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Deep Water

We are indeed a “divided America”. Both with Deep Water… ….and with shallow genes Advertisements

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Blah-Blah-Blah: President Obama Continues Assault On NRA (National Rifle Association)

MINNESOTA – President Obama on Monday tried to undercut National Rifle Association leaders and appeal directly to their membership, claiming gun owners support the “common-sense” gun control measures he’s proposed — and urging those supporters to “keep the pressure” on … Continue reading

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Ron Paul Proves My Freedom Continuum Theory….. Simultaneously Confirms He’s A Jerk

Ron Paul sent out a tweet today. Interestingly enough I was just talking about this yesterday.   It is quite possible to be so far in one direction on the “Freedom Continuum” that you circle back around to the complete opposite … Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

Today’s bumper sticker of the day comes to us from iOwnTheWorld.com.  😀

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Catch and Release – Turkey Lets OBL Jr. Walk….. Erdogan Attacks Israel (again)

Last week we discussed Osama Bin Laden Jr. being captured by Turkish authorities.   Now reports are coming out they just let him walk. (Washington Free Beacon) Turkish authorities reportedly captured and then released Friday morning the fugitive son-in-law of terror … Continue reading

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In His Own Words – You Decide

Seriously, I don’t want to frame what he is saying, nor provide any interpretation of it other than what he is actually advocating.    Just listen and think for yourself what exactly is Jesse Jackson calling for (It’s only two minutes):

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Decepticons Organize – Karl Rove Attacks The Tea Party

We have written, researched, shared, discussed and dissected the “Decepticons” at great length.   Decepticons are Deceptive Conservatives.   Many people are familiar with the term “RINO”, Republican in Name Only.  But that is NOT a Decepticon.   RINO’s are openly anti-constitution, anti-freedom and self-interested … Continue reading

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