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Happy Second Birthday! To “The Conservative Tree House”

Wow!  The year just flew by!  We’ve added lots of new friends and visitors. I don’t know that we’ve introduced all of our administrators lately, so I’ll do that here: Advertisements

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Obamacare – Further Down The Slippery Slope….. U.K. NHS Already There…

Remember when we were talking about the enevitable slippery slope of Obamacare in conjunction with the Nanny State mindset, and taken to its logical conclusion? Big brother to log your drinking habits and waist size as GPs are forced to … Continue reading

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Prog Stupid – CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Flunks Constitution 101 – Tells Sheriff He Must Obey Obama Executive Order…

NOT Mega fail…. but the progs who don’t pay attention to the constitution, or even have a semblance of understanding of the 10th amendment or division of relegated powers.  Duh. Discussing gun control, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on Friday told a … Continue reading

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Standing Ground – Gun-Toting Thugs Attack Basketball Coach Escorting Girl Players To Their Cars, Coach Pulls Out His Concealed Weapon, Shoots Both Attackers…

Exceptional gun control.   Attacked by two thugs in a school Gun Free School Zone, one thug dead – another wounded. DETROIT MICHIGAN – (WXYZ) – Police sources tell 7 Action News that a women’s basketball coach  from Martin Luther King, Jr. Senior … Continue reading

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Clown Car Level Stupid – ATF Sting Operation In Milwaukee A Total Failure: Machine Guns Missing, ATF Robbed, Tens of Thousands Wasted…

….. and it gets worse, much worse.    These are the people who want to “control” your capacity to own weapons?    Two MUST READ articles.   First the Fox Summary: WASHINGTON –  Several members of Congress are calling for an investigation into … Continue reading

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Cultural Atlanta – How The BGI Insulates Thug Behavior. One More Example…. Atlanta (video) Celebrating Black History Month

You often hear of people who say the various jail and prison systems are breeding grounds for thug-like anti social behaviors for young black men.  The general talking points stem around when a young black man enters the correctional system, … Continue reading

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02-02 George Zimmerman Case – Open Discussion Thread

Use this thread as an open thread just for Zimmerman Case stuff. A place to just dump, collect, or discuss general information about the Trayvon Martin VS George Zimmerman Case. “The sensationalized, fact-deficient coverage of this case has achieved the … Continue reading

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