Hillary Clinton Theater Head – For The Most Inept Foreign Policy Team EVER ! …

If you are a person who follows U.S. foreign policy, even tangentially, you must watch this video of Hillary Clinton discussing the terrorist attack / hostage crisis in Algeria:

Couple of thoughts.

First, the optic of no makeup, thicker glasses on the eyewear etc etc. is intentional cover for the previous narrative of her condition.

Obama and Hillary - The French Foreign Legion

But, to the substance of what she is saying, you must listen to hear the complete absence of substantive content.   Anyone who has closely followed the situation in North Africa, the gateway country of Libya, and the broader region issues, can see how devoid of direction this State Department is.

Hillary goes off talking about Yemen, and the U.S. activity (drones, cia etc), as if it has any connection beyond al-Qaeda’s broader operational goals to the North African theatre.

She cannot bring herself to use the name Al Shabab because she knows full well that this single organization might very soon hit the national headlines in the United States, and God forbid there be a public connection to their total lack of this administration’s reasonable policy void.

Beyond ridiculous.

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31 Responses to Hillary Clinton Theater Head – For The Most Inept Foreign Policy Team EVER ! …

  1. howie says:

    4 years of worse than this. Start Impechment Now!


  2. Sharon says:

    Uhhhh….we’re in consultation, uhhhh….with the….uhhhh….Algerian counterparts….of our….uhhh….manifestly….fraudulent….uhhhh….standins…for which we have….no future plans…of deliberately….uhhh….crosstracking with….uhhh…the other remote possibilities of…..Alqueda is on the run….uhhhh….the….uhhhh president…will be….highly….concerned…..uhhh and we are….uhhh really…..really upset that……uhhh….once again….we probably….have a bunch….of….uhhh…dead bodies…..to deal with……uhhh further updates…will be forthcoming forthwith and stuff…..

    Yeah. I heard/saw a bit on the news earlier. Talk about no there there. They could put body doubles in for any of these yahoos from a third rate acting school and nobody would notice for 8 or 10 weeks.


    • sundance says:

      I had not seen her, or even knew of her talk, this until this video…. I was searching for information on the latest known facts of what was going on when I found this… Yes, you are absolutely right.

      But, honestly, what blows me away is that NO MEDIA outlet reported on this… and by “this” I mean the total incoherent nonsensical jibberish coming out of her mouth…. What the heck ? …..talk about covering for ineptitude. I guess it’s no wonder this video was not well played on the news coverages….. 7 minutes of fluff n puff…. tween the ears.

      And what gives with everyone hiding the ACTUAL casualty figures from the rescue attempt? Seriously? This is getting into Orwellian territory.


      • howie says:

        The media is busy. They are learning lines for tomorrow.


      • Sharon says:

        What is so odd/out of whack is that it’s like adults playing the children’s game of “if I cover my eyes, you can’t see me.” The transparent incompetence (and disinterest) that they demonstrate on any subject of significance…and then the apparent conviction that they’re “getting by with it” in terms of anybody noticing???

        It can only work, I guess, because they do believe that they only have to please their audience, the media. And they really do not regard anyone outside of their bubble as having life or intellect, able to watch, able to see how naked they are. Talk about self-deception.

        I suppose when it comes to hiding actual casualty figures, that is just a casual decision they make as they’re walking down the hall to the cameras, “Now–you gonna mention the actual figures?”

        “No. I don’t think it’s necessary. Do you?”

        “No, I don’t. Just reference our concern, but I agree–no numbers….”

        They have no sense of urgency personally because, I’m beginning to think they really don’t comprehend the real events and the real consequences. It’s all role play.


        • John Galt says:

          “The transparent incompetence (and disinterest)”

          Or corruption. Hillary might think a little more about US interests if Slick Willy wasn’t raking in $10 to 25 million per year from the Saudis.


          • Sharon says:

            Do you know how or if the Chinese have any interest in any of the north African production facilities? I know they’re always nosing around looking for ways to move in on potential energy supplies. I don’t understand their mechanisms or personnel for doing it–the Russians have been a little easier to notice when they make power plays–but I sure wonder about the Chinese.

