a spoiled child should know that history will not forgive Israel’s state structure.”

The alleged Israeli strike, he said, “is unacceptable to us … It is against every international law.”

Asked about Iran’s strong reaction to Israeli following the alleged attack on Syrian targets, Erdogan told reporters that Iran should first of all “reconsider its attitude against Syria.

“What is Iran doing about Syria? While considering the acts of Israel, Iran at the same time needs to allow for common steps to be taken in the region.”

On Saturday, Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu urged Damascus to retaliate following the alleged Israeli attack.  (link)

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One Response to Catch and Release – Turkey Lets OBL Jr. Walk….. Erdogan Attacks Israel (again)

  1. czarowniczy says:

    Again I say “So What?”. The bad guys surround Turkey, sole NATO member and EU prospect in the Mideast. Bad guys sent Mikey in with a suicide vest a few days back and there’s fundamentalist unrest through out the country. The Turkish government and military thinks of itself as more European than Mideastern and I’m betting that the hope of the Ottoman Empire reemerging in some form isn’t dead either, an it wouldn’t be an Islamic Ottoman Empire either. Turkey isn’t that huggy-kissy with Syria – let’s not forget that they’ve had aerial missions over Syria – at least one splashed – and I’m betting that there are sneaky-pete Turk missions on the ground in Syria acting as NATO’s eyes.Turkey has to act offended and spout strong blah-blah to show it’s sympatico to its neighbors. You can bet that part of it’s due to trying to avoid being targeted by Iran/Hezbollah and have an excuse to react if it is. This is political theater, Turkey will attack Israel just after it attacks Pago Pago, it will continue to bluster and fluff its feathers but you can bet that through its back door its soothing Israel who knows that Turkey needs to say what it’s saying. Don’t be surprised if the SECULAR Turkish military and intel are working with the Israeli military and intel. You can bet that Turkey will breathe fire and brimstone if Israel does attack Syria’s chem and bio storage sites but you can also bet that Turkey provided some of the targeting data to and quite possibly basing needs of the IAF. Realpolitik in action.


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