“Redefining Patriot”

Too good not to share via iOTW

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10 Responses to “Redefining Patriot”

  1. Speaking of iOTW… hat/tip…
    There’s a theory floating over in their comments that this gun EO about doctors and shrinks is designed to thwart any militias being formed by patriotic, loyal, brave, armed & trained American veterans from the Middle East. The idea is to take the guns from all returning veterans who may have been treated or counseled for trauma, stress, depression, or whatever. Anything, ever.

    I may have been a sh!t in the scheme of things, but, at least, I supported our Troops 100%.
    If that theory on Vets is true, may this Administration burn in Hell. đź‘ż


  2. Due to enhanced levels of CO2 down here, just “rot in Hell.” Methane is no biggie.


  3. PatriotUSA says:

    This will go for the regular population and these traitors expect the kids to rat out Mom and Dad. This is a reach but the term ‘KAPO” may fit here. Loathe this administration and buckle up mates, it is going to be a rough ride to freedom!


  4. jordan2222 says:

    Theoretically, they could say that all combat veterans are dangerous and unpredictable and should not be allowed to have guns.


    • Theoretically, they could say that all PEOPLE are dangerous and unpredictable, and should not be allowed to have guns. The open-ended statements put forth by this administration are loose enough to hang us all.


      • jordan2222 says:

        I was at my local VA clinic Tuesday and this was being discussed. I went back today and others were also talking about it. I was not there long enough to get in on the conversation but it seemed to fit in with some of things I have read about disarming veterans.


  5. myopiafree says:

    That is exactly what Hitler did when he was voted into office by 33 percent of the Germans. He could confiscate any fire arms he wished. Yet Germany had many firearms – from the end of WWI. All he had to do is DEFINE “Jews” as “bad people” who could never be TRUSTED with a firearm. But he did authorize those he could TRUST, as all authorized to carry firearms. (i.e., Storm Troopers, S.S., Hitler-Youth). So much the worse for the Jews (who I hope were not complicit in writing the “anti-gun” laws of Germany).


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