Professionally Clinton: If I Were A Conspiracy Theorist – This One Would Be Brutally Obvious….

updateUPDATE: Chelsea, who was spotted by the New York Daily News, was to first member of Clinton’s family to be seen publicly at the hospital. There is no word on the whereabouts of her husband, former President Bill Clinton.

Chelsea, 32, a special correspondent for NBC News, looked upset as she left the hospital – cell phone in hand. She ignored questions from a reporter and went back inside. (link)

Earlier – Even NBC’s Robert Bazell ain’t buyin’ the story:  “It’s not exactly clear what is happening with Secretary Clinton’s health,” NBC News chief science and health correspondent Robert Bazell said.

“All we have is a statement from her office. The hospital isn’t saying anything and the statement from her says that she had this blood clot that stemmed from the concussion and she’s being treated with blood-thinning drugs,” Bazell continued. “The problem is that usually when blood clots come from concussions, they can’t be treated with blood [thinners.] So either it’s not really related to the concussion and she’s got a blood clot in her leg or something, or there’s something else going on that we’re not being told. And right now, we’re just sort of seeking that clarification and hoping for the best as she’s being observed.”

Hillary smallFollowing on the heels of the Thanksgiving Holiday Fire (atop Secretary Hillary Clintons office at the State Dept Building in DC) she fell ill with a stomach virus.    Following the Stomach virus, and because of the stomach virus, Hillary fainted and hit her head.    Following the fall, and because of the hit on her head, she suffered a concussion.

As a result of the concussion Hillary was unable to testify before congress about the Benghazi “sloppiness“.  ( *note “sloppiness” = Obama new term for the slaughter of an American Ambassador, one aide, and two former Navy SEALs formerly called “bumps in the road”)

This upset congress, and the pesky skeptical Republicans in the Senate who are historically familiar with husband Bill’s strange dictionary issues with the definition of “is”.

So key Republicans were going to refuse to hold confirmational hearings for John Kerry, until Hillary testified before congress about that Benghazi thing.

Republican senators will refuse to confirm Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., as  Secretary of State until the nation’s current top diplomat, Hillary Clinton,  testifies about her handling of the Benghazi terrorist attack. (link)

bill-clinton-headThen things got really bad, optically speaking, for Bill and Hillary.  Because, despite the incapacity to talk to congress because of the  concussion, Hillary and Bill were headed to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic to celebrate New Years.

Well, that is, “were” headed to Punta Cana – until Dominican News reported their pending arrival which coincided with the Congressional demands for her appearance prior to Kerry confirmation hearings…..   Then all of a sudden…. a change of plans, well, kinda….


The State Dept., Philippe “Potty Mouth” Reines, (Hillary Clinton’s personal aide) began denying the media report from the Dominican Republic.   (Here at Gateway Pundit, and Here at DominicanToday).

And then mysteriously, well,…… I guess….. mysteriously, the Dominican Today Website became “unavailable”…… and started showing up with “HTTP 500” Error messages:

clinton 3

But the article does exist, promise.

Here’s a couple of Screengrabs:

clinton 1

Clinton 2

So let’s recap so far.   After the fire in her office, Hillary is scheduled to testify, “under oath”, to Congress, about the Benghazi Slaughter/U-Tube Driven Protest gone awry/al-Qaeda Terrorist attack/Bump in the Road/Sloppiness – catches a stomach bug, then falls and hits her head, then suffers a concussion, then cannot testify, then plans a New Year party trip with Bubba, then Congress blackmails Kerry’s confirmation until she testifies, then she cancels the trip with Bubba…..

….. Because, well, it just can’t get goofier right?


clinton 4


(VIA ABC NEWS)  Secretary Hillary Clinton was hospitalized today after a doctors doing a follow-up exam discovered a blood clot had formed, stemming from the concussion she sustained several weeks ago.

She is being treated with anti-coagulants and is at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital so that they can monitor the medication over the next 48 hours, Deputy Assistant Secretary Philippe Reines said.

Her doctors will continue to assess her condition, including other issues associated with her concussion. They will determine if any further action is required, Reines said.

Clinton, 65, originally fell ill from a stomach virus following a whirlwind trip to Europe at the beginning of the month, which caused such severe dehydration that she fainted and fell at home, suffering a concussion. No ambulance was called and she was not hospitalized, according to a state department official.

The stomach virus had caused Clinton to cancel a planned trip to North Africa and the United Arab Emirates, and also her scheduled testimony before Congress at hearings on the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

According to a U.S. official, the secretary had two teams of doctors, including specialists, examine her after the fall.  They also ran tests to rule out more serious ailments beyond the virus and the concussion.  During the course of the week after her concussion, Clinton was on an IV drip and being monitored by a nurse, while also recovering from the pain caused by the fall.  (article)



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54 Responses to Professionally Clinton: If I Were A Conspiracy Theorist – This One Would Be Brutally Obvious….

