Maybe Gabrielle/Mark Giffords Would Be Willing To Debate This Man, Dr. Bill Petit, From Cheshire Connecticut, Less Than 10 Miles Away From Newtown ….

The progressive left loves to use visible victims as tools to push their ideological causes.   Perhaps in this instance, prior to jumping on the Gabby Giffords gun ban-wagon (aka “gun violence prevention”), the people of Newtown Connecticut could pause and remember a prior story from Cheshire, another town a little less than ten miles away.

Personally I would much like to see Dr. Petit in the “gun debate” and gain his perspective on what he would have done with a firearm at the time of his victimization.  I most certainly would like to see him strongly pushing back against the opportunistic Gabby and Mark Giffords.

Petit family

CHESHIRE, CONNECTICUT    Aug. 6 — Dr. William A. Petit Jr., his head bloodied and legs bound, stumbled out of a rear basement door of his two-story home here into a pouring rain, calling the name of a neighbor for help.

The neighbor heard the shouting, but so did the two men inside the house, who peeked outside from an upstairs window. They were both serial burglars with drug habits, having racked up numerous convictions for stealing car keys and pocketbooks.

This time, they took something far more precious.

The men, the authorities say, had already strangled Dr. Petit’s wife, Jennifer Hawke-Petit, 48, and in short order would also kill the couple’s two daughters, Hayley, 17, and Michaela, 11.

The elder suspect, Steven J. Hayes, 44, had poured gasoline on the girls and their mother, according to a lawyer and a law enforcement official involved in the case, in hopes of concealing DNA evidence of sexual assault. He had raped Ms. Hawke-Petit, and his partner, Joshua Komisarjevsky, 26, had sexually assaulted Michaela.

Moments after Dr. Petit escaped, as the house was being surrounded by police officers, the men lighted the gasoline. The girls were tied to their beds but alive when the gas Mr. Hayes had spread around the house was set aflame. […]

Petit 3

That Sunday, Michaela — a budding cook whom people called K. K. — made a pasta sauce of native tomatoes, garlic, olive oil and basil and mixed up a balsamic vinaigrette for the salad. At a memorial service for his family, Dr. Petit said that whenever he came home to find Michaela watching the Food Network, he knew he would have to catch the basketball game in the office upstairs. “Sometimes if it was a long day I pulled rank,” he admitted.

Hayley — Hayes to relatives — dreamed of becoming a doctor like her father, and was bound for Dartmouth College, his alma mater.

She was always following in Dr. Petit’s footsteps, shadowing him at the hospital on Saturdays, walking behind his white coattails into patients’ rooms.

In April, the Petits celebrated their 22nd wedding anniversary. They had met at Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh, where she was a new nurse and he was a third-year medical student. For their first date, he invited her to dinner, but also invited his parents and two of his parents’ friends.  […]

The authorities say the intruders entered the house through an open door at 3 a.m. Monday as Dr. Petit slept in a chair on the first floor, his wife and daughters in their rooms upstairs. The previous evening, the men had followed Ms. Hawke-Petit and Michaela home from the parking lot of a Super Stop & Shop three miles away. […]

The authorities say that the Petit home was at least the third in Cheshire that the two men burglarized since the start of that weekend. They sneaked into one through a screen door and took a money clip —with credit and A.T.M. cards, and $140 in cash — from the kitchen counter Sunday morning. They broke in through a back screen of another Saturday night. […]

petit 4Shortly before 9:30 a.m. that Monday, Ms. Hawke-Petit walked into a Bank of America branch and withdrew $15,000 from the account she shared with her husband. Mr. Hayes waited in the parking lot in Maplecroft Plaza, the same shopping center where the two men had watched Ms. Hawke-Petit and her daughter the day before.

Ms. Hawke-Petit told the teller that she had to have the money because her family was being held hostage, and that if the police were notified, her family would be killed.

