Catholic Pushes Hindu Onto Train Tracks Because She Hates Muslims

Um, anyone else finding this a little too convenient in the narration, structured even.

(New York)  A 31-year-old woman was arrested on Saturday and charged with a hate crime in connection with the death of a man who was pushed onto the tracks of an elevated subway station in Queens and crushed by an oncoming train.

The woman, Erika Menendez of the Bronx, has been charged with second-degree murder as a hate crime, Richard A. Brown, the Queens district attorney, said.

“The defendant is accused of committing what is every subway commuter’s nightmare,” Mr. Brown said in an interview. “Being suddenly and senselessly pushed into the path of an oncoming train.”

Mr. Brown quoting Ms. Menendez as telling the police, “I pushed a Muslim off the train tracks because I hate Hindus and Muslims ever since 2001 when they put down the twin towers I’ve been beating them up.”

Ms. Menendez conflated the Muslim and Hindu faiths both in her comments to the police and in her target for attack, officials said.  (read more)

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20 Responses to Catholic Pushes Hindu Onto Train Tracks Because She Hates Muslims

  1. Coast says:

    Any nobody tried to catch that short porky woman?


  2. Chip Bennett says:

    She is a murderer; I really couldn’t care less why she did it, only that she is punished for it. She did it because she is evil, and she did it out of hatred – just like every other murder in the history of the world.

    But for the record: far too many people are stupidly ignorant regarding non Judeo-Christian religions. I have seen a very dear Sikh friend subjected to stupid, ignorant hatred because stupid idiots saw a head covering, couldn’t tell the difference between a turban and a hijab, and assumed he was Muslim.

    So, this touches a bit of a sore spot for me, because I have personally experienced it – but also because it is entirely un-Christian, and un-Christ-like. Jesus didn’t call us to murder Muslims; rather, he said, “greater love have no man than this: that he lay is life down for his friends”.


  3. Randy says:

    Who said she was Catholic?


  4. In New York City, people have been getting pushed in front of the trains for a long time.

    Grandmaster Flash sang about it in his 1982 hit “the message,” which was based on poetry from the 1970s. The song has everything you wanted to know about life in the big city.

    “They pushed that girl in front of the train
    Took her to the doctor, sewed her arm on again”


    • kathyca says:

      Just a few weeks ago an asian man was pushed onto the tracks and died while a journo took photos which were published in one of the NYC rags. They say they have footage of the argument leading up to the pushing in that case, but I’ve not seen it and don’t know of anyone who has…hmmm. And yet we have THIS footage pronto, with a backstory

      From the Boston Globe:
      The killer was described by police as black, 30 to 40 years old, about 5-foot-9, with short dreadlocks. He was wearing a white T-shirt, dark jacket, filthy jeans, black sneakers with a white stripe and a black beanie cap.

      The horrific drama unfolded after Han approached the crazed man — who police sources described as a panhandler and witnesses said had been harassing and cursing at straphangers — on the southbound platform and tried to calm him down.


  5. Lyrics:

    It’s like a jungle sometimes it makes me wonder
    How I keep from going under
    It’s like a jungle sometimes it makes me wonder
    How I keep from going under

    Broken glass everywhere
    People pissing on the stairs, you know they just don’t care
    I can’t take the smell, I can’t take the noise
    Got no money to move out, I guess I got no choice
    Rats in the front room, roaches in the back
    Junkies in the alley with the baseball bat
    I tried to get away, but I couldn’t get far
    Cause a man with a tow-truck repossessed my car

    Don’t push me cause I’m close to the edge
    I’m trying not to lose my head, ah huh-huh-huh
    [2nd and 5th: ah huh-huh-huh]
    [4th: say what?]
    It’s like a jungle sometimes it makes me wonder
    How I keep from going under
    It’s like a jungle sometimes it makes me wonder
    How I keep from going under

    Standing on the front stoop, hangin’ out the window
    Watching all the cars go by, roaring as the breezes blow
    Crazy lady livin’ in a bag
    Eating out of garbage pails, used to be a fag-hag
    Said she danced the tango, skipped the light fandango
    The Zircon Princess seemed to lost her senses
    Down at the peepshow, watching all the creeps
    So she can tell the stories to the girls back home
    She went to the city and got social security
    She had to get a pimp, she couldn’t make it on her own

    [2nd Chorus]

    My brother’s doing bad on my mother’s TV
    She says: “You watch it too much, it’s just not healthy!”
    “All My Children” in the daytime, “Dallas” at night
    Can’t even see the game or the Sugar Ray fight
    The bill collectors they ring my phone
    And scare my wife when I’m not home
    Got a bum education, double-digit inflation
    I can’t take the train to the job, there’s a strike at the station
    Neon King Kong standin’ on my back
    Can’t stop to turn around, broke my sacrophiliac
    A mid-ranged migraine, cancered membrane
    Sometimes I think I’m going insane, I swear I might hijack a plane

