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The Algeria BP Kidnapping – The Western Media Will Cover For Obama

There are conflicting reports about the al-Qaeda (AQIM) attack in Algeria about 40 miles West of the Libyan border at a British Petroleum oil and gas operation.   Do not expect the Western U.S. media to share too much factual information about … Continue reading

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It’s For The Children…..

“This is our first task as a society: keeping our children safe. This is how we will be judged.  We can’t put this off any longer.” – Barack Obama 1/16/2013  “The state must declare the child to be the most … Continue reading

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A Rand Paul Candidacy? Hmmmmm…….

Interesting.   Speculation begins about Rand Paul’s mid-east trip being a precursor to a potential presidential bid.   Your thoughts? WASHINGTON TIMES – Sen. Rand Paul doesn’t explicitly deny that his eight-day visit to the Holy Land represents the launch of a 2016 … Continue reading

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Round #2 – Ben Shaprio Will Be Back on Piers Morgan Tonight at 9:00pm

Ben took Piers by surprise in the previous appearance.   Morgan was not expecting an intellectual and direct confrontation.   Morgan is used to cowering people with his aggressive bully tactics.   Ben turned the table on him and made Morgan look like … Continue reading

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POTUS Gun Restriction Proposals and 23 Executive Orders

“I will put everything I’ve got into this and so will Joe [Biden]. But I tell you, the only way we can change is if the American people demand it,” said Obama. “We are going to need voices in those … Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

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Happy Birthday Patriot Dreamer!

Today the Treehouse sends out enthusiastic wishes for a fantastic birthday to one of our own admins, Patriot Dreamer. PD, as she’s known to her bestest of friends, is the wit and wisdom behind our daily Bumper Sticker posts.  She’s … Continue reading

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