Obamerica – A better poster boy for gun violence might be Jay-Z

obama-gangsta(Canada Free Press)  Forget Wal-Mart and skip your local gun show. The murderers of tomorrow will not be found wearing orange vests at your local sporting goods store. They won’t have NRA memberships or trophies on their walls.

You won’t find them in America. Look for them in Obamerica.

67% of firearm murders took place in the country’s 50 largest metro areas. The 62 cities in those metro areas have a firearm murder rate of 9.7, more than twice the national average. Among teenagers the firearm murder rate is 14.6 or almost three times the national average. Those numbers are from six years ago. They have grown worse since.

Those are the crowded cities of Obamerica. The places with the most restrictive gun control laws and the highest crime rates. These are the places where the family is broken, money comes from the government and immigrants crowd in from some of the most violent parts of the world bringing with them their own organized crime. These are also the places that have run by Democrats and their political machines for almost as long as they have been broken.


Obama won every major city in the election, except for Jacksonville and Salt Lake City

Obama won every major city in the election, except for Jacksonville and Salt Lake City. And the higher the death rate, the bigger his victory. He won New Orleans by 80 to 17 where the murder rate is ten times higher than the national average. He won Detroit, where the murder rate of 53 per 100,000 people is the second highest in the country and twice as high as any country in the world, including the Congo and South Africa. He won it 73 to 26. And then he celebrated his victory in Chicago where the murder rate is three times the statewide average.

These places aren’t America. They’re Obamerica.

In 2006, the 54% of the population living in those 50 metro areas was responsible for 67% of armed killings nationwide. Those are disproportionate numbers especially when you consider that for the people living in most of those cities walking into a store and legally buying a gun is all but impossible.

Mayors of Obamerican cities blame guns because it’s easier than blaming people and now the President of Obamerica has turned to the same shameless tactic. The NRA counters that people kill people, but that’s exactly why Obamerican leaders would rather talk about the guns.  […]

The Obama campaign will avoid the chicago attachment at all costs.   The violence and failure within Obama's hometown will be avoided by all media entities.

The Obama campaign will avoid the chicago attachment at all costs. The violence and failure within Obama’s hometown will be avoided by all media entities.

America does not have a gun violence problem. Obamerica does.

America does not have a gun violence problem. Obamerica does. And Obamerica has a gun violence problem for the same reason that it has a drug problem and a broken family problem. These social ills cannot be solved by banning something. The War on Guns is not going to fix the inner city just as the War on Drugs didn’t. Rigid law enforcement can keep the numbers down, but does not deal with the causes of the violence. […]

America does not need gun control

America does not need gun control. It is a mostly law-abiding place. And gun control cannot help Obamerica. Not when its murder rate is driven by gangs who have no trouble obtaining anything; whether it’s legal in the United States or not.  […]

Chicago shooting 2A better poster boy for gun violence might be Jay-Z

Adam Lanza is as much of a plausible poster boy for gun violence, as Ryan White was for AIDS. A better poster boy for gun violence might be Jay-Z, who boasts of having been a drug dealer and claims to have shot his brother at the age of 12. The drug dealer to millionaire rapper is the Horatio Alger story of Obamerica. And Jay-Z can be seen partying with Obama, the political king of Obamerica touching base with its cultural king.

Jay Z OWSIf Obama really wants to get serious about gun violence, then all he has to do is turn to the man standing next to him. But Obama, like every Chicago politician before him, doesn’t want to end the violence. The death toll is profitable, not just for rappers writing bad poetry about dealing drugs and shooting rivals, but for the politicians atop that heap who score money and gain power by using the problems of Obamerica as some sort of call to conscience for the rest of the country.  (read the full excellent article)

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11 Responses to Obamerica – A better poster boy for gun violence might be Jay-Z

  1. canadacan says:

    Go Canada Free Press
    Best article I read on this ever.


  2. ctdar says:

    Enforce the laws already on the books to combat crime before you proclaim new law


  3. brocahontas says:

    This is an important place to take the argument because, 1. It is true and 2. The gun grabbers have serious cognitive dissonance when it comes to looking at the reality of “urban” areas. If you subtract those murders from the US total the US is more in line with European countries. As un pc as it is to say, crime rates tend to follow culture and/or race more than anything else.


