Choose ? – I Fear Most Already Have

Nothing terribly profound to end 2012 or begin 2013 except a nagging feeling sense that so many people we care about just cannot bring themselves to recognize where this all heads. For whatever reason, and I really don’t understand it, it’s like a punch in the gut when you see someone deny, concede, or acquiesce in the comment section.    I find myself of similar perspective to the face in this artwork.


“Denial” plays a key role in the life of a victim, and those who allow themselves the comfort of non-control within victimhood.  I’ll never be comfortable as a victim, regardless how much people demand.Even if personal responsibility, ethics, self-reliance and self-worth are of no value in the new progressive America, I will not open my hand to accept the crust of bread – I’d rather be dead on the outside too.

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4 Responses to Choose ? – I Fear Most Already Have

  1. brocahontas says:

    The past does show us some things but you can’t jump ahead of what is happening. Also some keys of this new type of warfare have to do with information. Control of the media but also the ability to monitor the exchange of information. For any type of resistance to really develop there has to be some secure form of communication. I’m sure all of the conversations here can be monitored and keywords can be correlated with other keywords and tracked throuh various IP addresses. Certain levels of encryption are illegal because they can’t be cracked but maybe they can…anyway, this is beyond my knowledge but if people wanted to take a more proactive approach they should probably establish secure avenues of communication and they should also attempt to find willing spies within the existing power structure. I think most people are against the globalist agenda. Haha, damn I sound like Alex Jones. Entertaining to think about anyway.


  2. akathesob says:

    Great story however far to many have their heads in the sand for there to be any hope.


  3. west1890 says:

    I have to believe there are enough people with backbone that are believers in self-reliance to thwart the ‘dear leader’s’ agenda. They rule with our permission- never forget that. I no longer give them my permission. Their rules only have meaning if we acknowledge them and abide by them. I, for one, will do neither. I will not comply. I will provide no assistance or support to those that do comply. I will not be ‘politically’ correct’ and I will not acquiesce to tyranny, threats or bribery through government handouts.


  4. czarowniczy says:

    Too many people practice ‘magical thinking’: “This one piece of pound cake with butter and chocolate frosting won’t make me fat”, “This one large chunk of deep-fried lard-on-a-stick with cheese sauce won’t clog an artery”, “If I just smile and don’t look them in the eye they won’t mug/rape/rob me”. Back to my premise that people in urban and suburban environments feel powerless to defend themselves or even help themselves. Their kids get mugged in school, why they just go to the principal and have a deep and thoughtful discussion about how that makes them feel. They have that nagging doubt about their safety while walking through the dark parking lot on their way to the car late at night – why they just shut their eyes tight and say ‘I think i can, I think I can’. Their solution for daily living: immerse themselves in reality TV and turn over their decision-making power to the various levels of government to do to them as those levels see fit. We’re stuck with getting the kind of government they deserve and we’re screwed by their sheer numbers. If the people wanted to stay with the Constitution as anything other than a serving suggestion on the side of a box of shake-and-bake politics they wouldn’t have voted for what they did in November. That 51%-plus is looking for free stuff and a government to carry their water and the rest of us are along for the ride.


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