A Grassroots Positive Outcome To End The Year….. More of this is needed for 2013….

flagskyThis is my flag.  We call her “Old Glory”.  She is the flag of the United States of America. 

This is my flag.   These are my colors.  I will not honor any other flag, nor recognize the need for any other.

This is my flag.  I will stand beside all those patriots who will defend her.

I will never surrender this flag, nor my country.   Never!…..  Sundance.

Mark Levine(Via American Spectator)  The Boehner Tax increase he called it.  After weeks of taking on Republican House Speaker John Boehner over Boehner’s insistence on trying to make a deal over taxes with President Obama, by the night of December 20 — as House Republicans were being pounded by the GOP leadership to vote that very night for Boehener’s “Plan B” — the backlash dam finally broke on Mark Levin’s radio show.

[…]  It’s worth going back to the evening of December 20 to note something that was overlooked as the Christmas holiday overtook the news on the defeat — by House Republicans — of Boehner’s Plan B.

As Levin’s show went live at 6pm Eastern, he opened with a sharp, passionate look at Republicans on the verge of rejecting longtime conservative principle — not to mention basic economics — by raising taxes.

Listen to The Show HERE

His first guest was Ohio’s Rep. Jim Jordan, the outgoing head of the Republican Study Committee and one of the few Republicans who was fearless in his open opposition to fellow Ohioan Boehner. Jordan made plain his opposition to the Boehner tax increase proposal, saying Republicans should never “cross the line” in opposing economic growth, and called opposing tax increases a defining principle for Republicans as to “who we are.”

Mark Levine - Thumbs Up.“Now it’s all about the Speaker,” remarked Levin after Jordan departed to return to the floor, citing with disdain multiple reports of Boehner loyalists insisting “we can’t embarrass the Speaker.”

Then, watching the Fox coverage from his broadcasting bunker, Levin braced his audience for learning of House Republicans who were on the verge of abandoning principle, saying what was unfolding “turns my stomach.”

       “If they want to talk like liberals — and they do — then get the hell off the stage.”

The answer to all this Levin said, in response to his first caller, is not in Washington.

Then the drama ratcheted upwards. Levin, through his own contacts on Capitol Hill, broke the news that House Republicans were being threatened with losing their committee seats if they didn’t support Boehner’s Plan B. And he also broke the news that Boehner had scheduled an emergency Conference meeting.

Levin launched again -– and said this:

“Call your member of your Congress now.”

He called for “an official Levin surge” — and read out the number (202-224-2131) for the House switchboard, asking his audience to call the switchboard and ask to be put through to their GOP House members and make their disagreement with Plan B known loud and clear.

He recounted the tale of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor insisting the GOP Leadership had the votes —  and said it was now plain that Cantor was lying.

More information streamed into Levin from his own sources, which he immediately broadcast to his audience of millions, saying there were now threats to subcommittee chairmanships if House GOP members didn’t support the Speaker.

“Are you proud of Boehner, ladies and gentlemen?” Levin asked his audience of the threats against GOP members. Adding: “We don’t have to accept this.” He read out the phone number again, saying “we ought to kick up a little dust.”

All this interspersed with the usual of talk radio — callers and commercials. But as soon as they halted for a minute, Levin kept up the pace. Then word arrives: callers from Levin’s show had shut down the House switchboard.

So…he came up with e-mail addresses.

Insisting all the while that he had no illusions as to whether this would work — he made the point again and again that it had to be tried anyway.

Then still more drama.

You can stop calling, he tells his audience. Levin breaks the news that Boehner had suddenly pulled Plan B from the floor — and read Boehner’s concession statement on the air.

It was stunning, both as talk radio and as news. Boehner, Levin accurately noted, had bullied rather than try to lead his fellow GOP members.

The House leadership wasn’t “clever enough” to pull this off, Levin said. He went on to note that there were millions of conservatives who hadn’t voted for Romney in November — for precisely reasons like those Boehner had made to pass his Plan B.

Boehner - Cantor- McCarthy - House-GOP-leaders-

Fresh from all of this, Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert — a leader in fighting this nonsense — called in. His tone was measured, decidedly not triumphant. This was about the Constitution, said Gohmert, calling for using the constitutional process of having the House pass a bill, the Senate taking the bill and making their own changes, then sending it to a House-Senate conference open to the public. This was what should be done, said Gohmert, instead of having Boehner and Obama negotiating behind closed doors.

In other words, this entire episode — caused by too much spending — should be resolved by following the Constitution.

