Another 17-Year-Old – Another Brutal Robbery and Killing – Woman, Child, Husband Killed By Armed House Intruder/Robber In Colorado

undefinedCOLORADO – A 17-year-old is being sought in the killing of a Fort Carson soldier and his wife during a burglary, Colorado Springs police said late Wednesday.

Police issued a warrant for the arrest of Macyo Joelle January on suspicion of first-degree murder. Police said January should be considered armed and dangerous.

He is suspected in the deaths of Staff Sgt. David Dunlap and his [pregnant] wife, Whitney Butler, who were gunned down Monday when they returned home and encountered a burglar, police said.

The Fort Carson soldier was a helicopter mechanic for the post’s new combat aviation brigade, and had arrived in Colorado Springs just two months ago, the post said Wednesday.

Butler had worked for Enterprise Rent-a-Car since 2009, said a Christy Cavallini, a company spokeswoman. After postings in Virgina Beach and Norfolk, Va. Butler transferred to the company’s Colorado Springs insurance operations division two months ago, Cavallini said.

Dunlap’s brigade is scheduled to get its first helicopters later this week, said spokesman Maj. Andrew Ruiz.

“It’s an extreme tragedy that’s going on out here,” Ruiz said. “We’re extending our condolences out to the family. I guess everybody’s just trying to get through it right now.”

Only about 850 of the brigade’s planned 2,700 soldiers have arrived at the post, Ruiz said. Construction crews broke ground on the unit’s first buildings in June. Most of the multi-million dollar contracts needed to build brigade facilities have yet to be awarded.

Dunlap, 37, was a mechanic for the AH-64D Apache attack helicopter.

He deployed once to Iraq, from June 6, 2007 through Aug. 6, 2008.  (link)

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47 Responses to Another 17-Year-Old – Another Brutal Robbery and Killing – Woman, Child, Husband Killed By Armed House Intruder/Robber In Colorado

  1. nobaddog says:

    They kill so easily. It is scary for the defenseless who think there safe. Like the liberals start their comments about us and the 2nd amendment … Its so sad.. When i see a comment starting its so sad i know its about me and guns. Theres a chance i will be in jail but better than a pool of blood.


    • elvischupacabra says:

      Seriously… listen to some rap lyrics. It is mainly a way to glorify violence, misogyny, rape, murder, pimping, drug dealing, luxury cars, guns, bling and drugs. It is all a means to an end. Some kids are indoctrinated in school, and the rest are indoctrinated on the street by the Left. Street talk glorifies this little killas as ‘soldiers’.

      Sick fuc*ing culture.


  2. 22tula says:

    When was prayer in the public schools outlawed?

    United States Crime Rates 1960 – 2011

    “The Lie of ‘Separation of Church and State’ & the U.S. Supreme Court’s Usurpations of Power.”
    Publius Huldah – June 19, 2009; revised October 24, 2010


  3. 22tula says:

    Sam Blumenfeld – NEA

    Sam Blumenfeld – Education – Outcome Based Education/School to Work

    Outcome Debased – EVIL


    • 22tula says:

      Evil + Pain + Cruelty
      Dr. Os Guinness, Dr. Peter Kreeft, Francis Schaeffer,
      Dr. William Lane Craig and Ravi Zacharias

      “Gaza: Palestinian Kids Reenact Hamas Firing Rockets At Israel”
      Weasel Zippers – December 12, 2012

      “God’s Gift of Unalienable Rights & Article VI of the Constitution: The Sword & Shield to stop the islamization of America.” By Publius Huldah – September 19, 2010
      Post Script added,(video – Melanie Phillips) July 22, 2011


    • ottawa925 says:

