White Flag Watch – Despite Losing Ground To al-Qaeda France Doubles Down with more troops…..

The French have lost substantial ground since their decision to try to push back against the Islamists.   Most of the “Western Trained” state army officers have defected to the other side.   al-Qaeda is within 250 miles of the Capitol, Bamako.   This is the heartland of both AQIM and al-Shabab elements.    Both of which were the main benefactors from the Libyan weapons depots, including surface to air missiles.

The French military, which began battling in Mali on Friday, expanded its aerial bombing campaign of northern Mali, launching airstrikes for the first time in central Mali to combat the new threat. But it failed to halt the advance of the rebels, who now are only 250 miles from the capital Bamako, in the far south. Before France sent its forces in on Friday, the closest known spot the Islamists were to the capital was 420 miles away near the central belt, though they might have infiltrated closer than that.  (link)

al-Qaeda is bragging by posting pictures of the dead French military via twitter., and sending out press releases

Plea from sanctimonious Hollande to the U.S.A. begging for help in 3…… 2……

undefined(France 24) — France’s military intervention in Mali will be increased to 2,500 French soldiers, defence ministry sources said Tuesday, as the offensive in the divided African country entered its fifth day.

French President François Hollande held a press conference during a state visit to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on Tuesday, during which he outlined France’s three goals in Mali.

“Our objectives are as follows: one, stop terrorists seeking to control the country including the capital Bamako; two, we want to ensure that Bamako is secure – several thousand French nationals live there; three, enable Mali to retake its territory, a mission that has been entrusted to an African force that France will support,” he said.

Earlier in the day, Hollande announced that French troop presence had already been boosted to 750 soldiers and would continue to rise.

Citing sources close to French Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, the AFP news agency said that France’s fighting force in the troubled African country would “progressively reach” the new figure.  (read more)

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8 Responses to White Flag Watch – Despite Losing Ground To al-Qaeda France Doubles Down with more troops…..

  1. howie says:

    Oh No! Not this again. Fight to lose.


    • canadacan says:

      I’m thinking of the French in Indochina and what happened there


      • canadacan says:

        The Lakota war chiefs had a battle cry It was today is a good day to die. This is a death grip situation for all involved here I’m glad to see Canada and Great Britain are offering some kind of aid . of course the Islamic fascist are armedwith Libya weapons from United States. way to go no Bama. wake up world the enemy is both with in and at the gate.


  2. czarowniczy says:

    Back in the mid/late 80s we noticed an increase in (unnamed BIG mideast country) types in our African AOR. Turns out the med types were doing the same as we were – investigating the HIV/AIDS epidemic there. Interesting part was that while we were investigating the HIV trying to find a way to stop it they were looking at the mortality rates vice the birth rates to see if and how the black African population would drop due to HIV deaths. The agri-business guys were looking at how productive the newly African-removed land would be if subjected to modern intensive agricultural methods. The (unnamed BIG Mideat country)were looking at expanding their abilities to feed a burgeoning ‘Arab’ population as, at that time, a number of Mideast countries were subsidizing families to have lost of children and they needed new food sources. Rather than trying to help they were looking to profit by the disaster. As it turned out the population growth in the HIV areas exceeded the death rates (cause and effect) but left a large number of young orphans. They were trying to make lemonade out of lemons, perhaps, as we soon after noticed an increase in Mideast-funded Islamic insurgencies in Africa, almost as if some unnamed country(s) had decided ‘if you can’t kill ’em, convert ’em, and hoped that through conversion they could get access to the croplands. I left that are of interest a few years later but have watched the increased numbers and sophistication of Islamic insurgencies in vital areas of sub-Saharan Africa. I keep a simple outline map of Africa and color in those countries all over the continent that are better than 51% Islamic and the patterns are interesting. Bet the POtuS has one too…


  3. pet says:

    It’s Cool!!! Calm Down People!!!! All Good. Barry got this. B. Hussein is giving Francois some sage commander in chief advice based on his extensive errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr something. Or a CD with his self-contradicting speeches on it. Maybe an Ipod with the aforementioned.

    Or maybe better, he sent him an Obamaphone via US Postal Service. One or the other or other….. All good. Do NOT Panic!!


  4. akathesob says:

    Not again… (sigh)


  5. Mike says:

    If the weapons are from Lybia then they are weapons imported with the assistance of the late Ambassador Stevens of Benghazi fame. Don’t forget that he was instrumental in arming the jihadists that conquered Lybia.


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