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Wow, just Wow – No Joke, Bill Clinton Named “Father of The Year” by National Fathers Day Council…

Speechless….  I guess.   Bill ‘Bubba’ Clinton must have just bumped out Snoop Dog… NEW YORK–(Business Wire)–  The National Father`s Day Council announced today that it has selected President Bill Clinton, Founder of the William J. Clinton Foundation and 42nd President … Continue reading

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Gun Confiscation Poll(s)

I was trying to think of a way to ask these questions where people could respond honestly and openly without fear of tracking.   A Poll solves the problem.   *nothing is tracked, recorded, or identified in these polls. If the federal … Continue reading

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Gun Conversation: The Lie Within “No-one Is Saying That”….

You keep hearing *them* in the gun control movement use the term “no-one is saying that” in regard to complete gun confiscation.   Why?  Because they need to seem more moderate than the argument they support.   Yes, indeed people are saying that…. … Continue reading

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Gun Controls By Executive Order – Biden Lets Agenda Slip…

“The president is going to act,” said Biden, giving some comments to the press before a meeting with victims of gun violence. “There are executives orders, there’s executive action that can be taken. We haven’t decided what that is yet. … Continue reading

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Benghazi Slaughter – Hillary Exposed, Publicly Linked Benghazi To Mohammed U-Tube Film Prior To Navy SEALs Woods And Doherty Killed…

The timelines between actual events, public statements by officials, and the contrasted contradictions, are what has historically exposed deception in almost every case.   The Benghazi coverup is no different.   Essentially Hillary Clinton gave a public statement to the press reporting … Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

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Dear Mr. Security Agent….. A message from one who will not be disarmed to those who would be doing the disarming….

Written by Matt Bracken Dear Mr. Security Agent, Federal, state, or local. You, the man or woman with the badge, the sworn LEO or FLEA and those who inhabit the many law enforcement niches in between and on all sides. … Continue reading

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