Dear Leader Roundup…. on All Hail POTUS Day !

dear leaderChris Matthews says President Obama’s inaugural address comparable to Abraham Lincoln.   Time magazine says Obama talks in terms too complex for the ordinary earthly person to understand.   The Congressional Black Caucus says Obama is fulfilling the Martin Luther King legacy with Obamacare as an example.    NBC’s Brian Williams says Michelle Obama is the most fascinating woman since Jackie Kennedy.

President Obama’s campaign director, David Plouffe, says that Washington, and this nation, is not worthy of a man as great as Barack Obama and the opportunity he presents.  Newsweek has declared President Obama as the second coming of Jesus Christ.

But the most profound, reflective and ironic statement can be found right here in The Last Refuge;  As Sharon reflects upon the inaugural poster of President Obama “The Prophecy Fulfilled“:


[…] [T]he passage they reference is not prophetic–it’s historic. Typical ignorant progs.  These chapters are the historical report of actions taken by the prophetess–that is, the judge–Deborah.  That would be why it appears in The Book of JudgesDeborah was one of the judges of Israel (think governors or county sheriffs or national guard) in the days after the death of Joshua, Moses’ successor.

Secondly, they don’t quote it in context or provide the context.  The yellow highlighted “Barak” at the lower left is particularly interesting in context. That lower left “Barak” is Judges 4:9.  Interesting that they chose a photo that carefully eliminates both verse 8 and the first part of verse 9.   Remember that Deborah had superiority in the community, in matters of governance and in relationship: she was not “just a judge in the court”–the role of a judge in Israel had to do with managing and governing and it included military matters.

In verses 6 and 7, Judge Deborah gives Barak a direct order for military action against a specific commander.  Verse 7 indicates Barak is ordered to march against “Sisera, the commander of Jabin’s army”…and kill him.  That is the task that Deborah,  Barak’s superior, is assigning to Barak on the highlighted pages shown on the poster above.

Now get a load of Barak’s response to her order. Here are verses 8 and 9, in their entirety:

v. 8 And Barak said to her, “If you will go with  me, then I will go; but if you will not go with me, I will not go.

v. 9 So she said, “I will go with you; nevertheless there will be no glory for you in the journey you are taking, for the Lord will sell Sisera into the hand of a woman.”  Then Deborah arose and went with Barak to Kadesh.

So here’s what we learn about Barak in this passage:

1. He takes orders from a woman.

2. He’s a chicken and won’t go to war unless the woman goes with him.

Oh, what happened to Sisera?  Will it surprise you to know that Barak didn’t get to kill him, like Deborah said he wouldn’t after Barak chickened out.  (see verse 21) Sisera is indeed killed–by a woman with a couple of assault weapons…verse 21 says that she

“…took a tent peg and took a hammer in her hand, and went softly to him and drove the peg into his temple….”  Her name was Jael.

Now that I think of it, maybe this passage is prophetic.  It portrays barackhusseinobama perfectly.  (link)



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20 Responses to Dear Leader Roundup…. on All Hail POTUS Day !

  1. akathesob says:

    I just rolled my eyes all day as we had a progressive older relative here all day watching Chicago Jesus on TV. Good thing I really love my Sandra, it was all I could do to not put a slug in that darn TV. I love her sister but a man has his limits…


  2. Lucifer’s Big-Screen Satanvision went on the fritz this morning and was off all day.

    It’s just as well. J. Edgar was already pissed that it was Martin Luther King Day.
    He just sashayed around in his red gown and high heels asking everyone:
    “Tell me the truth; does this dress make my pelvis look big?”
    Silly G-man, there’s no such thing as TRUTH down here. 👿

    (Pssst, who told you this boy was the Anti-Christ six years ago?)


  3. Sam says:

    The lavender uniform is a nice touch.


  4. czarowniczy says:

    Well boys and girls, we just about made it through MLK Day in New Orleans without incident. Our uncomfortable looking mayor attended a wreath laying ceremony where he laid a tribute at the feet of the city’s MLK monument, in an area he most likely would be caught dead in during the other 364 days of the year were he to go there without the SWAT team. Henry II was spinning in his grave. Speeches on peace, love and brotherhood flowed and, just as the parade ended, a car drove up, a Usual Suspect popped out of the sun roof and shot five teens. No word from city hall on the yearly irony-play on MLK Day.


  5. The other Kiki says:

    I came across this Bible story in my daily reading a few weeks ago. “Huh. Barak is a coward.” Even better, I had the opportunity to discuss it with a Bible translator/scholar. His comment was whenever God wants to make a point about how sinful man(kind) is, He weakens the men in the stories and puts women in charge. Food for thought.