    My son said: “Daddy I don’t wonna go to school
    Cause the teacher’s a jerk!”, he must think I’m a fool
    And all the kids smoke reefer, I think it’d be cheaper
    If I just got a job, learned to be a street sweeper
    I’ll dance to the beat, shuffle my feet
    Wear a shirt and tie and run with the creeps
    Cause it’s all about money, ain’t a damn thing funny
    You got to have a con in this land of milk and honey
    They pushed that girl in front of the train
    Took her to the doctor, sewed her arm on again
    Stabbed that man right in his heart
    Gave him a transplant for a brand new start
    I can’t walk through the park, cause it’s crazy after dark
    Keep my hand on my gun, cause they got me on the run
    I feel like a outlaw, broke my last glass jar
    Hear them say: “You want some more livin’ on a seesaw?”

    [4th Chorus]

    A child is born with no state of mind
    Blind to the ways of mankind
    God is smiling on you but he’s frowning too
    Because only God knows what you’ll go through
    You’ll grow in the ghetto, living second rate
    And your eyes will sing a song of deep hate
    The places you’re playin’, where you stay
    Looks like one great big alley way
    You’ll admire all the number book takers
    Thugs, pimps, pushers and the big money makers
    Driving big cars, spending twenties and tens
    And you wanna grow up to be just like them, huh,
    Smugglers, scrambles, burglars, gamblers
    Pickpockets, peddlers even panhandlers
    You say: “I’m cool, I’m no fool!”
    But then you wind up dropping out of high school
    Now you’re unemployed, all non-void
    Walking ’round like you’re Pretty Boy Floyd
    Turned stickup kid, look what you’ve done did
    Got sent up for a eight year bid
    Now your manhood is took and you’re a may tag
    Spend the next two years as a undercover fag
    Being used and abused to serve like hell
    Till one day you was found hung dead in a cell
    It was plain to see that your life was lost
    You was cold and your body swung back and forth
    But now your eyes sing the sad, sad song
    Of how you lived so fast and died so young

    Don’t push me ’cause I’m close to the edge
    I’m trying not to lose my head
    It’s like a jungle sometimes it makes me wonder how I keep from going under
    It’s like a jungle sometimes it makes me wonder how I keep from going under

    Yo Mell, you see that girl there?
    Yo, that sounded like Cowboy man
    Yo, what’s up Money?
    Yo, where’s Cooly an Raheim?
    They is downstairs coooling out
    So what’s up for tonight y’all?
    We could go down to Phoenix
    We could go check out “Junebug” man
    Hey yo, you know that girl Betty?
    Yeah man
    Come on, come all man
    Not like it
    That’s what I heard man
    What’s this happening, what’s this?
    What’s goin’ on?
    Don’t nobody move or nothin’
    Y’all know what this is (What’s happend?)
    Get ’em up, get ’em up (What?)
    Oh man, we’re (Right in there) Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five
    What is that, a gang?
    Shut up
    I don’t wanna hear your mouth
    Shut up
    Officer, officer, what is the problem?
    You the problem
    Hey, you ain’t gotta push me man
    Get in the car, get in the car
    Get in the god…
    I said, “Get in the car”
    Why is he?


    • Sharon says:

      That’s depressing.


    • libby says:

      I find this distinctly different than the lyrics of today (in rap music).
      Are the lyrics potentialy depressing? Yup.
      Do they represent a positive way of looking at a tough situation?
      back then it might have been hard to tell, but looking back, I can see that there was a positivity to that song that is sorely locking in most rap today.
      Pointing out a negative is not negative if you want to improve the situation.
      Now, the lyrics that trayvon liked to listen to are not about finding a positive spin on a negative situation.


  6. Wait until to see the death toll resulting from the runaway train known as The Obama Administration.


  7. lovemygirl says:

    A version I read added:
    “Witnesses said a woman paced the platform and talked to herself Thursday evening shortly before pushing the man ”

    Mental Health issues?


  8. 22tula says:

    ” ‘Muslim-hating’ homeless woman confesses to killing Indian immigrant by shoving him under a train after her relatives tip off police” by Helen Pow, Snejana Farberov and Mike Jaccarino – December 29, 2012


    • cajunkelly says:

      Yet another case of the media not being able to keep the story straight:

      Patrol officers picked up Ms. Menendez early Saturday after someone who had seen the video on television spotted her on a Brooklyn street and called 911


  9. mcfyre2012 says:

    Ummm…so if I apply the gun restriction logic to this crime…do we restrict trains? Or religion? And how is murder a “hate” crime? Murder is murder.


  10. ThatOldGuy says:

    “Hate crimes” are thought crimes.


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