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Prog Blackmail: Dems Say – Give Us More Taxes Or We Won’t Put Forth A Budget…..

Imagine the media response if George Bush had openly said he would break the law if he did not get his way.  Both the White House, through David Plouffe, and the Senate, through Chuck Schumer, are saying exactly the same thing:  … Continue reading

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UPDATE – Algerian Hostage Deaths Now Exceed 48 – Including Americans…. U.S. Media (((crickets)))

BREAKING NEWS: Two More Americans Discovered Among Victims of Algerian Hostage Standoff http://t.co/wnGq6H62 — Fox News Alert (@foxnewsalert) January 21, 2013 The Death Toll Is Expected To Keep Rising If there was ever an example to show how much the … Continue reading

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R.E.M. Wrote A Song About This….

President Obama has officially been sworn in for a second term. Don't miss the #Inaug2013 Address: http://t.co/ncjGusur pic.twitter.com/nmNroT6c — The White House (@WhiteHouse) January 20, 2013

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Chicago Jesus – Not Just For Illinois You Know…. So Sayeth The Media….. POTUS The Second Coming Of Christ…

Everyone has seen the creepy “halo pictures” the media loves to use of President Obama, the ONE.  Most people have seen the creepy “Obama kids” worshipping Obama, The Dear Leader, in public schools. [If you have not watched, you should] Last Friday Newsweek … Continue reading

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True Intentions – NY Lawmaker Shares The Agenda The Dems Did Not Want Exposed….

(Via WeaselZippers) Republican NY State Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin released the above video showing an attempt by his Democratic opponents in the Assembly to keep a list of their gun control proposals secret, once they had decided on the bill passed … Continue reading

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What Part of “Shall Not Be Infringed” Are You A Little Fuzzy On?…

The daily mail has a great roundup of pictures from yesterday’s Gun Appreciation Day. Unfortunately, because the U.S. media is carrying so much water for Obama on this one, you won’t find these visible realities on TV news. (The Daily … Continue reading

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Mailboxes and Old Barns: Letters to Rosebud, January, 1926

Today’s MBOB is the transcription of the letters my Dad wrote to Mom during January of 1926, three months before their wedding. These four were written in English, and there is a fifth  January letter, written in Danish,  which has … Continue reading

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