            Yeah, the corruption is obviously built in…sometimes I feel so clueless in these discussions because I know I don’t see the big picture, and appreciate the improved focus.


        • recoverydotgod says:

          The world has passed the American progressives by and they cannot and will not see it. The media being mostly progressives themselves seem to be verbally processing their own worries related to their own bankrupt ideas through their reporting and opinion pieces. So they role play, as you say.

          The world is not interested in democracy, American progressive style.


  3. John Galt says:

    Zero has supported al-Qaeda and their goals in Libya and Syria. I am surprised that Zero didn’t provide air cover for al-Qaeda against the French in Algeria.


    • canadacan says:

      We have every kind of crises imaginable going on. The inmates are in charge of the asylum. Cheech and Chong are going to go on a road show to try and divert the American public. Does any thinking America n going to go unarmed. Under the circumstances.


      • Sharon says:

        “The inmates are in charge of the asylum.” That’s exactly the phrase I said to DH when we were forcing ourselves to watch some of the Hillary updates on Fox last night. I can barely stand to listen or watch….absolutely crazy-making.


    • gogaitedgo says:

      Why would you think he didn’t? Who’s going to say different? The propaganda arm of the Regressive Commiecratic party?


    • howie says:

      Well this is the birth of trading zone 7. A consolidation of the Middle East in to a zone.


  4. gretchenone says:

    Around 3 minutes in she talks about trying to build capacity….huh?

    She probably meant to say flux capacitor…


  5. ackbarsays says:

    This video confirms something I was saying weeks ago. That month where she disappeared had nothing to do with a bump on the head. She’s had major work done. She looks ten years younger.


  6. mcfyre2012 says:

    She never had any business being in the senate, much less being the SecState. Another POS product, courtesy of New Yorkers.


  7. Sal Paradise says:

    Why is it the people that make their living behind the mike are the worst public speakers…….


  8. howie says:

    Lunatics are in charge of the asylum in Washingtopia. They won’t go away.


  9. janc1955 says:

    She has struck me since the Benghazi attack as, well, not very bright. I never considered that as a possibility, but I certainly do these days. There are workhorses (so her reputation goes) that make up for lack of intellect with a non-stop flurry of activity. I’m thinking maybe she’s one of them. She’s coming across to me as a dullard.


    • ctdar says:

      ivory tower kind


    • sundance says:

      janc, I have long (now) held the belief that the entire administration was compromised of short on intellect and devoid of commone sense advisors. Hillary being just one. Look at the economic team from beginning to end. In almost every dept you find people with wafer thin professional resumes.

      But no-one ever seems to discuss that aspect. EVEN with the newest round of unqualified nominees for the cabinet….


      • janc1955 says:

        SD: It’s my observation many in leadership positions in this country are intellectually challenged. I suspect part of the reason is because as a society we’ve decided being “outgoing” is what everyone should aspire to. Parents are overjoyed to have a child described as “outgoing.” If a child is quiet and thoughtful, he/she is is viewed as not adapting well.

        Being outgoing is a lot easier than developing the mind, especially for extroverts. And I’m not saying there aren’t smart extroverts, but it’s not their smarts that gets them ahead in today’s USA — it’s their constantly moving mouths and their socializing/networking skills. Hillary’s latest video embarrassment aside, have you noticed how many constantly jabbering people these days have absolutely NOTHING useful to say?

        There was a time not that long ago when it was customary to have something intelligent or useful to say before daring to open your mouth, because you didn’t want to appear stupid. But no more. As long as your mouth is moving, you’re on the road to “success.” This phenomenon has been instrumental in the dumbing down of the nation, in my opinion. Intellects are about an inch deep. Being smart isn’t worth much. Being shallow is now the goal.


  10. Coast says:

    Pssst……Al-Qaeda is on the run….pass it on.


  11. recoverydotgod says:

    Perhaps Sec. Clinton just doesn’t know much of what is going on.

    US recognises Somali government for the first time since 1991
    18 JAN 2013 11:22 – SAPA-AFP


    Washington recognised the African nation’s government for the first time since 1991.

    Obama dropped by a meeting between Mohamud and US Deputy National Security Adviser Denis McDonough at the White House, before the Somali leader headed across town to see Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, a White House statement said.



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