Doubling Down On Stupid – The Journal News Doubles Down – Proclaims Their Purpose Driven Progressive Intent is Justified….

For three days we have shared the story of The Journal News / LoHud.Com and their decision to publish the names, addresses, and contact information of lawful gun owners.  Today they doubled down on stupid;  However, you can sense in the writing of it, they are only just now becoming aware of the potential backlash.  

Here is what they have written today, in response to their initial article, initial decision, and the feedback received so far:  (we inserted some feedback throughout  /SD)

LoHud 1

WHITE PLAINS — Thousands of people, many from outside Westchester, Rockland and Putnam counties, have taken to their computers and phones in rage after The Journal News posted an online database of local gun permit holders.

The database, legally obtained from the county clerks’ offices through a Freedom of Information Act request made after the shootings in Newtown, Conn., that left 20 children and eight adults dead, has been called irresponsible, dangerous and leaning toward intimidation by several online pundits.

Notice how they insert the affirmative position they have done nothing “illegal”, and then pull into that affirmation the dead victims in Newtown.

Social media played a big part in the exponential spread of the story, whose map has been recommended more than 20,000 times. Two Facebook posts linking to the story on Sunday garnered 346 comments as of this evening. That’s in addition to 167 comments posted directly to since the story published.

screenshot guns

Numerous additional comments relating to the gun permit map have appeared on posts in other unrelated stories. More than a dozen more people sent private messages via Facebook objecting to the map. The overwhelming majority of comments strongly object to the story.

They have not yet absorbed (due to holiday distractions) the size of the controversy they have initiated.

The database was also mentioned in the Drudge Report,,,, Instapundit, and UrbanGrounds, along with Yahoo, ABC News and Fox News, among others.

More than 500 comments — on both sides of the debate — accompanied a story on this evening.

Again, as we previously outlined, “obfuscation” is the key deflective weapon of progs when they begin to understand a “common sense” line has been crossed.   “both sides”, uh-huh.

Hundreds of callers have complained, claiming publication of the database put their safety at risk or violated their privacy. Others claimed publication was illegal. Many of the callers were vitriolic and some threatened members of the newspaper staff.


New York residents have the right to own guns with a permit and they also have a right to access public information,” said Janet Hasson, president and publisher of The Journal News Media Group.

Journal News President:

Janet Hasson
3 Gate House Lane
Mamaroneck, NY 10534
(914) 694-5204

But, you see Janet, it was not the “New York residents” who were accessing the public information.  YOU DID.   (continued Obfuscation  but… but… but…)  Therein lies the *intent* Janet.   Don’t duck behind ‘anyone can do this’; indeed, anyone can, but they didn’t, YOU DID.   

Just because you “can” do something, doesn’t mean you should.  Therein lies the central issue, which, in typical prog fashion you begin to run away from because you have just put yourself and your organization in the central position of feeling the full measure of Chick-Fil-A treatment.

Robert Freeman, executive director of the state Committee on Open Govenment and an expert in the state’s Freedom of Information law, has said all government records and data are presumed public unless a specific statute bars their release. Names and addresses are specifically deemed public records, he said.

Obfuscate the issue….. Obfuscate the issue…. Obfuscate the issue……  If we do it long enough the Obfuscation will transport  us to the land of “justification”.

This is not the first time The Journal News has been criticized for publishing information about gun permits. A similar story that ran in 2006 received similar responses, although social media did not play as large a part in the spread of the story or of the complaints.

We knew publication of the database would be controversial but we felt sharing as much information as we could about gun ownership in our area was important in the aftermath of the Newtown shootings,” said CynDee Royle, Editor and Vice President/News.

Cyndee Royle
1133 Westchester Ave.
Suite N110
White Plains, NY 10604

People are concerned about who owns guns and how many of them there are in their neighborhoods. Our Freedom of Information request also sought specifics on how many and what types of weapons people owned. That portion of the request was denied.”

Humor in NatureSo Cyndee, if you had been able to publish the specifics of not only who owns, but how many, and what types of weapons, in addition to the names and addresses of the people who own them, you would have published that.   In your own words this was your original intent.   Talk about doubling down on stupid – you have just taken the insufferable to entirely new levels. 

