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Mindblowing Decisions – Disconnected From Humanity and Intentionally Creating Disabled Children…..

WARNING – This report is disturbing in the extreme: Perhaps nothing should shock the psyche any longer, but this sure does.   This investigative report outlines women in South Africa who are intentionally drinking moonshine type alcohol to generate disabled babies. … Continue reading

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Chains They Were Deceived In – Obamabotic Kool-Aid Drinkers Shocked, Outraged Over New Tax Increases…

Ya’ know something, this author sees some kind of morbid ‘told-ya-so’ satisfaction in the constituent Democrats coming to the realization that President Obama lied to them.  It does not relay the similar satisfaction to us.   Perhaps it’s because regardless of the … Continue reading

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It’s Come To This – Bank (BoA) Confiscates Gun Mfr./Seller Deposits: “WE BELIEVE YOU SHOULD NOT BE SELLING GUNS and PARTS ON THE INTERNET “….

American Spirit Arms website HERE (Via Jim Hoft at GWP)  December 29, 2012, [sic] Joseph P Sirochman, the owner of American Spirit Arms posted this on Facebook, via Ironic Surrealism. All, My name is Joe Sirochman owner of American Spirit Arms … Continue reading

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Media Worries Crowd / Events At Term 2 POTUS Inauguration Will Be Embarassing To Dear Leader

We cannot have any of this…. we need more people…. smiles, everyone, smiles….. WASHINGTON DC – It would be difficult to upstage President Obama’s starry inauguration four years ago where an estimated 1.8 million descended to see Beyoncé,Bono and Bruce … Continue reading

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Handbasket HOV – Pelosi Begs Dear Leader To Bypass Congress and Constitution – Dear Leader Proclaims “we do not have a spending issue”….

There’s really not a lot you can debate about when the disparity between people is this large.   Polar Opposites actually – you could not get more distant than Obama/Reid/Pelosi and anyone who cares about the fiscal spending insanity. WASHINGTON — House … Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

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Cover Story: NY Post Sells White House Cover Story of EPA Jackson – Richard Windsor Appears Safe…..

Suckas’…. Nothing is more annoying that watching a mainstream media outlet fall for the seeded psy-ops White House cover stories dropped with varying degrees of seperation and plausible deniability. The ONLY reason Lisa Jackson quit was because Richard Windsor’s 12,000 … Continue reading

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