iOTW Exclusive – Gannett’s Journal News Produces New Maps

Gannett offers this statement with the release of each map:

One of the roles of journalists is to report publicly available information on timely issues, even if it is unpopular. We knew providing the information in the database in the context of our story would be controversial, but we thought that sharing this information was important in the aftermath of….



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17 Responses to iOTW Exclusive – Gannett’s Journal News Produces New Maps

  1. ctdar says:

    the Gannett Journal has just put a target on each and every employee, their families and all the medical professionals that released that information


  2. fmhayes48 says:

    Coming soon…Interactive MAP of Those People Who Pick Their Nose While Driving, Politicians Who Are Fahting in a Windstorm. NOTHING is sacred.


  3. tara says:

    I’m quite sure both maps should have far more pins in them than shown.


  4. Justice4All says:

    I would be looking to purchase a gun if I was not on this map.

    I remember a few years ago the police where I was living went around checking car doors to see if they were locked. If your doors were unlocked the police put a big orange sticker on your windshield to warn you of your mistake. Needless to say criminals went down the street and burglarized every easy target that the police flagged out for them……lmao.

    I’ve always challenged these hardcore anti-gun clowns to put a sign in their front yard and tell the world that they are unarmed. I have yet to get a response.


    • jordan2222 says:

      Back in the fifties, Folly Beach, SC experimented with signs for a while that prohibited folks from locking their cars. The idea was that it could cause “juvenile delinquency” by temptation. I was a bit too young to remember all of the controversy and how that turned out but people did not leave valuables in their cars. Radios were all factory installed.

      Remember “juvenile delinquents”? Maybe it was those bad guys who evolved into thugs and gangstas.

      It was common knowledge that those kids got that way because of bad or no parenting.

      What’s new?


  5. McKenna says:

    Ummmmm (raising hand), can they do a map of people on welfare and Section 8 next so I know when it’s time to move?


  6. Dutch says:

    I think a flyer campaign is in order. We should print out flyers that read, “Gannett Journal has made you a more likely target of criminals by publishing the indication that you have no firearms with which to protect yourself. Thank your local reporter for pointing you out.” …and pass them out in the affected neighborhoods.


  7. jordan2222 says:

    I wonder how many people were inspired to purchase a gun.


  8. czarowniczy says:

    Great job Gannett – now the progressive A-holes have a tool to go after the 1st Amendment just as they have the 2nd. They’ve been looking to limit free speech for decades now, they’ve previously been leaning towards the World Court and UN opini9ns of restrictions of US free speech that cross international borders (read as the internet). Those interested in limiting the public’s access to knowledge had some real problems getting the US Congress to jump in and swim but members of the press with juvenile, if not infantile, senses of self-restraint are giving the government more and more excuses to shackle the public’s right to know.


  9. ctdar says:

    Journal hires armed security due to threats in wake of outing gun owners and their addresses:


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