Hundreds Of Thousands Attend DC March For Life…

WASHINGTON DC – Thousands of young adults thronged the National Mall on Friday to protest abortion and cheer speakers who called for overturning the 40-year-old landmark Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision.

Protesters — drawn by social media and church youth groups — flocked to the annual March for Life despite subfreezing temperatures and snow in the forecast.

“We are winning with young people. I see it right in front of me today,” said organizer Jeanne Monahan, president of the March for Life Education & Defense Fund.

As one abortion opponent after another addressed the crowd, Congressman Chris Smith of New Jersey drew the loudest applause with an attack on the court ruling: “Forty years ago this past Tuesday marks the Supreme Court’s infamous, reckless and inhumane abandonment of women and babies to the abortionists.”

“Know this, Mr. President — we will never quit,” Smith said before the marchers took off on their route down Constitution Avenue toward the Supreme Court building on Capitol Hill.

In a video message, Speaker of the House John Boehner roused the crowd when he called abortion “a defining human rights issue of our time. He said, “Because human life is not an economic or political commodity … no government on Earth has the right to treat it as such.”

Pope Benedict XVI sent them his encouragement by way of his personal Twitter account, @pontifex: “I join all those marching for life from afar, and pray that political leaders will protect the unborn and promote a culture of life,” he posted early Friday morning.

Anina Lund, 14,  Monica Dewey, 15,  and Monica’s brother Jackson, 12, came from West Chester, N.Y., with a group from St. Anne’s Church — 118 people all clad in neon-orange hats and green scarves to keep sight of each other in the giant crowd. Both girls spoke of how their families faced abortion decisions.

Monica, one of 10 children, recalled, “My younger brother was very sick in the womb and the doctors told my mom to abort the baby, but she chose not to. He is here today and he is perfectly healthy.”

Jackson chimed in, “It’s pretty cool that my mom didn’t give up. It’s cool that I am alive.”

Anina had a similar story: “I had a little sister who was going to be aborted because she was premature. But now, she is 7 and she is perfect. This march gave my mom so much support.”

Lauren Benzing, 18, of Solon, Iowa, who came with 350 others on 13 buses from the Catholic Diocese of Dubuque, was too young to vote last November but, she vows, “as soon as I can (vote), I will support pro-life. But with the march, I feel like I can still make a difference.”  (read more)

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12 Responses to Hundreds Of Thousands Attend DC March For Life…

  1. Cherpa1 says:

    Hope these folk came out and voted on 11/6,


  2. akathesob says:

    Nice turn out.


  3. Sharon says:

    I have a Canadian friend who planned to be in attendance today, waving a large Canadian flag. We appreciate the Canadians who so have our backs these days–in many areas….God bless ’em all.


  4. Sam says:

    The great thing about the pro-life movement is that so many of the supporters are young. That’s a very good sign that the movement will prevail.


  5. TFred says:

    Here’s an ironic twist to the story. This morning I was listening to WTOP, a local all-news radio station which does weather and traffic reports every 10 minutes.

    At one point the announcer started into the traffic report and said something to the effect of, “So, if you’re wondering about this surprise traffic issue downtown with the road closings today, it’s because of the pro-life protestors…” Complete paraphrase, I don’t remember the exact words, but that was the point.

    Why is this ironic? This is coming from the ALL-NEWS station, which CHOSE to make the protest a “surprise”, by NOT covering it in their regular news cycle!


    • canadacan says:

      To paraphrase Victor Hugo nothing is so powerful as an idea that’s time has come. I have begun to perk up a little bit lately, the backlash against attempted government gun control at the grass roots level and this awesome display of young minds in favor of life has begun to give me more than hope.


  6. taqiyyologist says:


    it’s because of the pro-life protestors…

    Wow. “it’s because of the pro-life protestors… that we won’t cover as news. Don’t worry, folks. When five people gather with Anti-Gun or Anti-War, or anti-fill-in-the-blank “Hate This Conservative Concept”, signs we’ll have five reporters, key grips, handlers, lighting techs, audio techs, camera techs, makeup artists, and an assortment of other “roadies” on the scene!”

    Good God.


  7. JAS says:

    My oldest daughter is in college now. Along with hundred of other students she made a 14 hour bus trip to be there yesterday. All on her own, we did not press her to do it. That is what I call upbringing…..


  8. Nancy says:

    My husband and I attended the pro life march and saw only EWTN there. Where was NBC, ABC, CNN, and CBS? These large networks chose not to be there and ignored the 600,000 people who were there. This was a very large turnout that the the main stream media ignored and wrote that there were thousands there, and decided not to report that there were over half a million.


    • Irish Eyes says:

      Every year it gets bigger and is mostly young people, yet every year it is ignored by most of the media. At most they will note that “thousands” were there. If you don’t watch EWTN (and it’s not even carried by some cable systems; on mine, it’s available only on a premium level), you’d never know it happened. So the public at large has no idea of the strength of the pro-life movement, but believes dozens of OWSers here & there constitute a powerful political force.


  9. czarowniczy says:

    Think for one minute Senators like Feinstein, Lautenberg and Schumer, just to name three, had an epiphany?


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