  1. BertDilbert says:

    Certainly all this will lead to selective memory loss and require an interpreter to testify on her behalf because of the stress induced in lieu of her condition per doctors orders..


  2. maggiemoowho says:

    My guess is she will have a mini stroke and suffer a form of memory loss or her doctors will say she is at high risk of a stroke due to this “blood clot” and needs to remain stress free and will not testify. The whole thing makes me sick.


    • 1harpazo says:

      Doctors will prescribe fresh salt air, plenty of rest and “Presidente” cerveza which will totally heal her in time to run for el presidente of los estados unidos.


  3. Sharon says:

    You can’t make this stuff up. Shameless.

    And the republicans will be caught flatfooted again because they feel compelled to look cooperative and speak nicely at all times, no matter what.

    They will still be saying please and thank you at the SOTU when the TOTUS chews them out in front of the whole world, accusing them of engineering the economic downfall and military defeat of the United States of America. And immediately afterward, they will go on defensive in the response to the SOTU.


  4. akathesob says:

    SMH! Wow Rod Sterling would be so impressed. Who writes these scripts for Barry and Company. What a thin veil attempt to cover their ass’z.


  5. Hey, Eleanor! Remember how we used to sit around that Atwater Kent radio in the Oval Office listening to THE ROMANCE OF HELEN TRENT every afternoon?

    And how you used to cry when the announcer said, “Here’s the real-life drama of Helen Trent, who, when life mocks her, breaks her hopes, dashes her against the rocks of despair, fights back bravely, successfully, to prove what so many women long to prove…”

    Well, this Clinton woman could star in her very own soap opera, but she’s so outrageous, no one would believe the plots. 👿


  6. jordan2222 says:

    Wonder why we never hear about her sex life.


  7. jordan2222 says:

    We are going to have to put her under hypnosis to get the truth.


  8. Arkindole says:

    Funny thing about those clots–they sorta do what they are suppose to do–stop bleeding.
    Now, let’s suppose those clots have been doing their job and you (somehow) undo it. Guess what happens.
    If it is a clot, and if they are trying to dissolve it (won’t work now), it is in a vessel. In the brain it’s a stroke.
    Where is the media reporting from someone, anyone, who had an 8th grade science class?
    They have become so emboldened that they are pulling off this “I have a sick stomach” story.
    The truly sad thing is that waaaaaaay more than the majority electorate will lick this up…


  9. AghastInFL says:

    I have been trying to find again the genesis of the “concussion” statement, but isn’t it true that was an offhand remark from an aide and not a doctors diagnosis?
    Meanwhile the Senate report makes it rounds expanding the blame game… The liars are circling planing their next election!


  10. Hope Crump is not paying attention to this.


  11. Taqiyy. says:

    Via commenter Oliver at TGP:

    Clinton was injured and a Navy Seal killed in a crash landing during a secret mission to Iran:

    Oh but wait — at the same time, that same SEAL was found dead — suicide.


  12. taqiyyologist says:

    No idea why I cannot seem to post comments lately.

    Via commenter Oliver at TGP:

    That same SEAL was also, found dead of an “apparent suicide”.


  13. taqiyyologist says:

    My apologies for the double post.


  14. brutalhonesty says:

    doesnt all this hillary hit her head got a concussion now has a blood clod stuff kinda prove how deadly trayvons actions were?


  15. wrongonred says:

    I think the next excuse is that the “fall” which caused the “concussion” has resulted in amnesia, and that she did have notes, but unfortunately, Socks the cat ate what was left of them after the “fire” in her office in the State Department…….there is a hole in Guantanamo for those that commit treason against the United States Constitution.


  16. WeeWeed says:

    I imagine that her blood pressure from the Benghazi fingerpointing at others gave her a stroke. Karma.


  17. Auntie Lib says:

    There’s a bit of a fine line she’s going to have to walk – if she doesn’t regain her memory enough to testify, then certainly she will not be physically/mentally competent to be President. Sorta puts a cork in those 2016 plans, huh?

    But that’s only applicable if you thought she had a snowball’s chance in hell of running in 2016.


    • sundance says:

      It’s a weighted risk assessment being undertaken. The blood clot issue only came about following the revelation(s) about the State Dept. Employees not actually being disciplined, fired, or held accountable……

      How exactly would she explain that to congress?….. She Cannot.

      Subsequently, more time needed….

      She may need to “take one for the team” – and leave Bubba a widower…. but she might have something yet to say about that.


  18. sundance says:

    Where’s Chelsea ?


    • ctdar says:

      If Clinton was really that ill, Husband and daughter should be by her side….


    • Sam says:

      Here’s Chelsea.

      I don’t know if Hillary has a clot or not. I do know that unless the clot is actually just under the skin, an exam is not going to find it. It takes a special blood test or a scan with contrast to find a clot. A doctor might suspect a clot if the patient’s leg or other part of the body is black and blue but he’d do more testing to confirm it. And I also know that if she does have a blood clot in her lungs or brain or leg, she would be getting a drug called heparin via IV in the hospital as well as blood thinners. Clots can kill. Heparin dissolves them, which blood thinners don’t; they merely prevent them from forming. The press has no clue about medical issues.