Within that paragraph, and your explanation, the final measure of consideration we had for this being an unintended consequence is lost.  Your goal was to publish the names, addresses, locations, number of guns and type of weapons each of the lawful citizens held.  

Scott F. Williams, 41, of Haddon Heights, N.J., near Philadelphia, who served in the Marines as a rifleman, was one of a very few callers who agreed to identify themselves and comment on why they called.

Notice how the prog author seeks to “Tim McVeigh” the caller.  A rather obvious ideological attempt akin to the ‘white-male profiling’ conversation last week on MSNBC.

“This is what I see,” he said. “It’s all in the context of the shootings in Newtown … it gets us all talking about gun control. That people are at a heightened concern makes sense to me. I am a gun owner and a pro-Second-Amendment (person). I try to be rational.”

Notice the “…” (helip) which indicates a break in the content of the quote from Mr. Williams.   Given the nature of this publication, the controversy, and their obfuscations, it is not a long trip to the land of manipulation.    The helip is used to ‘cut out’ the content that would not be helpful to the progs in the manipulative framing of their narrative.

No non-ideological minded editor would allow such an edit to pass muster against the backdrop of the controversial decision.   Again, just further evidence of the *intent* of the publication, this new author, and the company decision.

He called the newspaper’s decision to link to the database “highly Orwellian. The implications are mind-boggling,” he said. “It’s as if gun owners are sex offenders (and) to own a handgun risks exposure as if one is a sex offender. It’s, in my mind, crazy.”  (read more)

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81 Responses to Doubling Down On Stupid – The Journal News Doubles Down – Proclaims Their Purpose Driven Progressive Intent is Justified….

  1. czarowniczy says:

    Like any child caught with his hand in the cookie jar they try to justify their questionable judgement by arguing the immoral low-ground.


    • waltherppk says:

      Let’s see how big their big mouths are AFTER the blowback that is guaranteed to be coming. Fool progs put out an engraved invitation for the kind of trouble nobody can handle because of their stupidity and hubris. That kind of hubris gets only one kind of response and it is a Darwin award for every fool that ever thought what a genius they are. A whole crew of Darwin award contenders is what you have there with gun control nuts who are perfectly illustrative models of a lack of common sense and paradigms of unsurvivable stupidity………literally “too stupid to live” kind of stupidity…..unsurvivable reckless and wanton indifference to the life and limb of others….criminally culpable homicide…and such stupidity comes back to bite ’em ….where ? Right at their own home address. When do they get it ? Doxers better beware …what goes around, comes back around …with a vengeance. Those people only think they know how the game of hardball is played. They are in for an education.


  2. myopiafree says:

    Of course you heard the statement, “… I work for the Government .. so you can TRUST ME.” This is an absolute warning about trusting anyone to keep a “secret” in Government.


    • cajunkelly says:

      Some of us who work for the Government *can* be trusted, but I never imply or tell anyone such. I prefer that my actions speak for me.


  3. Arkindole says:

    Mike V put this up with comment this am.
    Sauce for the goose or, home address and phone number of Journal-News publisher

    Welcome to pushback city.


    • Sharon says:

      ….at what point does the pushback constitute doxing?
      …..if they have broken the law and/or put individuals’ lives in danger, does “pushback” assume we are willing to break the law and put individuals’ lives in danger?
      ….they have deep pockets for libel suits–do those who are publishing information in retaliation about individuals have the funds available to do even basic responses to court filings?

      I am not objecting to the pushback. I am suggesting that pushing back includes issues that need to be individually addressed by the one doing the pushbacking. (Now I could have split the compound word there and said “the one doing the pushing back” but opted for a brand new verb instead).

      I suspect that Mike V wants the newspapers’ employees to feel threatened. Tit for tat. That works on playgrounds….will it work on a national playground where the bullies all have a great deal of authority, wear badges and are accountable to no one?

      The brave partisans of Europe who lives in the forests and in the caves during WW II didn’t go up to a Gestapo or SS officer and spit in their eye just to prove they were ticked off with recent arrests that had been made.

      Is pushback always an intelligent response? It may feel good, but how will it play out? The left now runs the White House, the Judiciary and the Congress. Where’s the legal leverage for those who are trying to threaten their operatives?

      Just askin’.


      • howie says:

        They can’t be too skeered of all the supposed gun nut’s. Or they would not do it in the first place. Let’s see these Libninny Nitwits do a negative article on the Muslims and then put ou their names.