Debbie Biggins, 50, was opening a new account at the bank when she noticed Ms. Hawke-Petit, who seemed tense and in a rush. “I could feel it,” Mrs. Biggins said in a recent interview. “I felt fear.” After Ms. Hawke-Petit left, Mrs. Biggins said, she saw the teller hand a manager a slip of paper.

A bank employee called 911 about 9:30. “The call came in as a suspicious transaction with a hostage situation, but it wasn’t clear,” said a law enforcement official who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the matter is still under investigation. The Cheshire police have refused to release a full timeline indicating when officers arrived on Sorghum Mill Drive, but described their response as “immediate.”

By 9:45 a.m., seven to nine Cheshire police officers, including SWAT team members, were working to secure a perimeter around the Petit house, and a police helicopter was en route.

About five minutes later, Dr. Petit stumbled out of a basement door onto the rear of his property, calling the name of a neighbor, who took the bleeding doctor into his garage and dialed 911.

After lighting the fire, the two men jumped into the family’s Chrysler Pacifica sport utility vehicle. They crashed into a police vehicle in the driveway, then slammed into two police cruisers parked nose to nose as a barricade not far from the house, where they were taken into custody.

petit 5

petit 2

Hayley Petit – 17-year-old’s bed, where she was tied up, raped then doused with gasoline and set ablaze..

Inside the house on Sorghum Mill Drive, Hayley and Michaela died of smoke inhalation, not from their burns, according to the Connecticut medical examiner. Their mother was found downstairs.  (full article)

Interview article with Dr. Petit HERE and the original interview HERE

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28 Responses to Maybe Gabrielle/Mark Giffords Would Be Willing To Debate This Man, Dr. Bill Petit, From Cheshire Connecticut, Less Than 10 Miles Away From Newtown ….

  1. ZurichMike says:

    Two miles from ZurichMike’s parents’ home. Horrifying. “In Cold Blood”, New England style.


  2. waltherppk says:


  3. ZurichMike says:

    Cheshire is about 30 miles from Newtown (on I-84).


  4. ar10308 says:

    What that man would have given for a gun the day before if he had known about the siege his family was about undergo at the hands of those devils…


  5. lovemygirl says:

    They (the Giffords) act like they are the only victims out there and their opinion trumps all others.


  6. waltherppk says:

    “To Protect” is a promise often included in marriage vows For example :
    “Do you promise to love, honor, cherish and protect her/him, forsaking all others and holding only unto her/him?” (“I do”)

    The vow doesn’t say “Do you promise if possible to call the police and await their performance on providing protection services if ever that should become necessary?”

    No the marriage vow says that YOU promise to “cherish and protect” not delegate that duty to another “provider”. So ….being PREPARED to provide such protection any way humanly possible IS a duty.

    Could be something there …..or maybe it’s just me.


  7. chitownmom says:

    I don’t blame the Giffords for their perspective… they’ve been through a horrible experience and see it through a very unique filter. I do blame the news organizations who choose to promote the Giffords’ perspective as one that is somehow more meaningful than the perspectives of many, many victims of violent crime who would have preferred to have the option to defend themselves or their loved ones by using a gun, or by having a gun used by others. I think especially of the Long Island train shooting victims… a horror filled event where people were trapped while a killer walked down the aisle shooting them. One or two civilians with guns could have changed the outcome spectacularly. Yet where are the reports about these victims and their families? Or families and victims of other acts of violence?


  8. howie says:

    Obama has now introduced a new word. “Stakeholder.” So called “stakeholders” are to meet with Biden. ie. the NRA.


    • howie says:

      Seems like we are not included in the outcome. Only “stakeholders.

