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7 Responses to Londonistan

  1. kinthenorthwest says:

    We have got to all stop supporting the illegals…
    H3LL most illegals live better than the legals who are legitimately here and working or trying to find work…..
    Strange that if anyone goes to Histpanic or any the Muslim countries where all the illegals come from there would be not one bit of support, much less any respect for the differences in language…
    How many times do you hear “If you speak English press one” in our English speaking countries.


  2. 22tula says:

    That’s the Best Sundance! Love it!


  3. whoseyore says:

    Sounds familiar – not just the music, but the content as well. We could do our own version.


  4. lovemygirl says:

    Diversity is not our Nation’s strength, Unity, our common beliefs in our Country’s founding principles are what gives us strength.
    A good friend from India said that they are a basket case because of the 250 dialects, 250 different cultures devoted to the culture rather than the Nation.


    • Tim Field says:

      When I was living in India in the 80s, there were about 800 dialects, and the currency notes had the value printed in 13 languages. I think that in the 60s the number of dialects were about 1600. Most of the world’s 6000 or so languages are dying.

      Regardless, the “mess” India appears to be, everything worked remarkably well there by Indian standards. It’s a lovely place to live in, and the people are great. Only the rich people in India kept on complaining. Everybody else seemed to be happy.

      The ‘diversity’ worked fine in all countries until someone figured that we all, especially the minorities, ought to be equal regardless of our background. How things are in Britain (or Sweden, France, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Norway … United States, etc.) really suck, but that is the fault of a few progressives that think forced diversity cures all world’s ills. Well, it will, eventually, after the civil war in every country.

      C’est la vie.



  5. brocahontas says:

    This lack of diversensitivity is oppressing my sense of validation and makes me feel unsafe.


  6. czarowniczy says:

    I’ve been subscribing to the BNP’s posts for some ten years now, they are one of the few (like youse guyz) who post the truth about what’s happening in GB. They’ve posted news items from local papers about Muslim attacks on Christians, stories that the Brit national news will not let go nation-wide. I was particularly interested in how the Brit govt was, some years ago, screaming bloody murder about how illegals were streaming in using the Chunnel but, instead of tossing them out, was building holding camps for them and spending months to years reviewing their asylum claims while treating them to the good life. As the Brits were in Afghanistan and Iraq with us they felt they could hardly toss the moochers out so they just let them flood in. The stories about Muslims PO’d by children singing Christmas carols in their church (so they set the church on fire) and the Muslims that invaded a local church and hung the warder’s dog over the alter, all come from BNP posts. The Brit government does not say the stories are false but instead blames the BNP for posting them and being ‘divisive’. I’m just waiting for stories from US cities with large Muslim populations along these same lines.


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