        • Sharon says:

          I don’t think they’re scared of the gun nuts at all. My comment had to do with the thinking of those involved in direct pushback, and the level of thought they are putting into their decisions to reveal personal information about the newspaper staff. …. and our willingness to THINK about we are doing by way of response…..unless we really do think it will work well to just react and react and react and react.

          Just reacting has a way of escalating. And escalation has a way of resulting in unintended consequences. I think lack of foresight about reactions and escalations matters. And could also cost lives in a completely pointless way.


      • cajunkelly says:

        I too have been pondering the possible blowback to the blowback, but what is the alternative? Sit quietly and allow this to happen?


        • Sharon says:

          Between the one end of the continuum is–do nothing. Way off at the other end is–do things that are entirely reaction, out of anger, fear, get-eveness-we’re-gonna-show-them.

          Regardless of the details of the blowback, there will be a specific price tag connected to it. I am asking whether or not those who are publishing names and addresses have enough money to pay for the court filings to answer 5-6 civil suits filed by the newspaper on behalf of every staff member whose name is listed. Even if they are nuisance suits, they have to be answered. Those who were seriously committed to crippling the SS and the Gestapo did not always do it by just spitting in the face of the nearest SS officer who happened to be in uniform and had been mean to their uncle. It would not BE WORTH IT.

          Sitting quietly and allowing it to happen is not the only alternative. There are a whole bunch of grays between the two opposite ends of the continuum. I’m suggesting that the best response is not always going to be the last one at the far end–of either end. I still think that 80% of the situations that we wildly cheer are not effective. Most of them are predictable by the left, and if the left is as smart as we keep on giving them credit for being, I’m guessing they’ve already got the text for the civil suits loaded in their attorneys’ printers, just ready to hit “print.”

          There was a reason Ike didn’t let 4 ships launch early for D-Day. If D-Day had any chance of working, it was vested in working a plan. Not just being mad at Hitler and 4 captains saying, “I’m going for it. Now.”

          Response. vs. Reaction.

          Reaction can be expensive, in addition to being ineffective. I’m having a terrible time slowing my own mind down to THINK and STUDY and EVALUATE what I can actually be doing that will, in fact. be effective–

          Successful and victorious forces (including the SEAL teams of today who still hope to live to tell about their service) may have involved yelling and screaming HOO-RAH! and cursing and kicking as they “went over the top.” But they will be the first ones to tell you that they never presumed to think that yelling and screaming and cursing and kicking is what won the battle. It’s only in the last 18 months that the majority of normal Ameircans who are screaming and yelling today even began to take seriously what the threat to the nation was. The fact that most of us in this army that is rising up have NEVER actually thought through specifically what we should be doing does not mean we are irrelevant—but it does mean that we had better understand that just being really upset and willing to react does not guarantee victory.

          It’s hard to slow a mob down to THINK and EVALUATE EFFECTIVE BATTLE TACTICS, but it’s important for me to try to contribute to the conversation, even when I agree with the mob’s goal (and sometimes our reactions on the normal American right are actually moblike, even if perfectly motivated and properly alarmed. .

          We all yelled and screamed and wept in front of our TVs when the hundreds of thousands of students rallied in Tienanmen Square and we cheered them when they faced down the soldiers. THEN THEY WERE GUNNED DOWN. Does anyone here know their names? Does anyone here know of the small corners where a few them lived to become bloggers, at a very high price?

          All I’m saying is I don’t want to always be cheering something for which the price tag has perhaps not been considered, specifically not considered by the very people whose actions I’m cheering.

          Did you see the four kids get shot down on the grass at Kent State? I did. I didn’t agree with them. I didn’t agree with the National Guard killing them. But I guarantee you this…neither those kids nor the Guardsmen who killed them saw that flashpoint coming. They did NOT.

          There are flashpoints RIGHT AROUND US that we CANNOT SEE. When our deadly flashpoints are triggered, it will be too late to say “those lives were wasted….we didn’t see that coming” and it will too late to regain the operational security that comes from obscurity when we have blown the thing wide open before we were ready to deal with the results of it being blown wide open .

          Just sayin’.

