Still Standing – Netanyahu Wins Re-election….

netanyahu3JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Hawkish Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu emerged the bruised winner of Israel’s election on Tuesday, claiming victory despite unexpected losses to resurgent center-left challengers.

Exit polls showed the Israeli leader’s Likud party, yoked with the ultra-nationalist Yisrael Beitenu group, would still be the biggest bloc in the 120-member assembly with 31 seats, 11 fewer than the 42 they held in the previous parliament.

If the exit polls compiled by three local broadcasters prove correct – and they normally do in Israel – Netanyahu would be on course for a third term in office, perhaps leading a hardline coalition that would promote Jewish settlement on occupied land.


The 63-year-old Israeli leader promised during his election campaign to focus on tackling Iran’s nuclear ambitions if he won, shunting Palestinian peacemaking well down the agenda despite Western concern to keep the quest for a solution alive.  (read more)

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16 Responses to Still Standing – Netanyahu Wins Re-election….

  1. Time to kick Israel future into high-gear, while there’s still time. Giddy-up!
    America sends F-16’s to Egypt? T’ain’t funny, McGee.


      • I recommend reading this book when it comes out in May. Learn from it.
        More than a history of my failed Administration riddled with Communists, it warns of your present traitor in the White House and of Islamists saturated throughout this Administration. Hell, actually -running- this Administration.

        History loves to repeat itself.
        However, this time around, it will likely be the end of America as you know it. 👿


    • czarowniczy says:

      Having been associated with the Egyptian AF, as I’ve blogged in the past, giving Egypt F-16s is not that big of a danger. Remember that even in Saudi Arabia foreigners maintain not only most of the Saudi’s first-line military equipment more complex pieces of all equipment. The F-16s did not come from the Egyptian culture so they have a hard time wrapping their culture around them. One of my fondest Egyptian memories is a USAF mechanic telling us about how he was trying to explain to an Egyptian AF maintenance crew why you do preventive maintenance on the hi-tech fighter aircraft they were training on. They couldn’t grasp why you’d have to rip something apart and fix it if it were not broken. He asks them what would happen if you just flew that plain without PMing it and, at 800 MPH at 35,000 feet the engine stopped. ‘Insha’Allah”, it’s God’s will shrugged the Egyptian crew chief. The base we were on had a hanger full of old Russian aircraft that were broken and in need of maintenance, planes that had been NORS listed due to failure to do PM and they didn’t even have spare parts for. Meanwhile the Israeli were kicking Arab ass with F-4s we’d surplussed as obsoleteThe IAF made some 400+ changes to, making them as battle-effective as the newer Russian and French fighters the Arab forces were flying. Note that once the Russian pulled out of Egypt and left them to their own devices the Egyptian military floundered until they co-opted us into becoming their military pimp.


  2. lovemygirl says:

    When does Israel get the F35’s?


  3. lovemygirl says:

    I’m no military strategist, but Israel has missiles capable of striking Iran. Can they use them instead of an airstrike or can’t they carry enough power (non nuclear)?


    • czarowniczy says:

      Israel most definitely has(ALLEGED) nuke-armed IRBMs and strike aircraft capable of smacking Iran. To effectively catch the Iranians though Israel would most likely use fighters with specialized bunker-buster bombs loaded with conventional explosives. They wouldn’t want to use nukes unless they were backed against the wall as the political fallout would be worse than the fallout fallout. On top of that the top-notch bunker-busters, among a selection of neato weapons George W (ALLEGEDLY) rush shipped to them just days before Obama took office, would allow greater accuracy with less collateral damage and about the same effect as a nuke. Were Israel to try and use a precision IRBM there’s also the possibility that were the reentry vehicle to use GPS guidance the Russians have jammers they might have installed close to vital targets that would send the warhead astray. Pilots would have trained extensively on both navigational and visual target acquisition. Then again, Israel does have that small fleet of Dolphin subs that have the strange torpedo tubes built in – could be a way of delivering a SLCM. Possibilities abound.


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