Follow Your Instincts – Oklahoma Home Invasion Thwarted By Armed Woman Home Alone…

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The reason I link this prog-race baiter to this article is to show “self defense” has nothing to do with color.   As idiots like Nat Jackson can never fathom, the victim is not the one profiling – they are the ones being profiled. 

SHAWNEE, Oklahoma -Armed with a gun and ready to shoot, a Shawnee woman defended her home as man broke down her door. It happened in broad daylight and she didn’t back down.

Pam Loman and her husband, James, say they’ve lived on Homer Lane in Shawnee for over 10 years and have never had any problems. But early Friday afternoon, while Pam was home alone, she quickly figured out, three men outside her home were up to no good.

“I still feel queasy sick at my stomach, a little shaky, a little nervous,” Pam said.

Pam was cleaning her home Friday afternoon when she heard someone knocking at her front door.

“One was knocking on the door, but there was two in the car. So I thought that was kind of strange, and they looked a little scary,” she said.

Pam says the knocking got harder, to just outright banging.

An Opinion on Gun Control -  Soup To Nuts Long but worth the read.... “So my instinct was to go get a gun. I don’t know why, I never in my life felt like I needed to go get a gun,” Pam said.

She stood near her kitchen, just steps away from the front door, with both hands on her .32-caliber pistol.

And just all of a sudden, with one kick, he knock the door completely in. The frame came flying down. Things came flying everywhere,” Pam recalled. “And he saw that I had the gun, and he grabbed the door handle and pulled the door shut.”  (read more)

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16 Responses to Follow Your Instincts – Oklahoma Home Invasion Thwarted By Armed Woman Home Alone…

  1. howie says:

    Looks like a Twinkie’s Union Goon.


  2. lovemygirl says:

    I forget which self defense training course it was but the instructor said always trust your instincts. If you feel uncomfortable do not try and mask those feelings.


  3. Coast says:

    Darn!! He wasn’t shot.


    • Sharon says:

      You looking for excuses to shoot people????? Anyone I have ever known who was forced to shoot someone, whether that person died or not, did not have any glory-trip feelings about the situation.


  4. Sha says:

    If he stepped one foot inside the door she should have put one right between his eyes. Anyone that kicks your front door in has no good intentions and I wouldn’t what around to see what they where.


  5. janc1955 says:

    As my husband just pointed out, the moral of this story and the one from Georgia (the mother with 9 year-old twins who shot her home invader several times and put him in the hospital) and probably thousands of other similar stories seems to be that if a stranger knocks loudly and persistently at your front door, GET YOUR GUN.


  6. Ian says:

    I’m sure Eric Holder thinks this woman is a disgrace, and that it would’ve been for the greater good to let these thugs rob and/or murder her. If people have to die in order for us to achieve a beautiful gun-free society, it’s worth it, right?


  7. akathesob says:

    Well the Libs will have a stroke over this.


  8. elvischupacabra says:

    BOOOOOOM-er Sooner!



  9. jordan2222 says:

    I do not know anything about her, but sounds like she has either had excellent self defense training or she has extraordinary natural instinct to know when to fire. I suppose that many of us would have not taken any chances but the truth is she complied with the law.

    Split second decisions can go either way but we all know, that the law favors the aggressor in many of these situations and it’s why self defense laws have been changed by so many states. I recall here in Florida, at one time, that you were required to retreat within your own home to a place at which you could no longer retreat.

    That said, I understand why the article has been used by those who support gun control as if to say everyone can always show restraint. Clearly, this could have gone the other way.


  10. polnick says:

    People that want to visit me call first; under no circumstances do I open my heavy metal door unless the person has a government issued ID which is inserted into a slot. A lady friend opened the door for a little girl asking for water to fill her cup; three thugs behind quickly rushed in, robbed and savaged her. She no longer has a door to open since she lives in a mental institution.


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  12. MuayTyson says:

    I’ve not read a comment on Natalie Jackson I can only assume that most of you have written her off that is probably a good thing. It is unfortunate that some people will read her tweets and not have as much information on her and they will assume she only has good will in mind.

    I teach self defense and people like Natalie Jackson are a big problem. She and people like her want you to suspend your natural instincts and put yourself at risk so as not to appear sexist or racist, homophobic, anti-islamic or any of the other drivel the left has created. There have been people raped and assaulted when questioned after the assault they replied they didn’t want to appear……(usual racist). Can you imagine putting yourself or loved ones in danger because of a perception?

    I would like to know where she lives and what kind of schools she sends her children to.


  13. jordan2222 says:

    My dog does a pretty good job of keeping the bad guys on alert.


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