Define Freedom ?

Austin 3

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36 Responses to Define Freedom ?

  1. waltherppk says:

    Would you frag an oath violator or put a pistol to his head and pull the trigger and say “you are relieved” if the circumstances required it ?


    • canadacan says:

      That is a type of comment I’ve been looking for because it’s been on my mind quite a bit. the last thing we need is another damn Praetorian guard. Or maybe. A bunch. Of. Cossacks. The men he is talking to swear an oath to the Constitution I wonder what is going through their minds well they are looking at this scum bag talking to them. That picture is embarrassing as well as just mind blowing.


  2. ctdar says:

    So the fact that no one from Obama administration is denying the claim is telling. A reporter needs to ask Carney about the alleged military litmus question and put him on the spot.


    • Sharon says:

      If a reporter did, Carney would do what he always does: mock both the question and the questioner. Since the so-called journalists do not have the skill to do follow-ups or restate the question (over a period of weeks) all such a question would do is give Carney the opportunity to ridicule one more journalist.

      Does anybody actually watch the nonsense from the White House press office anyway?


    • ctdar says:

      Opportunity is there to get more people talkin about question.


  3. QuantumVerp says:

    Freedom is an implicit Natural license allowing the enjoyment of society’s bounty. It is the default setting until legislation sets it otherwise. Any/most newly constructed governing bodies thrive due to lack of constrictions on Man’s Innate Freedom. The sheer volume of laws required to ameliorate the effect of Man’s sensing of his innate Freedom is a testament to the colossal Natural forces humankind is endowed with!


  4. retire2005 says:

    I believe the first photo is from Saturday at the gun show that was held in Austin, Texas.

    Think about that, folks. This was in Austin, an island of deep blue in the middle of a deep red sea.

    Who are those people? They are your militia. Your citizen soldiers, who like the citizen soldiers of 1776 will supply their own weapons to defend the freedom of the citizens of this country. These are the of-age men, and women, who will answer the call against tyranny. They are arming themselves to protect you, your children and your neighbors from the oppression that is coming at an even more rapid speed. These are the hunter-gatherers that will not submit. These are the Americans who understand that without their rights of the Second Amendment, none of the U.S. Constitution is worth the paper it is written on.


  5. “A disturbing reminder of how fragile the freedoms we regard as being fundamental to our society really are.
    Personal rights and liberties guaranteed by a constitution are no more durable than the whims of the current regime of elected officials…something the ostensible beneficiaries of those rights and liberties forget at their peril.”


  6. michellc says:

    I read an article in a local free paper about ammunition and the shortage, which is leaving LEO all across the country rationing their ammo and not being able to get ammo. This is on top of citizens who can’t get ammo. I like to go out in the back pasture and shoot my .22, I did do it daily or every few days. We like to go to our range out on 40 acres at least once a week to shoot other calibers. We’ve quit doing both, because ammo is so hard to come by. I have probably about 3000 rounds of .22 ammo, but we normally go through about 500 rounds a week. I went to 4 towns and 40 stores before I finally found any .22 ammo and then there was a limit to one box over 50 rounds and 3 boxes of 50 rounds due to the shortage.
    There is an abundance of 12 and 20 guage and 410, we’ve found .32 pretty easily, .38 and .45 is a little harder to come by, and of course .22 is almost non-existent, we haven’t found one box of 9mm or .223.
    According to the article, Brownells, the largest supplier of firearm accessories in the world report it had sold several years’ worth of ammo in a matter of hours.

    Yet according to the article, last March DHS ordered 450 million rounds of .40 caliber ammo, including hollow point bullets. In April and additional DHS request for 750 million more for a total of at least 1.2 billion bullets. The 750 million is more than 10 times what U.S. troops used in a full year of Iraqi combat.
    Sounds like the government wants to be well armed and leave states, counties, and cities LEO unarmed as well as the citizens.
    Now if I was a gun or ammunition manufacturer and knowing that the government is doing it’s best to put you out of business by keeping you from selling to the public, I wouldn’t bid on government contracts.
    Also, you add up all the ammo and firearm requests by DHS, the suddenly routine exercises of helicopters firing machine guns over Miami, tanks in the streets of St. Louis, Litmus test for the military, the attempt to disarm the citizens and the cops not being able to get ammo and you don’t have to buy stock in Reynolds to wonder what exactly are they up to?
    I’m dusting off the old 30.06 and think we all wouldn’t be crazy to suddenly make .50 cals as scarce as AR-15s.


  7. Wraith says:

    Anybody still think voting’s going to solve this?


  8. myopiafree says:


    Obama needs police “back up”!!

    This is from a man who does not what his “son” to be a football player. I am certain he would not want his DAUGHTERS TO BE IN THE ARMY. Good hevens – they MIGHT GET HURT!!

    So much for our “first” LEADER!!


  9. 22tula says:

    I posted 2 interviews by Dr. Jim Garrow’s with Rick Wiles & Alex Jones on this subject, on this link.

    I also posted the above interview on January 26, 2013

    It is the above video, that I question. My response on January 27, 2013

    “There is a couple of things about this interview that bothers me.
    1. @ 2:49 – Brzezinski, Alexander Haig
    Kissinger & Haig

    2. We owe $9 Trillion of our debt to ourselves, not China!

    3. @ 15:24 – Chinese Universities offer studies on the Founding Fathers and the Federalists Papers. Really?

    4. Will Dr. Jim Garrow be able to return to his Bethune Institute in China after speaking out?

    5. Who is this mystery source?”

    Define Freedom – My Way – Kai Chen

    “On April 5, 1976, a photo of Premier Zhou Enlai’s corpse appeared on TV. He had the most painful and tortured expression on his face. That made me think a little deeper. He was the second most powerful person in China. But he was also the most miserable victim in China. What kind of society was this? Watching that tormented face of Zhou, I suddenly wept uncontrollably. I finally understand that all the conclusions I had made were all correct. I was virtuous, they were malevolent. It didn’t matter how many people they had, or how many weapons they had, or how powerful their propaganda machine was. I finally realized. I was immensely powerful. I was the one who was right. All of my conclusions were correct. I was indeed a very good person. When you entered the realm of true spirituality and morality and understood yourself as a moral being with power from above, you were finally free.”
    – Kai Chen, “My Way” Part 2 -1 @ 7:37

    It seems to me that Dr. Jim Garrow is telling us things that we want to hear.
    “As of now, I am in control here in the White House.” – Alexander Haig
    The “Source,” should come out of the shadows and speak for himself. Until then, I question this story.


    • 556mmfmj says:

      22tula, you may question the veracity of what Jim Garrow claims, but do you think there is a line that obama will not cross to get what he wants? I don’t.


  10. akathesob says:

    We only have as much freedom as we are willing to stand up for.


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