  6. Questionman says:

    As expected the hateful scumbags who HATE Obama ARE the biggest racists in American History.
    I didn’t watch the Inauguration yesterday, but I slept till 3pm. All the others who are “glad” that they didn’t watch it are, racists and bigots. That’s what people who hate Obama are…racists and bigots. What’s even more disgusting is that YOU have the galls to call yourselves “Patriots” when you are nothing of the sort. What you ACTUALLY are racists! What you ACTUALLY are bigots, What you ACTUALLY are black haters. What you ACTUALLY are hypocrites

    AAND what’s even more disgusting is that you racists get pissed when Most of America are happy over the First Black President. you cancervatives created prompting a President as of God, you racists think it’s blasphemous to compare ANYONE to your Right-wing God, Ronald Reagan. That shows how pathetic you racists are!

    Obama lies less, not more than most politicians. He does present things in a light hopefully (for him) to gain the greatest amount of votes. That’s the game all politicians play.

    When a Democrat like Obama goes on the offensive. The conservative racists and idiots out there call it “campaigning.” Campaigning without trolling for votes? Maybe you should seek help!

    Those who say he is a communist, Marxist or even socialist do not even know what those things are. Is he a Muslim? No, that’s just those who do not want a democrat, or even a black, to be president. Does he hate America or is trying to destroy America, or is an Anti-American? No! again that is the lies the right is saying. Didn’t you listen to his inauguration speech? wait, you didn’t people you’re a racist! We, the people. Doesn’t sound anti-American or hateful to me. Is he a fraud or a ‘man-child’? no that’s the right that is.

    Should He be impeached???? He has done nothing to even merit that. All the things which the right claims are things which they were okay with when a republican president did the same things. They are only upset with Obama because he is a democrat. They hated Clinton also. They would hate Reagan to if they really looked at what he did during his administration, instead of picking some items and neglecting the rest.

    Obama is a politician. He is told what to do, what to say and where to go. Get with the times, you pathetic racist! Just because A President doesn’t follow your brain-dead racist right-wing idelogoy does NOT mean he hates America, It means you are just a pathetic brain-dead racist!

    He is NOT a criminal, nor a Narcissist, has he committed voter fraud! Obama won fair and square! Why can’t you racists accept that?

    Ob’s such a “SCOAMF” he grad Harvard Law and passed his bars and practiced law and beat the “war hero,” John McCain & Simple Sarah. Got Bin Laden. The white supremacists of the GOP Base reek of envy and desperation.

    Is Barack Obama a monster?
    he is human
    Is Barack Obama destroying America?
    no, or is unemployment going down and stock market up destroying america??

    Lighten up. You are out of your league. You racists are pathetic!

    Calling the POTUS a POS and a fraud seems to the usual calling call for you right-wing racists and bigots like you!


    • John Denney says:

      Your accusations of racism are pathetic.

      Presidential candidate Senator Obama lost my support when he explained to Joe the Plumber that he was going to raise his taxes to quote ‘spread the wealth around.’”

      What makes a country prosperous? When its people prosper.
      What makes an individual prosper?
      1) Can-do attitude
      2) Diligence
      3) Continuous learning
      4) Trustworthiness based in concern for the other.

      These apply regardless of race, gender, age, or disability, and can be given to no one, only encouraged, and their opposites discouraged. Our leaders should exemplify them.

      The job of the government (We the People) is to protect each person’s life, liberty, and property from criminals and invaders.


      • Sharon says:

        ….but he called us racists at least 11 times (quick count)…so should we give him a prize of some kind?

        As hysterical as his comment is, I suspect there’s some projection going on. ;).


        • John Denney says:

          Nothing like reasoned debate, eh?

          Such is the classic mob mentality as described by Ann Coulter in her book, “Demonic” – inflamed passions and lack of reasoning.
          “But the wisdom from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, reasonable, full of mercy and good fruits, unwavering, without hypocrisy.” – James 3:17 (NASB)


          • Sharon says:

            James 3:17 is so fine. The progs and also some traditionally quiet/gentle-voiced conservatives/normal Americans have mistaken that ‘wisdom from above’ as being the same looking like acquiescence. God give us that genuine wisdom and skill where we fight back effectively and righteously. Personally, I find those boundaries confusing simply for lack of practice if nothing else. I’m 68 so was thoroughly schooled in being nice–which included not confronting, never getting into “arguments” (which simply meant disagreeing…it had nothing to do with raised voices).


            • John Denney says:

              One of my favorite bumper stickers is, “Question Authority”. I find that a good authority will give good answers to honest, respectful questions.

              “Oh Lord help my words to be tender and sweet today, for tomorrow I may have to eat them”


    • WeeWeed says:

      Gee. For a minute there I thought ya’s callin’ us all raaaaaaayycciiiiiiissssss. 🙄


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