Wolverine Quote of The Week


“The facts don’t matter to Bob Schieffer. Bob Schieffer’s a cheerleader. He’s a clapping seal. Somebody give him a ball so he can balance it on his nose.”  – Mark Levin

STORY HERE –  […] Schieffer appeared on CBS after Obama’s gun control press conference, calling it one of the president’s “best speeches” and reminding the audience that the gun lobby is less formidable compared to tougher obstacles America faced in the past, such as defeating the Germans in WWII, and passing civil rights legislation despite a segregationist South.

“This is one of these pretend journalists I talk about, a Potemkin journalist, a phony,” Levin said of the CBS newsman. “This guy needs to see a doctor in my humble opinion, Mr. Producer. This guy needs to be checked.”

Mark LevineHe continued: “Defeating the Nazis a more formidable task than taking on the gun lobby? You know what, Bob Schieffer, you’re a very sick old man. You really are. Your liberalism often now spews out, spews forth like somebody who’s heaving. You pretend you’re a newsman. You’ve been around for at least a century. How pathetic you are.”

The harsh words didn’t end there. Levin went on to call Schieffer a “propagandist,” a “jerk,” a “little nobody,” and an “idiot”:

I want to explain something to this phony journalist, to this pretend dinosaur here. We can’t stop murder in federal prisons you idiot. We can’t in state prisons, in county jails, in city jails where people are behind bars, where the government controls their every movement, when they take a crap, when they take a shower, when they eat their meals, when they exercise. Everything is controlled, and we can’t control murder and rape and assaults in our prison system. And suddenly, it’s not the country he remembers if we can’t prevent these things in the future.


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11 Responses to Wolverine Quote of The Week

  1. Coast says:

    I watched the CBS national news last night (1/17), and its was a horrible excuse for news.


    • jwoop66 says:

      I don’t know how you do it? Haven’t watched non-cable news in over twenty years. Dont watch cable news any more. Strangely, I am more informed now than I ever was.


    • howie says:

      Don’t leave out Brokejaw and the rest of the citizens of the world in the newz biz. They should all have to wear Blue Helmets.


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  3. ctdar says:

    Throw Scheiffer a mackerel or 2 that might shut him up.


  4. czarowniczy says:

    Scheiffer is a shill for the urban liberal skin-pop-leftists. Imagine him having a glass of wine (or whine) with Kathy Lee and Hoda in the AM or on the Today Show, telling unfulfilled urbanites how their lives can be made whole by having some affected swish of a clothing designer redress them. Then again he just may not be taking his Aricept regularly.


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  6. lovemygirl says:

    Schieffer off camera?



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