      So I guess we’ll see how long Hillary remains hospitalized. A course of heparin takes 5 – 7 days usually. And since she has a previous history of clots, that’s what she’s on if she really does have a clot this time.


  19. ctdar says:

    Where is Bill? In Punta Cana?

    I guess I would be a believer if I saw him at the hospital instead of Chelsea.


  20. ctdar says:

    Here’s another report regarding background of why Hillary hasn’t been seen in public for weeks & another Seal death :


    • Sharon says:

      Oh, ca-wrap. Liars and thugs and murderers and such are very, very dangerous when the lights get turned on. This could make Benghazi look like a Ladies Aid meeting.


  21. cajunkelly says:

    Look at this picture:

    I’ve been telling DH for weeks that something is *wrong* with this woman. Suddenly she took no pride in her appearance. There’s one other picture that I saw lately where she looks like she hasn’t washed her hair in a month….it’s just hanging in greasy looking strings…absolutely NO styling.

    As for her losing her memory and being unable to testify….I think that’s the least of her problems. I predict she won’t make it out of that hospital alive.


      • jordan2222 says:

        Happy New Year, cajunkelly

        Did you make a big pot of hoppin’ john? I did, along with some collard greens, hog jowl and neck bones,

        I have a great recipe for pig tails. The end result is actually cracklins made in the oven after a couple hours of boiling them


        • cajunkelly says:

          Just doin black eyed peas with hog jowls (got ’em soakin over night) and a pot of cabbage.

          Of course I’ll do a big pone of corn bread.

          DH’s family tradition is to make sure the first thing you eat after midnight tonight is pickled herring. BLECH!

          I’m cooked *out*! (sigh) so tired.

          DH brought home dinner…live lobster! YEAH! He stumbled on a local source while looking for the herring. We’ve been having them shipped in, but now weez gonna have ’em more often…. 🙂 Mine was a female and I’ve never seen so much roe in one momma lobster…yummy!


          • jordan2222 says:

            I love pickled herring.. also in sour cream but never heard of them in the South for New Year’s. I much prefer cow peas (aka crowder peas and field peas) over black eyed peas but they are hard to find where I live. If you ever need a quick batch of cracklin’s, boil some pig tails for a couple of hours until they are ready to fall apart, then put them in a oven at 375 for 45 minutes or so and you will not believe how crunchy they become.. perfect to add into your corn bread.

            Lobster for New Year’s? Holy cow. I love the green stuff .. Tomalley..


            • cajunkelly says:

              DH isn’t from the south. 🙂 West Islip, NY, born and bred. The herring is Eastern European tradition…he’s of Lithuanian/Polish heritage. Additionally his father was a commercial fisherman on Long Island, so that’s where the lobster comes in to play.
              He’s in total agreement re “the green stuff”…me? not so much.
              I’m in total agreement re the crowder peas…Cherokee grandmother seemingly *always* had a bowl of ’em on the kitchen table, covered with a clean dish towel when we visited.


  22. Dell Mar says:

    She just had major plastic surgery to take off 20 years from her face in preparation for her 2016 bid for the White House. That’s all. Nothing else is going on.


    • WeeWeed says:

      Excellent. Maybe they will wash her hair whilst in ICU. Oh, and I wouldn’t vote for her thighness with a gun to my head. Chickenshite beyotch.


    • ackbarsays says:

      This is what I said the very first day to friends. She’s in hiding because major plastic surgery shows bruising for weeks afterwards When she finally appears, the journalists will go crazy describing how youthful and vibrant looking she is.


  23. Sharon says:

    “There is no word on the whereabouts of her husband, former President Bill Clinton.”

    That’s default status where he’s concerned, isn’t it?


  24. akathesob says:

    We may need life-support to purge the depth of this rabbit hole.


  25. onlyinbama says:

    I just wish W. Could talk Condi into coming out of retirement to run for President with perhaps Ryan as the VP position. She is a bulldog. She is an example of everything a young woman of any color should be. Even if Hillary was the next presidential candidate, i have a feeling Condi would nail her butt the wall. Rice/Ryan 2016!


    • howie says:

      Ryan just voted to raise taxes and raise spending.


      • onlyinbama says:

        The question we have to ask ourselves is “why”. What could’ve been said or threatened to make so many cross the line? Is this something they feel they can undo, or was something more heinous planned? He has made to many arguments for conservative values to have suddenly abandoned them. Also, don’t forget some of the “strong” No votes were easier to make because these men knew it was going to pass regardless of their vote. I hope Bonehead isn’t reelected as speaker and someone like Ryan can take his place. I have wondered if so many said yes to avoid the deep military cut that was planned, especially considering the precarious position we and Israel are now in.


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