Wrong Answer: They Just Don’t get it…. Nor Will They – It’s Up To YOU !!

What do Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, The RNC, Mitt Romney, Wayne La Pierre,  The NRA and NRA President David Keene have in common?

They don’t know their enemy, nor how to fight back against them.   They are insufferably out of touch, out of sync, and have no rhythm because they are all operating on broken historical paradigms.

Consider this latest round of NRA pushback as summed up by Jim Hoft in this headline at Gateway Pundit:

NRA Mocks Feinstein’s Ignorant Gun-Ban Bill: Next She’ll Want to Add “Nuclear Bomb” to Banned Gun Features –    “Mocking“?  Strong in the stupid force is this crew.   Hoft puts a link to the NRA article which includes:

Feinstein’s 1994 ban listed “grenade launcher” as one of the prohibiting features for rifles. Her 2013 bill carries goes even further into the ridiculous, by also listing “rocket launcher.” Such devices are restricted under the National Firearms Act and, obviously, are not standard components of the firearms Feinstein wants to ban. Perhaps a subsequent Feinstein bill will add “nuclear bomb,” “particle beam weapon,” or something else equally far-fetched to the features list(link)

This is the same insufferable mindset behind the “oh, no they can’t“, “they wouldn’t“, “that’s impossible“, approach toward legislative manipulations:

Hey jackasses, how about focusing your attention on the aspects that originate within the bill that disarm “ordinary” Americans rather than banter on, in an incredibly non-serious manner about rocket launchers and such.    There is a time for “ridicule”, but like good humor, timing and placement is everything.

Humor in NatureUnfortunately this inept team, like those of recent memory, is clapping between the drum beats, and putting the emphasis on the wrong syllable at exactly the wrong time.

No-one is laughing at the miss-timed  Tom Foolery.   Focus on the language that impacts people, and inform people the aspects within the language that will diminish their freedom.   Educate people on how this legislation is constructed to use language to draw definitions that reclassify semi-automatic handguns as “assault weapons”.

Do it now, do it with urgency, or you’ll find more of this afforded:

WASHINGTON, Dec 28 (Reuters) – An effort led by U.S. Vice President Joe Biden to find ways to reduce gun violence after the Connecticut school massacre so far has not included talking to the National Rifle Association, the president of the gun rights group said on Friday.

NRA President David Keene said neither Biden nor his staff has contacted the organization since President Barack Obama unveiled the effort on Dec. 19.

[…]  Biden and up to four Cabinet officers are holding a series of meetings with outside groups to discuss possible gun legislation. The first was with law enforcement officials, another with mayors.

The White House has said other meetings will take place with gun safety groups and gun owners, among others, but it has not said whether the NRA will be invited. The White House had no comment on Friday.   (article)

The NRA’s Wayne LaPierre and David Keene, are getting the full measure of being ignored and dispatched to the land of irrelevance.   Just like the American Electorate during the Obamacare talks when Harry Reid sequestered the Senate during December 09′ and forced a vote for passage on December 24th at 1:30am By-Any-Means-Neccessary.

None of these people understand their opposition, none of them.


….And we, The American People, will be left to feel the consequences with our losses of freedom.    Why?   Because those who are supposed to represent our interests have no clue the size, scope, intensity, objectives, or shere magnitude of the ideological alliances that at work.

They just don’t get it.

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17 Responses to Wrong Answer: They Just Don’t get it…. Nor Will They – It’s Up To YOU !!

  1. akathesob says:

    Looks bleak anyway we go.


  2. WeeWeed says:

    Oh, I think they “get” it alright. They just don’t give a damn because “rules” are for the little people, not THEM.


  3. czarowniczy says:

    Ummm…back to my ‘parsing’ post. The flash suppressors on many military-designed weapons IS a grenade launcher. Up until the slap-forehead concept of having the weapon’s flash suppressor match the inside diameter of the tube used to center the grenade on the rifle, it took the infantryman separate actions to attach a grenade launcher to a rifle. The Europeans also came up with the concept of a bullet-trap built into the launcher tube so that the regular ball round the rifleman loads into his weapon could be used to launch the grenade without (as the US did) requiring a special blank round to be loaded, making the weapon useless for direct fire until the ball ammunition was reloaded. So, if I were a slimy, word-twisting, forked-tongue liar…er, lawyer… I could quite easily say that the standard birdcage flash suppressor found on most military rifles was, in effect, a grenade launcher. See where we’re going here?


