2:00am New Years Fiscal Vote Passes Senate – By Any Means Neccessary – Now To The House….

FLASHBACK – It was 1:33 am Christmas Eve 2009 when Obamacare legislation was manipulated through the Senate by Harry Reid…… Crisis Control, with the emphasis on control, because he did not want Senators returning home only to have them witness the ire of their constituency because 70% of Americans were against their action…


So fast forward to the faux-Fiscal Cliff Crisis of 2012, and once again Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid keeps the Senators sequestered while he manipulates another legislative construct fraught with flaws, schemes, and manipulations in the dead of night….

The Crisis Bill contains $41 dollars in more spending for every $1 in new taxes, and he, along with President Obama are proud of that…..

and already spiking the football in the face of Republicans claiming they historically forced the Republicans to break their tax pledge and raise taxes……


(Via Politico) Congress lost a mad, New Year’s Eve dash to beat the fiscal cliff deadline, cinching a deal with President Barack Obama to raise taxes on the wealthy and temporarily freeze deep spending cuts but failing to get it through both chambers before midnight.

So over the cliff the country went — though perhaps for only a day or two and, assuming no snags, without incurring the double whammy of another recession and higher unemployment.

The measure, which would raise tax rates for families making more than $450,000 and delay deep across-the-board spending cuts for two months, cleared the Senate by an overwhelming 89-8 vote shortly after 2 a.m. The Republican-controlled House could take up the pact in a rare New Year’s Day session, though the timing of that chamber’s vote was not clear.

The $620 billion agreement was a major breakthrough in a partisan standoff that has dragged on for months, spooking Wall Street and threatening to hobble the economic recovery. It turned back the GOP’s two-decade-long refusal to raise tax rates, delivering a major win for the president. (read more)


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10 Responses to 2:00am New Years Fiscal Vote Passes Senate – By Any Means Neccessary – Now To The House….

  1. howie says:

    I am trying to find out if they left the increase for the low income. I think they raised it from 10% to 15%. That would be a larger increase on the poor than the rich. But however you cut the cake now. It is clear that the Republicans have gone over to the dark side.


  2. howie says:

    Are not the bills sposed to be posted a few days before they vote?


  3. Coast says:

    What the hell can we do….nothing. We no longer even have a Congress to stop this insane spending. Obama made good on his “wealth re-distribution” intention, and now he has another four years. The best thing for us would be for a large meteor strike to hit Wash while everyone is in session. And that ain’t going to happen either.


    • howie says:

      The leftists are salivating for the house to cave in like the Senate. Anything they want this bad has got to be awful. Don’t do it! Just say no. I want to see the left go crazy.


  4. Ron Callaway says:

    Whenever I see a picture of Dingey Harry I get real sick to my stomach


  5. Ugh says:

    We gave them a blank check, we created the monster, now we will ALL pay.


  6. howie says:

    Yhey are not gonna vote today. Good. the House t-Party wants to GASP…read it first.


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