      tula, it’s like you are on my wave length. I had a discussion with a friend and family member about death/kids over the last couple of days. It began when I discovered a photo on facebook (public viewing) of a VERY liberal artist who is and has been very vocal on our local blog in our town that covers everything … local politics, happenings around town, home preservation, schools, etc. National politics is discussed also. This person, the artist, was always VERY vocal and was so far to the left it was impossible to have any meaningful discussion with him. In any event, it seems this artist/father has two children, both young girls. Amongst the photos were photos taken at Halloween 2012. Apparently his nine year old daughter was born either on Halloween or round abouts. The photos are of a party he had for his daughter with all her lil girlfriends. What hit me like a brick was the Birthday cake. The cake was in the shape of a Tombstone, and on it said the daughter’s name and age. Who?, in their right mind would think it appropriate to have a birthday cake that would represent the death of your own kid? This is an educated man. A friend I was discussing with said maybe the daughter wanted that cake. My answer to that was: then someone should have sat down with her and explained why that would have been inappropriate, that as a parent I would feel uncomfortable seeing my daughter’s name and age on a cake that resembles a tombstone. This discussion then led to the discussion of how I think many parents shield their kids from death. In my day, my parents did drag me to a wake/funerals. By the time I was a young teen, all the early questions were gone, and I could understand the purpose of these rituals. Funny lil story … I recall as a young adult when I went to the wake of my Godmother. She had many young grandchildren. The grand kids were so out of control, they almost toppled the casket !!! lol Hey it was their grandma and they could do anything with grandma … she was so loved, and they were never afraid of her … even in death, something they were first learning about. But, I’ll never forget all the adults stopped talking at once when they heard the rumbling around of the casket !!!!

      The urban (inner city) funerals, like in Chicago, are usually accompanied by a police presence, because these funerals are TO BLACKS, like a soldier hero being laid to rest. They don’t look at a teen body in a casket and say … omg … we’ve got to change our lives, cause it’s one young person after another. A parade of caskets. Nope. To them it’s a venue to gather, and glorify a gang member. One gang member after another attends. Sometimes altercations break out.

      I mentioned previously that I watch Scared Straight. One thing that keeps coming to me over and over after watching is how they will tell the young ppl “it’s your attitude that will get you either killed or in prison”.

      What I notice helps as a break through for these kids is when the kids will sit down one on one with an inmate. The inmate will try to learn what is causing the destructive behavior … this is when the kid usually breaks down and will say what is bothering them, or that they know they are uncontrollable and don’t know what to do about it, cause rage just wells up in them.

      Another thing I like is that AFTER the kids return home, a guard or law enforcement that gave them what for during the program will come to visit them at home and offer to mentor them. This is where you see the kid really turn around. They see someone who was AT FIRST adverse to them, now offer of their own time, help and encouragement. It usually isn’t long after that you see that kid start turning his life around. It’s not a lock, but it’s a very good start.

      It hurts me to think these kids never think about life. That you only have ONE time on this earth. no redos, no replays … just …. ONE time. That’s it.


      • 22tula says:

        ottawa925 I think many artists are trying to get noticed. One way is shock. Artist Jenny Saville, is an excellent painter. But her paintings remind me of death. This attraction to death and ugliness fetches Ms. Saville ~ $600,000+ a painting.

        IMO What is missing in the kids and the adults is first Love.
        Then comes the “Idea of Purpose,” Honesty which is Consistency and setting limits in oneself. What does that remind me of? Hmmm. I remember – The US Constitution!
        “Giving money and power to government is like giving whiskey and car keys to teenage boys.” – P.J. O’Rourke


      • Sharon says:

        ottawa925, I get a kick out of your little description of the kids almost dumping Grandma’s casket. We were to a family funeral some years ago in MN, and we saw something similar to that when Grandpa died in his early 90’s. Now Grandpa was such an optimist, he had just bought a brand new car when he turned 90, paid cash for it, and bought the longest extended warranty the offered at the time. He just had the most genial way about him, and I’ll never forget the sight of his very young grandhildren, ages 5, 6, 7, etc. hanging around the casket by themselves and talking, seriously studying Grandpa’s face, etc. They had obviously been told that “Grandpa is gone now”…and they had been told “this is death” and were not one bit intimidated.

        Another very different experience with another Grandpa: loving granddaughter of about 5 years old had been “introduced to death” in a similar way. He died at home, she understood all that. Then she saw the casket with Grandpa in it at the funeral home. Then at the church. Guess what they forgot to explain to her?? They forgot to explain about the burial. They were at the cemetery, the casket is set out on the thingies, the graveside cemetery takes place, apparently they actually began a bit of the “lowering” process while the family was still present. That little girl let out the most blood-curdling scream, “GRANDPA!!!!!!” Her mom told me later the whole family group absolutely fell apart, because it obviously triggered their own sense of loss. They said apparently she had just gotten so used to “Grandpa will sleep in the box now and that’s the way we’ll have him now.” They just hadn’t thought to explain about “it goes in the hole in the ground and then they’re gonna throw dirt on it.” A child’s honest grief is what that was.