      In management
      In the last decades of the 18th century , the word “stakeholder” has become more commonly used to mean a person or organization that has a legitimate interest in a project or entity. In discussing the decision-making process for institutions—including large business corporations, government agencies, and non-profit organizations — the concept has been broadened to include everyone with an interest (or “stake”) in what the entity does. This includes not only its vendors, employees, and customers, but even members of a community where its offices or factory may affect the local economy or environment. In this context, “stakeholder” includes not only the directors or trustees on its governing board (who are stakeholders in the traditional sense of the word) but also all persons who “paid in” the figurative stake and the persons to whom it may be “paid out” (in the sense of a “payoff” in game theory, meaning the outcome of the transaction).

      This should give people an idea in to his thinking. He is the King. Citizens are simple pawns. The King will consider input from certain stakeholders before issuing his edicts.


    • cajunkelly says:

      Got news for the jackass;
      Every American in a stakeholder when it comes to our Constitutional rights.


  9. waltherppk says:


  10. MuayTyson says:

    This is a common belief among the elites that some rights and privillages are reserved for the ruling class. Yes the Giffords consciously or subconsciously believe that they are afforded protection but the common man is not. Americans left Europe because of these beliefs in Europe you were either born noble class or of low birth there was no way to improve your lot. Our ancestors saw an opprotunity to be able to break the chains of the European class system. They moved to an alien and often times hostile land to be able to live life on it’s own terms. To allow themselves and their children to achieve success based on merit not birth.

    Elites in American want the old system back. We must never never allow this.


    • howie says:

      I think he considers himself the King. It sure seems that way. Democrats are his Loyal Subject. The rest are just serfs. Governors are Earls and Dukes. I read about this system back in High School. Hunting on his lands is ‘poaching.”


  11. lovemygirl says:

    I am becoming truly concerned about the guns regulations that are coming. I wrote my conservative representative asking him to oppose anything Feinstein puts forth. I was disappointed with his wishy washy response talking about Biden taking a comprehensive look at mental health, better checks and even though CT had some of the most restrictive assault weapons controls that the guy still got his hands on one that wasn’t banned. He opined about his 4 daughters and the horror the parent’s must have felt.
    They just do not get it. I’m for anything that keeps guns away from criminals and loons, but the answer is not to put restrictions on the law abiding. That only puts the law abiding at a disadvantage if they are confronted by crooks and loons.


    • howie says:

      Blah Blah. He must have enlisted in the OC…(Obama Cong)… There is no ammo left anywhere. This looks bad. Now they are calling for a “stakeholders” meeting with Biden. Citizens are not considered “stakeholders.” The King is going to issue his edicts soon. Yes, the King. We no longer have a President. Who knows where all this will lead. His media subjects are on a blitzkrieg about guns.


      • lovemygirl says:

        It’s the first time I have been disappointed in him. Prior to this he has always stood up for what is right. I’m trying to respond with an educational note explaining about detachable magazines etc, but I’m worried it is a lost cause. Maybe I should invite him to the gun range instead.?


  12. ctdar says:

    Leave the poor man alone


  13. Coast says:

    Mark Kelly is an arrogant jerk. You could see it on display by just looking at the Shuttle mission posters for his select flights. During the campaign, our local newspaper gave him prime coverage as he stumped for Obama in several articles.

    I’ve had more than enough of this career Navy/Astronaut/Politician liberal.


  14. Wraith says:

    Funny thing…out of all the mass shootings over the last couple of decades, the Loughner/Giffords event was the ONLY one to occur outside a Victim Disarmament–er, “Gun Free” Zone.

    Likely because Loughner, unlike the usual perpetrator, is really, truly batsh*t crazy. As in schizophrenic. He and reality are not on speaking terms. The ones that carefully pick their ‘shooting gallery’ so as to be free of any expected resistance? They’re not crazy…they’ve simply embraced evil because it’s the only power they feel they’ll ever achieve. Same as the vicious bastards in the case above.

    May God bless and keep the souls of Jennifer, Hayley and Michaela, may He provide Dr. Petit with comfort and strength until he is reunited with them…and may He have mercy on the souls of these twisted animals, because I damn sure wouldn’t.


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