One Big Dope – Armstrong Admits Doping For All Tour De France Wins, Claims Everyone Was Doing It….

I didn’t watch the interview.  But UK Daily Mail has the whole story.

Right is right even if nobody does it, and wrong is wrong even if everybody does it…   😦

(Daily Mail) Lance Armstrong finally came clean about his  years of doping in his first lengthy public interview since the governing  committees accused him of running the ‘sophisticated’ doping ring to secure his  world record titles.

‘I view this situation as one big lie that I  repeated a lot of times,’ he said in an televised interview with Oprah  Winfrey.

He admitted that he doped in some form for  each of his seven Tour de France victories, though he maintained that the last  time that he ‘crossed that line’ was in 2005.  (read more)

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9 Responses to One Big Dope – Armstrong Admits Doping For All Tour De France Wins, Claims Everyone Was Doing It….

  1. Sharon says:

    So now the whole world knows he’s a liar.


  2. texan59 says:

    Call me the old grumpy cynic. I just don’t even care about this anymore. He cheated. Looks like they all cheated. If you’re willing to put nearly anything in your body to win and make tons of money, go ahead. Just don’t try to sell it to me as on the up-and-up. It either is or it isn’t. Same with all the other sports. I can tell you that steroids don’t help a guy actually help a guy hit the ball. Nothing is real anymore. Shows about people buying a house are staged. People buying junk from storage units is staged. A whole bunch of women walk around with store bought parts and their husband can’t perform without help from big pharma. Just know that if you do cheat that you aren’t gonna get any sympathy from me if you want someone to help you after you knew what you were doing. See- NFL on that last one.


  3. jwoop66 says:

    He should have come clean years ago. Lying is wrong. Obviously. After 10 years of lying, however, he should have stuck with it and taken it to his grave. Wrong? sure, but really… To suddenly come out and come clean on oprah is, to me, even more despicable than keeping the lie to himself to the grave.
    Maybe it is good. We need heroes, but we need to know they are really heroes.

    He, has proven himself a complete turd. A disgrace. Shame will be his for the rest of his life.

    I won’t be surprised if he cuts that short himself.


  4. jordan2222 says:

    Not trying to start an argument here but I have a question about what athletes can put in their bodies and not be judged to be cheaters. Apparently, vitamins and health supplements and Wheaties are all OK.

    Suppose someone discovered a very rare natural substance that was also extremely expensive. Would taking it be cheating?


  5. arkansasmimi says:

    Wonder how much he got paid for the Exclusive by OPRAH?


  6. John Scotus says:

    Armstrong spent years doing everything he could to vilify and destroy people who questioned whether or not he did drugs. People’s careers were destroyed because of him. Now, by all logic, since all his trophies have been stripped from him, he should lose all of the profit he gained from them as well. So, what does he do? He confesses and asks for absolution, and then uses this in a cynical attempt to keep his unethical gain. I’m not buying it. He needs to return the millions he earned, or it needs to be taken from him.


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