Epic TV Moment – Discussing Journal News Decision To Broadcast/Publish Gun Owners Personal Contact Information….

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31 Responses to Epic TV Moment – Discussing Journal News Decision To Broadcast/Publish Gun Owners Personal Contact Information….

  1. brutalhonesty says:

    “typical black people”
    get loud, talk over, cover your ears. I immediately thought of crump when I watched this farce.


  2. Sharon says:

    So why is Hannitty laughing? I’m not seeing anything particularly amusing here.

    I think I’m done with any effort at black humor or sarcasm or or satire.


    • howie says:

      I don’t like the “fair and balanced” routine. Not a bit. What does it mean? Lies presented on an equal platform as truth? I don’t get it. Half truth half lies and you have to figger it out?


  3. Michelle Hart says:

    Did you notice how the black guy, don’t know his name, equated owning a gun with being mentally ill?

    “this information will alert the neighborhood to people who are mentally ill” = gun owners homes?

    Remember the narrative… always the narrative…. marginalize… isolate…. destroy….


  4. boutis says:

    What do “progressives” do when they can’t win by the current laws? They change them. Who can’t have a legal gun by the current laws? Felons. Who are disproportionately felons because they will not follow the current laws and have little or no respect for our legal system? Need I go on? We hear constantly about their rights but we never hear the equally important responsibilities that all citizens are expected to follow. If you can’t stay away from using or selling drugs, acting violently towards other people, or stealing, there is a good chance that you are or will be a felon. Society takes away your rights like voting, having certain types of jobs, or legally OWNING a gun. We have seen “progressives” circumvent all of these laws. Felons and other illegal voters being purged from voter rolls stopped, background checks being done away with in NJ for public employees, and now the attack on non-felons owning a gun. Instead of addressing the problem of why so many will not follow the law so they can enjoy full citizenship, we continue to see the bifurcation of our society into groups that have to follow the “progressives” version of the law and those who don’t.


    • ctdar says:

      You know where to start nailing felons with illegal guns…somehow track their ammo supply. Bad guys need to get the bullets from somewhere.


      • ftsk420 says:

        One of the easiest things to do is buy an illegal gun. I could go to just about any street corner in NY and get one for less then the cost of a full tank of gas.


      • michellc says:

        You know why I’m against that? That is already one of their plans, background checks to purchase ammo.

        I know people don’t want to hear it and many call it a cop out, but there honestly is no way to prevent criminals from acquiring guns, the same as drugs. All you can do is enforce the laws already on the books and lock as many up as possible. Of course it would help if our government didn’t arm the criminals.
        If you track their ammo, they’re going to buy it off individuals, have someone buy it for them or steal it.


  5. cajunkelly says:

    Why the hell didn’t hannity confront that idiot about ““this information will alert the neighborhood to people who are mentally ill”. *I* caught it immediately and screamed at my laptop.

    Why? Because hannity isn’t about truthful conservative reporting. I only catch a bit of his radio show from time to time, from leaving my car radio on one station listening to Rush, come back to my car and he’s on.

    I get *sick* listening to him and those idiots that call in to his show..his “fans” allowing him to name their babies, and one black woman that calls in, reporting on the video games he’s sent to her children. WTH? 😯

    And I agree with the post above: fair and balanced my happy, nyet strike that…*angry* arse…why give these enemies of our freedom a platform from which to spew their agendas?

    FOX is the closest thing we have to conservative news and they’re willingly bringing in traitors to spew their bile, then those like hannity don’t even bother to refute them. He just allowed that attack on legal gun owners to stand unchallenged.


  6. Holy Mackerel, Andy! Isn’t that the Grand Master of The Mystic Knights of the Sea?


  7. All kidding aside, you might want to watch this 2008 Hannity vs. Terrell “OJ” episode… 👿


  8. Patriot Dreamer says:

    Leo Terrell. What a nut.


  9. lovemygirl says:

    I had a glimmer of hope in IL when the CC ban was declared unconstitutional. I was even petitioning the removal of the suppressor ban and then they pass HB 815 & HB 1263. These bills even go after pump action shotguns, gun ranges and you have to register magazines as well! God help us!


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