    • Michelle Hart says:

      I was just thinking about the Launch adapter for the Garand that was used in the 40’s when I read “grenade launcher” and you are absolutely correct. The actual mount placed on the weapon was the “launcher” and was just an accessory like a scope mount.

      I forgot about the bullet trap design, thanks for reminding me 🙂


      • czarowniczy says:

        Don’t forget the seldom-ever-seen snap-on grenade launcher for the M-1 carbine. First grenade launcher for the M-16 was the flash suppressor but they came up with the XM-148 (soon to become the M-203) as the launch of a rifle grenade frequently cracked the M-16’s fiberglass stock.


    • Allfal says:

      Yes, czar, I see it. Just for informational purposes, practice rifle grenades are legal and not covered under the NFA. Anyone can purchase them. Some even modify them them to hold flour or some other substance in the end cap in order to mark impact. Obviously, there is no explosion, just a puf of flour powder or smoke. They are legal to shoot from your rifle in areas that they are not prohibited. Though most ranges and gun clubs will say no. The more modern military 40mm m203 is also available available in 37mm as a flare launcher.In 37mm it is not an NFA restricted device. Practice grenades are also not restricted for them although some tear gas or pyrotechnic rounds are not available to the public. I have heard that some modify them to launch golf balls, although I have not seen this. Seeking to ban or control these devices that are not used in any crime is just using sensationalism to get their foot in the door to work towards their true goals. The uniformed public hears ” grenade ” and they don’t think of Buba launching a few onces of flour downrange or sending up a flare, they envision some thug with high explosives, even though that has never been a serious issue to public safety.


      • czarowniczy says:

        There’s a golf ball launcher that fits in place of the flash suppressor on the AR also, I have a friend who has one and it’s fun – lots of golf balls launched into my lake without one minority injury! I was particularly amused by the LAPD dancing around the two rocket launchers they had turned in at the gun by-back. They admitted that the launchers were without rockets and the parts that would be used to launch the rocket were removed (demiled) so even if the owner had a rocket he couldn’t fire it. They then went on to while that they still had no place on the street, as if a demiled fiberglass and metal tube were somehow a deadly weapon. If you go to a military surplus scrap sale you see demiled weapons being sold by the government all of the time. Police press conferences ceased to become informational and became entertainment long ago, but that’s another story.


  4. Sam says:

    For “gun safety groups” in the article substitute “gun grabbers” and you’ll have it right.
    You are right, Sundance, they just don’t get it. They exist inside the Washington bubble and have no clue about what flyover country is thinking and feeling. Most of these people were around during the 1990s when horndog Bill Clinton tried to grab guns; they didn’t understand how to respond then either. Clinton saw the citizen response mid-term and tacked toward the center. Obama won’t do that. He’s a committed leftist. He’ll burn the country down rather than give one iota. It’s gonna be a rough ride.

    I checked various sites that sell ammo this morning. Most are sold out of most calibers. Gun shows sell out of guns and ammo the first day. Lines to get in go around the block.


    • michellc says:

      My daughter told me that friends on facebook were freaking out and that some were saying they voted for him but had no idea he was going to take their guns. She said those who have admitted that are taking a beating. Rightly so imho, but I just hope it’s not too late and I have very little sympathy for them and if it wasn’t for that piece of paper that all liberals hate, I would say if they voted for him they should have to turn in their guns and they should have to pay 10 times more in taxes than what they pay now.


  5. jordan2222 says:

    I have been saying this for years. No one knows the enemy. To make matters worse, they cannot even be united in their lack of knowledge. My guess is that we have at least a couple of hundred GOP’s.. none of which are on the same team.


    • The RNC called today to us to ask for our support (read $$$). I gave them an earful, telling them they won’t get a cent from us until they get a clue. Several clues, really.

      I specifically mentioned the GOP “leadership” in DC as a reason to just say NO.


  6. howie says:

    I think they are collaborators. They get it. They are not stupid.


    • thefirstab says:

      I have been thinking this may be the case, howie. However, now I believe it may be deep denial on their part.
      All the Washington Elite, red or blue, do not live in our world. Think Hunger Games. They will maintain their privileged lifestyles at all cost, even throwing their citizens under the bus. The mission or strategy of the power brokers doesn’t even play into it.
      My opinion, though. I hope and pray there are still some elected officials that just need recalibration of their moral compass. Whether that would even help is another matter.


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