Wishful Thinking? Report: Boehner Will Either Resign Speakership Or Be Forced Out Tomorrow…

*sigh* If only……

JOhn Boehner - Media(CNS NEWS)  I have confirmed with a group of Congressmen that House Speaker John Boehner will not be reelected Speaker tomorrow.

He will either resign or be forced out tomorrow.

Only 17 members are needed to block Speaker Boehner’s election tomorrow. A Speaker needs an absolute majority of all votes cast for a specific person.

If no one has a majority, the House is speakerless. I’ve confirmed these rules with the House Parliamentarian.  (link)

Anyone want to step up and be speaker?


Wait…What, huh?

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32 Responses to Wishful Thinking? Report: Boehner Will Either Resign Speakership Or Be Forced Out Tomorrow…

  1. WeeWeed says:

    Sure!! I volunteer – and guarandamtee they won’t like it. 👿


  2. howie says:

    Nahh…the fix is in.


  3. g8rmom7 says:

    I’ll believe it when I see it.


  4. thefirstab says:

    I was only half-listening to an NPR report at approx. 6:30 pm, with a Republican rep/congressman (can’t remember title or state, sorry I was in the car) I think from OK – he was on record that Boehner was a shoe-in. WTH?? Maybe the interview is on NPR site.


  5. Josh says:

    There are several other non-conservative’s that will step up to take his place. Will make no difference…unfortunately.


  6. WeeWeed says:

    The twitter had some saying Cantor would take his place – others contradicted saying it was a sham “fight,” and that if Cantor DID take over it was simply Boehner II. They’re Kabuki Theater-in’ us to death.


    • cajunkelly says:

      here is the headline under that hyperlink

      House leaders pledge to vote on Sandy aid bill amid bipartisan complaints over delay


  7. cajunkelly says:

    lol…blood pressure spiking…..make that MUST GEAUX


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