Rand Paul and Mark Levin Weigh In…..

Happily I’ll admit there is a remarkable and growing furor toward the Obama administration about their absolute entrenched position on pending gun ownership restrictions.    Maybe a line in the sand is visible to the Fabian Socialists, maybe.

Rand Paul emphasizes:  “President Obama is not a king… usurpation will not be tolerated”

Mark Levin weighs in too: “The imperial presidency”

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3 Responses to Rand Paul and Mark Levin Weigh In…..

  1. drkate says:

    Well, Rand and Levin, you’ve already allowed the usurpation of the presidency by failing to do your duties. I think the gun control stuff is a side show distraction for Benghazi and election theft…they have to keep this out of the discussion. So now these guys get to look ‘brave’ and constitutional when they are just playing a game. I have no faith in either one of them.


  2. justfactsplz says:

    We need a lot more people to step up to the plate and make a stand for the second amendment. Yes Benghazi, election fraud, and trying to pass this gun legislation are all important. Impeachment seems proper to me.


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