Barney Frank To Replace John Kerry in Senate?….

Makes sense when you think about the pending LGBT opposition to Chuck Hagel for Defense Secretary.   If Barney can reach the Senate, he can deflect opposition by providing President Obama “Gay Credibility” in the confirmation process.  The Gay and Lesbian community will shut up if Barney Frank supports Hagel. 

barney_frankBOSTON — Gov. Deval L. Patrick said that retired U.S. Rep. Barney Frank is a gifted legislator and would make a great interim senator.

“He is definitely on the list,” Patrick told reporters Friday. “I think he would be a great interim senator.”

Patrick’s comments came at a Statehouse press conference after Frank, a Newton Democrat, told MSNBC that he wants the governor to appoint him as an interim replacement for U.S. Sen. John F. Kerry. President Barack Obama has nominated Kerry to be secretary of state.

Responding to a reporter’s question, Patrick said it would be logical to appoint Frank, partly because he knows the issues in Washington and could hit the ground running. (article)

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18 Responses to Barney Frank To Replace John Kerry in Senate?….

  1. ctdar says:



  2. Omar says:

    Uggghhhhhhh…….like a bad case of athlete’s foot, you just can’t get rid of him. I was hoping to never have to hear the name Barney Frank ever again.


  3. Taxachusucks residents don’t call him “Governor Devil Patrick” for nothing.
    Between Boston and Hell, I’d rather be here. 👿


  4. sundance says:

    Is his ideology and alignment to the Democrat Party stronger than his gender preference? This is an unusual consideration because there are two possible options depending on the answer.

    1.) He is, as I suspect, going to be the shield for President Obama to nominate anti-gay Hagel.


    2.) He is seeking the seat specifically to stop anti-gay Hagel from achieving the confirmation.

    It’s one or the other depending on intent. However, I have never met a Progressive ideologue who would put anything in front of their party, even their sexual orientation. The only single exception might be their money.


  5. elvischupacabra says:

    At the Chupacabra News Agency & Lucky Lube World (Loop 338 & Kermit Highway, Odessa, TX), we were the first to get photos of Barney Frank’s recent wedding:


  6. czarowniczy says:

    Geez, wish I’d have saved my schtick from the Dictatorial Fiat post for here. Maybe I can find the video Barney showed on the Leno program of Barney and his squeeze poolside. wearing Speedos and cavorting at a resort. Now that image is seared into your mind, onward.

    Since the POtuS managed to bolster his stock with his class warfare voters by taxing the ‘rich’ to pay for their lack of achievement I do believe that he, and Barney, to be frank, will look at an old Clinton plan – grab around 20 to 25% of all private retirement funds to invest in ‘infrastructure improvements’. The stolen funds will be rapid, over time , at the prime plus a point or so. That would mean some 20-25% of the victims’ funds would be virtually buried in a coffee can in the government’s back yard. Clinton wanted much of those funds to go to rebuilding public housing and all of the little squirrel cages that go with it and I’m sure the POtuS will also reward his little band of vermin by repairing and upgrading the buildings they’ve damaged and destroyed. If he can float that then move #2 will be a takeoff on the European model – have all employers and all employees pay all retirement funds to the government and the government will pay all retirements – most likely based on a ‘needs’ test. That would provide the POtuS with an immediate influx of cash to spend and the payout can be passed forward with foggy promises of pie-in-the-sky prosperity allowing tax revenue to flow into the coffers, etc etc etc. Think about it – portable retirement for workers much like the current portable health insurance. We could roll Social Security into it (strange concept – rolling a current hole into a future hole), doing away with SS and provide a guaranteed retirement for everyone, including the 47%. With Obamacare guaranteeing that just about as soon as anyone on Medicare gets sick they are off to the Soylent Green tanks the Treasury will be overflowing!
    Watch and listen for grumblings about the need for the Feds to ensure economic fairness by assuming the role of guarantor, probably by some private shill first so that the rancor doesn’t reflect back on the Administration, but I’m betting it won’t be long before the concept is floated.


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