          Anybody with more intellectual brain power or military experience or under-cover operations training, PLEASE help us all out here by either nullifying what I’m saying or clarifying it. Either way–I don’t care…I’m laying all of my thoughts on the table here. I’m not smart. I’m not experienced in this level of trouble in our nation. Most of us involved in this are not.

          A few in our midst possibly are.


          • howie says:

            You forget. We are aware. 80% are not aware at all. Until they have to sit up and take notice nothing good will happen. It ain’t easy being aware. Critical thinking is a ghost now. The masses are conditioned by the Boob Tube. Many dupe’s think Obama is God’s gift to mankind. I am not kidding.


            • Sharon says:

              I don’t forget that at all. Are you suggesting that those who are publishing those addresses will feel ok if 3-4 staffers of that newspaper experience having their children shot while waiting for their schoolbus in a couple of weeks?

              Even if you think critical thinking is a ghost, that does not mean critical thinking is irrelevant. Unless that’s what you are really saying? Then we’re no more than a mob ourselves. Sorry….I can’t deal with that. Then it really is just who has the most power. I know that’s how wars are won, but to presume to use that mentality IN THE ABSENCE OF CRITICAL THINKING–and justify it on the grounds that we are, after all morally right???–I will not accept that.

              If we accept that, then we actually are the mindless extreme right who don’t give a damn who dies, as long it was their side and not ours. I refuse to go there.

              Even righteous wars require some critical thinking, do they not??


          • michellc says:

            I get what you’re saying Sharon and I don’t know if I agree with making it easier for people to know who and where they are. However, when they put their name on the article and the publisher allows the article, anyone wanting do them harm, could have found out their address, their child’s school and what they’re having for dinner in a matter of minutes.
            Just like they should take personal responsibility for doing something so unprofessional and just wrong, they also have to take personal responsibility for putting not only their lives in danger but their family as well.
            So whether we agree or disagree with publishing their names and addresses, if any harm comes to them or their children they are ultimately responsible for bringing the attention to themselves.
            I was taught and taught my children there are consequences to actions and you should think of all the possible consequences before you do something and then decide if it’s worth it. So they should have asked themselves that question before they went to the trouble of finding the information and certainly before they published it. Maybe in their minds it was worth it, but in my mind I doubt they ever thought beyond, “let’s out the gun owners, it’s perfectly legal.”

            So I’m not so much for tit for tat, I just don’t think it would have made a difference if there is someone unstable or evil who wanted to make them pay, if there had not been a tit for tat going on.


            • howie says:

              This is all about getting rid of the constitution. That is all. You would be surprised. how many just think it is an irrelevant piece of old paper written by rich white men. Now. I think they will be successful in the end. If the people who vote want a Police State it will come. After the Guns it will be on to the next amendment. I predict the 6th. And so forth. They will twist the first in the process. Now this is just what it appears to me. Ahh Dunno. I am just too old to understand the change that has already happened. It may come through waivers. That is the easy way. Like implied consent to drive etc. Who knows. I just hope it takes a while. The Crossfire style arguments on the Boob Tube are a bad sign.


          • cajunkelly says:


            Clearly, those who published/posted the names in connection with that *damned* (I’d like to use other expletives, but I’ll practice restraint) article used the SAME FOIA or public records to gather those names and information about them.

            OK, so some nut may use that information against them. I’ll be willing to accept that possibility as soon as the rabid filthy prog publication and those who approved its release accepts that THEY put hundreds and hundreds of *innocent* (read; living their lives and doing no one any harn) legal gun owning citizens in jeopardy.

            Filthy progs haven’t been forced to learn that actions have consequences. They’re given passes each and every time…look at the crimes committed during the “occupiers”. Every one just shrugged or denied it happened. The filthy prog media was complicit.

            It’s time they learn.

            As others have said; these filthy progs MADE a PERSONAL CHOICE to print this damned article. I cannot believe that they didn’t realize there *would* be blowback. Thus, they made an educated decision to place themselves at risk.

            Oh I’m sure those filthy progs (I like typing that 🙂 ) did have lawyers on standby before that article even went to print. If they did, then you realize, don’t you, that they KNEW what they were doing was publicly unacceptable.

            As for myself, I’ll just ask; What Would Breitbart Do?


            • howie says:

              Meanwhile back in DC. This.