        • ottawa925 says:

          Guess we all learn at some point to accept death. I knew one Irish guy that cursed God cause his parents passed away. This was a man that enjoyed visiting cemetaries when he would go to foreign countries. Did he think his parents were immortal? IDK. That last story you told, Sharon, is heartbreaking as you could almost picture the scene. As you get older you tend to think of your own mortality, and how each day you grow closer to another part of life …. dying. That’s why these young ppl involved in crime are such a shame. They never really experienced life, in fact, many take great strides to avoid life (reality) by seeking an exit of some kind (drugs). Then after drugs they find there is still an empty hole. A lost generation. A generation that has it all, but it’s still not enough. However, I know there are many young ppl out there that get it. I see it here with the young that post. Most intelligent and an asset. Parents should be proud. I don’t dump them all in one barrel and say … no good. But we do have some that are lost and for those I feel sorry and wonder why their parents didn’t think them precious enough to do right by them. I know there also are parent(s) that try, but influences get in the way, and they struggle in how to handle these kids. But at least they try and don’t give up. You don’t always win in life, even with your own kids, I guess.


  4. elvischupacabra says:

    Mayco… that’s as cute a name as…. Trayvon. Had the soldier been able to kill this little perp, we’d be seeing Trayvon II.

    Sad, that when the outcome is like it was in Ft. Carson, we never hear squat, except the usual who,what,where,when,why&how, “somebody got murdered during a robbery” story, and it’s gone in a week.

    Oh, did anyone say where he got the gun? Bought it legally, I’m guessing. (yeah, right!) Doesn’t he know it’s against the law to commit a crime with a handgun?


  5. You’re deployed to Iraq and survive, only to be gunned down by a ********:evil:*******:evil:********
    (No sense in getting banned, right, Eleanor?)


  6. Let me clarify that remark
    ******** 👿 ******** 👿 *********


    • Sharon says:

      You never cease to amaze me! You, sir, have a way with words.

      I’m guessing the intensity of your so-often-super-excellent efforts has to do with your locale (and a skill in doublethink that blows my mind!).


  7. 22tula says:

    “My Life Without God” – Crosstalk – April 20, 2012
    William J. Murray, son of Madalyn Murray O’Hair

    Madalyn Murray O’Hair – Murder Most Horrid


  8. Knuckledraggingwino says:

    I will not hold my breath waiting for President Obama to claim the perpmas a son.


  9. wildninja says:

    What concerns me is that because he’s 17, he could be treated much differently than a triple murderer who is 25. All sorts of excuses might be made for his behavior and why the justice system should go easy on him so he can be “rehabilitated.” Protecting society is more important. This irritates me because here near Seattle, we’ve repeatedly seen cold, hard teenage thugs get off easy because of their age and the explanations offered for their behavior. The case of the Tuba Man Killer is just one example– a teen involved in the sadistic killing of a local entertainer gets a slap on the wrist, goes on to commit other crimes, and most recently was the subject of a manhunt after he shot and killed a man at a Bellevue bar. He’s 19, so is an adult, but I’m not betting on an appropriate sentence even after he’s killed two people.


    • Chip Bennett says:

      The ability to commit a cold-blooded, first-degree murder belies any potential for rehabilitation, regardless of age. This cretin made his choices, and acted with full knowledge and understanding of what he was doing. He should face justice for his actions.


    • ftsk420 says:

      I feel he will be charged as an adult I don’t know if Colorado has the death penalty or not. If they do you might see a plea so he avoids the death penalty but he will spend the rest of his life in jail.


      • wildninja says:

        Even if Colorado does, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled last summer that juveniles can’t receive a death sentence. The 5-4 ruling said that violates the Eighth Amendment (cruel and unusual punishment).


      • chevymisty says:

        We do have the death penalty here…we have 4 in mates on death row in the state. However the last one to actually be executed was in like 77 or was it 67…anyway we have it don’t use it much and as stated by Wildninja because of this guys age he cannot receive the death penalty. However I am hoping that that will be a huge battle fought here as we just had a 17 year old cut up a 10 year old girl on her way to work and people were pissed he couldn’t get the death penalty. We shall see.


