Hot For Teacher – Utah: 200 Teachers Turn Up For Free Gun Training Following Newtown School Shooting…

undefined(Via WZ(Reuters) – Kasey Hansen, a special educationteacher from Salt Lake City, Utah, says she would take a bullet for any of her students, but if faced with a gunman threatening her class, she would rather be able to shoot back.

On Thursday, she was one of 200 Utah teachers who flocked to an indoor sports arena for free instruction in the handling of firearms by gun activists who say armed educators might have a chance at thwarting deadly shooting rampages in their schools.

The event was organized by the Utah Shooting Sports Council in response to the mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, this month that killed 20 children and six staff members at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

The council said it has typically attracted about 16 teachers each year to its concealed carry training courses. But Thursday’s event near Salt Lake City, organized especially for educators in the aftermath of Newtown, drew interest from hundreds, and the class was capped at 200 for space limitations.

“I feel like I would take a bullet for any student in the school district,” Hansen, a special education teacher in a Salt Lake City school district, told Reuters after the training session.

“If we should ever face a shooter like the one in Connecticut, I’m fully prepared to respond with my firearm,” she said, adding that she planned to buy a weapon soon and take it to work.  (more)

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12 Responses to Hot For Teacher – Utah: 200 Teachers Turn Up For Free Gun Training Following Newtown School Shooting…

  1. Sha says:

    If I had the lives of someones children in my hands I would won’t to be able to protect them as much as possible.


  2. John Galt says:

    Libtards cringe at the thought of an armed teacher preventing another school massacre.


  3. lovemygirl says:

    Looking at a typically armed Secret Service guy I wonder if Dianne Feinstein will insist they switch to revolvers. 😉


  4. Andrew B says:

    Armed security guard training certs can be gotten by doing a 4 day class. I’m sure a teacher is more than able to reach and/or even exceed the securities guards training.


  5. g8rmom7 says:

    The thing is…if more teachers would just go and get training and it got out that teacher are armed (even if they aren’t), it would be a deterent..most of them will likely NEVER have to shoot a single bullet. I wish all of them would embrace this idea.


    • sundance says:

      That is a very good point. yes, that is a very good point.


    • michellc says:

      I talked to a few teachers that I like and respect from my kid’s old school, they are a few of the good teachers that do care about teaching and love their students. They’re frustrated that although they have carry permits, they cannot take them to school, they can’t even leave them in the car if they park on school grounds.


    • stellap says:

      Indeed the point is excellent. A primary reason that schools are targets is that they are undefended. The threat of defensive fire power would make them much less attractive.


  6. eweturn says:

    Comments following the Reuter’s article are particularly disturbing, including one call for repeal of the 2nd Amendment.


  7. czarowniczy says:

    When I ;lived in Utah many years ago it was a quiet and peaceful place to be. Starting in the early 70s the California out-migration started to infect the state and since it has become a crossroads for drug transfers and home to a number of violent local, national and transnational gangs. If my kids were going to school there I’d want machineguns mounted on watchtowers in front of the school. Long gone are the days there, as elsewhere, when kids could walk home from school safely. As I’d posted previously, China has experienced ten attacks on schools in the last three years by nuts using knives, cars, gasoline, whatever. The Chinese, a penultimate gun-free society, have armed guards at many of their schools.


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