  4. michellc says:

    There are so many things wrong with the culture of blacks and other races. There are so many areas that can be pointed to, one being how we’ve turned kids into latchkey kids who we tell to stay indoors and lock the doors and leave them to raise themselves. How we’ve taught kids prayer is bad and in essence God is someone to avoid by the war on God and prayer in our schools. How we give everything to everyone and in essence have destroyed pride in this country.

    A few lessons taught to me by my mother and that I passed on to my children. For starters children should be children, instead of waiting for the next video game or television show, kids should be outdoors climbing trees, running through the woods, playing cowboys and Indians and cops and robbers, pick up baseball games, learning about winners and losers. My mother would not buy any of her children toys when she went to the store, she thought kids should learn what gifts are and toys were only given as gifts on birthdays and Christmas. If you wanted a toy any other time of the year, you earned it by raking leaves, mowing the yard, sweeping the floor, cleaning the toilet, etc. She would not buy any of her kids a car, each of us had to work and buy our own car. It really wasn’t that big of a deal when I was a kid, because 95% of the other kids were treated the same way. By the time my kids came around, they were in the minority of kids being raised that way. I learned, the same way they learned there was a good lesson that was learned, you had pride in what you worked for, gifts really meant something and were something special, so you took better care of what you worked for and you treasured gifts.
    In school we had prayer every morning, God and prayer was something to run to not run away from. It was something that was a part of who we were, but now anti-God and anti-prayer is part of who kids are because that is what is being taught in our schools.

    A social worker friend of mine one time said to me she just didn’t understand why people would break the windows, knock holes in the wall and basically crap on their homes, that you try to give them a nice place to live and they just turn it into a dump. I told her, you just answered your own question, you give them a place to live and they know when they destroy that place you will fix the place or give them another place. There is no pride in their home because they didn’t have to earn it. If social workers and the do good government really wanted to do something, they’d go back to the basics they should have learned as children, you break your toy and you will play with a broken toy or no toy at all. In other words they should be told if you destroy your home, we will not fix it, you will fix it or live in it and if you make unfit for a dog to live in then you will be on the street because we will not give you another home to destroy.
    Kids that don’t want to go to school and want to run the streets instead should be picked up and thrown in jail. Kids caught with a gun should be thrown in jail. Kids caught running the streets at 1 in the morning should be thrown in jail. All of that may seem harsh, but as my mother always taught life is hard and their are consequences for your actions. These kids and these adults who are nothing more than government kids needs to start learning some harsh consequences.


    • tara says:

      I want to move to a state that has very strict welfare laws. No subsidies, no EBT cards, just dormitory-like public housing, school lunch-like food, prison-like wages in reward for menial jobs, and curfews. Those who are truly in need will appreciate this meager assistance. Those who are scamming will be completely turned off.


  5. Dawn Doe says:

    Amen, Michellec.


  6. skeptiktank says:

    Daniel Greenfield is the man! He cranks out those quality articles on a daily basis. I recommend him to everyone I know. I wish this site would feature more of his pieces. Nicely done CTH!


  7. Josh says:

    School children would be sent to detention and have the police called on them for making a simple gesture of a gun with their hand just like B Hussein O is doing!
    B Hussein O: “Do as I say, not as my friends and I do.”


  8. ottawa925 says:

    I just have a quick question. Why do they refer to Obama as Black President? I mean correct me if I am wrong, but Obama’s mother was white. So is isn’t his white half acknowledged. I have come to the conclusion that if you are from one white parent and one black parent, you are considered black. Why not say … first MIXED race President … at least that would acknowledge the other half … no? why only recognize ONE half of the equation? Cause he looks black? I don’t get it. What if he looked white? Would they still call him first black president. Just trying to understand. Hispanic is a term used for ppl coming from the heritage of Spain, yet don’t we have documents that ask are you white, black, hispanic, asian? Aren’t they putting an ethnicity in with the races?


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