OBL Jr. Captured In Turkey…. Quid Pro Quo !

How do you get an ideological “Ally”  to make a political move they are uncomfortable with?


You use leverage, heavy leverage…..   It’s a Machiavellian Quid Pro Quo

But what leverage does President Obama have over current Turkish President, Erdogan?

What information would force Erdogan to make a move on Osama Bin Laden Jr?  A move that Erdogan does not want to make hot make because his Islamist colleagues will not be happy.    The answer is  HERE.

It’s Machiavellian because both President Obama and President Erdogan are aligned both philosophically and ideologically.

Obama Erdogan - Turkey

TURKEY – Osama bin Laden’s son-in-law was arrested in Ankara by Turkish security forces after Washington allegedly informed Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization (MİT) about his location, daily Milliyet reported today.

Suleyman M., son-in-law of former al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden, was allegedly staying at a camp in Iran after the Sept. 11 attack on the World Trade Center in 2001.

He entered Turkey using a fake Saudi Arabian passport. Daily Milliyet claimed that the United States learned Suleyman M. was in Ankara and informed MİT. Turkish security forces captured him at a hotel in Çankaya district of Ankara.

U.S. Navy SEALS killed al-Qaeda leader Bin Laden at his compound in Pakistan on May 4, 2011. Kuwait revoked Suleyman M.’s citizenship after the U.S. issued an arrest warrant for him on charges of involvement in terrorist activities.

A Turkish court decided to release Suleyman M. on the grounds that he had not committed any crimes other than entering the country with a fake passport. However, he was not released and was returned to the police department for extradition from the country. The daily also said Suleyman M. would be extradited back to Iran. The U.S. reportedly asked Turkey to give Suleyman M. to the U.S. for interrogation on alleged al-Qaeda activities.   (link)

Turkey Embassy Bombing

At least the Turkish Media understand the freedom continuum.  As evidenced in this screen shot from the main Turkish media outlet,  Hurriet Daily News.   The Embassy blast was part of “far-left” militant ideology.

Communism, Marxism, Socialism, Fascism are on the far “LEFT” side of the freedom continuum, in that order, where government controls and restricts the individual.   Nice to see a media outlet get it  correct.

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2 Responses to OBL Jr. Captured In Turkey…. Quid Pro Quo !

  1. czarowniczy says:

    Hmmmmm – there’s also the possibility that NATO wanted the Turk to arrest OBLJr. Obama would be the perfect ‘let Mikey eat it’ fall guy as he’s a egotist and they really don’t want to rile up the Islamic fundamentalists in their own little troubled leaky-ship countries. The Saudis like to keep tans on the extended bin Laden clan, they could have poked the Turks to bounce him so that their intel folks could go back to sniffing him at close range. Then the Turkish military might have pulled the government’s chain as they do not like domestic fundamentalist rabble-rousers operating on Turk soil, never mind imported cheeses. Hate to harp on the point but the Turkish government basically serves at the will of the Turkish military as the Turk military considers itself the guardian of Ataturk’s secular Turkish legacy. Just go back in the news and look at how the Turk military handles fundamentalist riots.
    Also a big factor in Jr’s arrest may have been Turkey’s standing as a prospective member of the EU. Turkey’s economy isn’t a shining star and they have pinned their economic hopes on becoming a full-fledged member. The EU could have been a big factor in their showing Jr the door, either the EU asked them to get him gone so that he wouldn’t cause any problems or the Turks decided on their own that his presence could be problematic.
    Then there’s NATO, of which Turkey’s a member. Could Brussels have asked that the son of the man who was their #1 enemy for so long be removed as his presence was an embarrassment, or again the Turk military could have decided that having OBL’s progeny and possible heir was too much of a poke-in-the-eye for a NATO member to suffer.
    Let’s wait and see if Turkey hands Jr over to the US, but don’t bet on it. Saudi Arabia was PO’d at his dad but I’ve seen nothing about the Saudis revoking Jr’s passport or citizenship and the bin Laden family is still a power in SA. They’ll put pressure on the Royal Family to keep JR out of US hands and poke a few people in Turkey too. Turkey swims in a more European pool now (EU, NATO) and is geographically and culturally closer to the Saudis than the US. How the Turks handle Jr will show where the Turks are looking for support now.


  2. ytz4mee says:

    Say, how is the new Caliphate coming along anyways? Is Istanbul going to be the new/old spiritual home, or did someone else win?


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