Gohmert was followed by South Carolina Congressman Tim Scott — in the headlines for being appointed to succeed the retiring Senator Jim DeMint.

After Scott departed, Levin told his audience he had now obtained from a source an inside list of the thirteen House GOP members who publicly bucked Boehner mere moments earlier to vote against the rule allowing Plan B to come to the floor — reading the names aloud one by one.

Boehner failed, Levin concluded, “because of people like you.” Which is to say, his audience. Regular rank and file Americans had jumped into the middle of this thing themselves — and they had succeeded.

The show ended with Levin saying if the House GOP leadership didn’t step down they should at a minimum get their act together. “We intend to stand here and be heard,” he vowed of his audience at the close, with a thanks to “the Levin Surge.”


The entire show, found here, was a stunning display of grassroots Americans standing up to Washington insiders in real time — and winning.  One suspects Obama’s second term will not be the picnic his supporters envision. Clearly, Boehner’s speakership — if it continues — won’t be a picnic either.

Not if Mark Levin and his audience have anything to say about it.

Tea Party Recon

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19 Responses to A Grassroots Positive Outcome To End The Year….. More of this is needed for 2013….

  1. jordan2222 says:

    This was/is powerful stuff.


  2. Sharon says:

    I was listening to that program live, and heard it unfold. Excellent events.

    Levin’s about the only talk show I even attempt to endure any more. He provides raw data and raw history and raw foundational, constitutional insights. ADD…..he provides all of that without drama. Fury, sometimes, and great emotion, but not drama for the sake of ratings.


  3. 22tula says:

    Christmas 2012
    First you have to admit that you are on the wrong and go back to advance.
    Unless we do that there will be no “Republic” to save IMO.
    “Natural Born Citizen”


  4. 22tula says:

    I left out the word “Road.” First you have to admit that you are on the wrong road and you must go back to advance.


  5. tnwahm says:

    I spent the last 45 minutes faxing Senators about this “Deal”. I included in my letter the fact that I am tired of having to spend my holidays watching their shenanigans.

    This is the letter that I faxed them.

    Dear Senator;

    I am tired of spending my holidays keeping an eye on you and your shenanigans.

    Do you believe in the Constitution or not? Do you believe in Capitalism or not? I’m beginning to believe the horrible theory that you do not. You say you do, but your actions say otherwise.

    Do you really believe that our fiscal problem is the fault of too high of taxes? Are you really that mathematically challenged? When has increasing taxes on anyone ever resulted in more “revenue” to the treasury? When are you politicians in D.C. going to quit your crack addicted spending habits that are being funded by taxpayers’ children and grandchildren? We can’t afford you anymore.

    I am tired of your excuses. The American people elected Republicans ~and gave them the majority in the House~ because we expected them to STOP the reckless, out of control spending of the Democrats and reign in the rapid expansion of government. You aren’t reigning anything in. You are enabling the President and the Democrats. It is for this reason that I no longer think that you believe in the Constitution and a limited federal government. Why can’t you defend it?

    You are participating in the further loss of Liberty by going along with the confiscation of MY private property ~my income~ by your agreement to higher taxes. You are conceding that tax cuts don’t work and participating in the class warfare that the Democrats have poisoned the takers in this country with.

    Where is your backbone? Where are your principles? You don’t see Obama backing down from his ideology. You don’t see Harry Reid or Pelosi or any of the other Democrats backing down on their ideology no matter how many times they get beat. Where is the budget from Harry Reid? He doesn’t care that he’s violating the Constitution. Apparently you don’t either.

    The reason I am a Republican is because it means something. It means Constitutional, limited government. It means defending Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. By your actions, you are making that null and void.

    Our Founding Fathers risked everything to birth this great nation; what are you willing to risk to secure it for our kids and grandkids?

    Quit this game of chicken or poker or whatever you think this is. My children and grandchildren’s lives and Liberty are at stake. Make Obama and the Democrats own higher taxes like they own Obamacare. Don’t vote for any “deal” that includes tax hikes on anyone. Just go home.

    We the People are watching!

    I decided that if George Washington could spend his Christmas fighting for our Liberty, I could spend a few minutes on Christmas Eve to try to secure it for my kids and grandkids.


  6. akathesob says:

    Most excellent read!


  7. dawndoe says:

    I heard part of that Levin show. I was appalled at what was going on behinds he scenes!


  8. jane parker says:

    Obama is a statutory US Code 1401 citizen, i.e. not a natural born citizen, thus he is unconstitutional, and Levin knows this so he is just a hypocrite to be spouting off about the constitution. Everyone knows this. It’s a joke.


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