Ideological BGI Reversal – CBC Decides To Support President Obama’s Immigration Reform, “Amnesty”….


It really is just a pure example of racism. Now that a Black President occupies The White House, the Congressional Black Caucus is ideologically aligning themselves with a proposal they have fought when advocated by former (white) Presidents.

People are afraid to speak bluntly about these issues, but this is the same determinative factor behind Colin Powell, a self-described “conservative” second, supporting President Obama.  The CBC and like-minded politicians [Powell et al] are ideologically “black”, before they are ideologically “American”.  Hence, the self-attached hyphenated descriptions, and the intentional order of the hyphen’s placement.   

WASHINGTON DC – The Congressional Black Caucus is going to join the push for more low-wage immigration, reversing its stance in 2006 and 2007, when it avoided the controversy.


“Immigration reform will be one of our top three priorities this year,” Ayofemi Kirby, the caucus’ communications director, told The Daily Caller on Wednesday.

The caucus is also to protect the “Diversity Visa” program from the GOP’s efforts to zero it, she said. Elimination of the program “would lower the number of [black] immigrants from countries who already have low number of immigrants … [in the United States], especially sub-Sahara and Africa” and Caribbean countries.

“That’s a huge issue for us,” she added, noting that the new policy will be detailed next week.

The caucus will also “be looking at [immigration’s] impact on low-income communities,” she said.

Immigration is a very contentious issue in African-American communities, partly because many African-Americans view immigrant Latinos as competition for low-skill jobs, apartments and government grants.  (read more)

Black voting - racism bumper stickerThe larger issue inside this approach, willful blindness, is how it evidences the progressive outcomes and logic.  In this example “Amnesty” for an illegal workforce represents a factual economic risk.  But, like all BGI progressives (without a compass of real character) the currency of their ideology is more weighted to support President Obama, than it is to support their own economic best interests.

This is also why you see the growing voices of some anti-BGI black constituents in calling out the hypocrisy behind supporting a candidate, now President, who, because of his inept and flawed policy, factually puts your economic quality of life in a worse position.

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8 Responses to Ideological BGI Reversal – CBC Decides To Support President Obama’s Immigration Reform, “Amnesty”….

  1. lovemygirl says:

    And the will pay a minimum of $20K per year in 2014.


  2. tara says:

    Hmmm, they must have sold their souls to the devil (Democratic party) in exchange for the promise to promote more black candidates to high political positions. Obama was hand-picked, groomed, promoted, and protected, and look where he is now! They’ve all got stars in their eyes….


  3. brutalhonesty says:


  4. brutalhonesty says:


  5. brutalhonesty says:


  6. ed357 says:

    If the CBC votes to allow these illegal immigrant to stay…………..

    What will happen to all of the black jobs?

    Or does the CBC just not care?


    • John Galt says:

      They will riot in the streets when the country goes broke and their EBT cards don’t work.

      Go to youtube and watch the Greek riots for a preview of things to come.


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