        • Serpentor says:

          yeah, that guy should be eligible for the death penalty and I’d have no problem issuing it (though would generally be against it). He had her head in the crawl space of his mom’s place for crying out loud, he confessed, etc etc, there’s no doubt he did it (DNA evidence)…. if it were up to me, just make sure the evidence is legit, drop the mallet, and put some lead in his head right then and there and get it over with


  10. Chip Bennett says:

    Why are the police pursuing this child? After all, if Obama had a son, he would probably look just like this child.

    Does anyone with two brain cells to rub together doubt that, if Martin had gotten his hands on Zimmerman’s gun, that the headlines would have read nearly identically to this one?

    This waste of oxygen, January, gunned down a military veteran and his pregnant wife in cold blood, and is the reason that I still support the death penalty.


  11. czarowniczy says:

    Troubling as it is, we wre seeing more murders of homeowners who were at home during a home invasion (or as the apologists in the police department like to say: a robbery ). When the skells are caught and asked why they killed the people they almost universally reply: “So there wouldn’t be any witnesses’. The moral standards that we have been brought up with are just about totally alien to them, it’s the Hood morals the thugs have on the street that form the person, not the Judeo-Christian neo-western values most of us hold. They are pissed that they don’t have the flashy stuff others have and are not of the ilk to go out and work for it. the concept of working to amass wealth is almost repulsive to them, it’s mo’ betterer to jus’ go out and steals it. Mo’ fasterer and less woik.
    Ebonic eye-dialect aside, we heard this excuse almost every time we popped some thief, mugger, murderer – they are brought up to believe that they deserve and are entitled to what others have to work their entire lives to achieve. I remember the juvie from a local family, to whom crime was their historical occupation, tell us he killed a deliveryman for $20 ‘because he needed the money and the cracker wasn’t givin’ it up.’ He didn’t see anything wrong with that – how do you deal with that kind of a cultural mindset? NOLA is lo king at .the Super Bowl and Mardi Gras, back-to-back, and the city’s leaders are, as usual, scared sh*tless about thugs mugging (let alone killing) tourists. The max number of police, NOPD, sheriff’s departments (Orleans and other parishes who’ll loan us some), State police and maybe National Guard will be out praying they get a bad guy before the bad guy gets a tourist and it hits the national press. The city’s reeling from the Nagin indictment just before the Big Events, all ity needs is a major incident during either event and the press will be on a feeding frenzy. And you just know, though they ain’t sayin’ it, that they are most fearful of The Usual Suspects being out there and supplementing their income atthe expense of tourists.


  12. brutalhonesty says:

    enough of the innocent child crap, this innocent child killed a trained soldier.


  13. elvischupacabra says:

    In most states, the age 17 connotes the age when you enter the adult criminal justice system, no holds barred.


  14. ctdar says:

    Killing a soldier on leave or vet on US soil should receive same automatic special circumstances sentence charge as a police officer…death penalty for those states or life without parole.


  15. Bongo says:

    So this savage beast of a man-child killed three people……He should receive three life sentences to be run consecutively with no chance for parole, IMO. Start making examples of these violent lowlifes and others may finally begin to get the hint that crime can take their lives away, too.


    • ftsk420 says:

      Has he ever been arrested before if so he may actually like jail. I have met a lot of people who didn’t fear jail at all actually couldn’t wait to get there.


  16. chevymisty says:

    He’s been arrested now and they have made a second arrest to the guy who was helping him hide.


  17. MuayTyson says:

    Jail is not a deterrent it is segregation. Jail is not the street the street is unpredictable. “Children” like this have no idea where they will sleep from night to night. They have no idea where or when the next meal will be. They do not have acces to health care, gymnasiums, or entertainment. For many people jail is a much better standard of living. Black males live longer incarcerated.

    Whites and White culture are being systematically destroyed the elite want a missergregated multicultural society that way there is less spread of the wealth. I country with a healthy middle class has more evenly distributed wealth. If the White Middle Class is destroyed the elites gain more power and more wealth and the poor are left to fight for scraps. Total IQ drops and there is less chance of rebelion.

    Schools and media are doing their best to endoctrinate young Americans in the evils of Western European Society and tout diversity and multiculturalism. They have a plan and a strong White Middle Class with a strong European Christian Identitiy is not part of that plan.


  18. ed357 says:

    There’s a storm coming……..

    A war going on inside the United States of America.


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