              The U.S. Treasury on Wednesday announced the first in a possible series of emergency steps to push back the day when the government will exceed its legal borrowing authority as imposed by the U.S. Congress.

              The Treasury said on Dec. 28 it would suspend issuance of State and Local Government Series securities, known as “slugs”, which are special low-interest Treasury securities offered to state and local governments to temporarily invest proceeds from municipal bond sales.

              Slugs, which count against the debt limit, have been suspended several times over the last 20 years to avoid hitting the debt ceiling.

              The Treasury said it will also begin other measures, such as suspending certain retirement investments, which together will raise $200 billion.

              The Treasury said the debt ceiling is set to be reached on Dec. 31, but analysts believe extraordinary measures can stave that date off into February.

              Slugs? This is a sign. Buy Rifled Slugs.


          • waltherppk says:

            From my experience I can tell you that gun owners tend not to be “loose cannons” but are generally very deliberate and thoughtful, rational persons, many of whom have experience with military as well as sporting and recreational use and understand fully the practical utility of their firearms and don’t have a bunch of romantic and fictionalized notions that are influencing them when they are armed. Firearms are not generally toys in the hands of irresponsible children but are tools used by adults and with a high level of safety and expertise in comparison to other “tools” used by adults such as automobiles. It is the lunatics and the ignorant and stupid and the criminals as well as the “drama queens” and hysterics who give firearms an undeserved bad reputation and “image problem” which is propagandized to exaggerate the negative aspects when a misadventure or crime has occurred. Blunt honesty has taken a back seat to “political correctness” for too many persons who can’t honestly address any topic straightforwardly for fear that someone may be offended by straight talk telling it like it is.

            It is exactly the same thing as when all the “experts” (who actually aren’t experts) had millions of gullible sheeple convinced that butter and salt (even in sensible amount) are unhealthy, and that corporal punishment of defiant children is “child abuse” and on and on down a list of many things about which deceptions and ignorance have been peddled as “knowledge” supplied by the “enlightened”.

            The second amendment is a fundamental and essential component among the “checks and balances” which are designed to be and operate as guarantors of liberty and guardians of the uncorrupted operation of the republic as a servant (not a master), and the bottom line is that without that second amendment there is no republic, as it was a prerequisite and condition for the creation of the republic. Those who attempt to trivialize and misconstrue the meaning of the second amendment are nothing else but “crown loyalists” or “tories” reincarnated and revived in post revolutionary America who seek to subvert the constitution and founding principles and forfeit the liberty of free men to an all powerful government to which all men are reduced to being subjects. Such subversives are de facto counter-revolutionaries with regards to the American Revolution and seek to reconstitute a despotic authority to lord things over themselves and all others, surrendering ALL liberty for the promise that the state will be the guarantor of security and safety for the “utopia dwelling” individual. These ideologues have fully embraced the WRONG idea that a citizen is merely a subject of the state, a slave over whom the state is master, with the slave placing complete trust in that master to be a “righteous king” operating as if or in fact being “given” what amounts to absolute authority even regarded to be “divine authority” over those “slave subjects” who are mere men not fit nor entitled to govern themselves.

            The second amendment punctuates the distinction between the ideology of slaves and the ideology of free men. It goes back to Roman Empire times when one of the clear distinctions between a slave and a citizen was that a slave could not bear arms and any slave doing so would be killed on sight. Why? The obvious answer is the reason for the slave rebellion led by Spartacus and is the same reason for the second amendment. There must never be any confusion about who is the master and who is the servant or else much death will come in the reckoning of where the prevailing authority resides. War is politics continued by other means, where words have failed and people are speaking a different language of actions which lead to a decisive reckoning by combat, where one is victorious and the other is vanquished and defeated and/or dead. In such reckonings as do occur, clearly armed men have the advantage over unarmed men. An armed population tends to be a more polite population where none are inclined to test the limits of others. The concept is not dated and obsolete, but is a practical matter involving common sense that has been amply proven by history of millennia past and it is still common sense that citizens should be armed for the foreseeable future, until such time as all men have only angelic hearts and no sinful nature, as that condition of perfection? would then make the idea of and the existence of violence entirely obsolete for a human race having attained such perfect bliss. Until then, arms are going to be useful and their value appreciated by rational men.


      • sundance says:

        I don’t see the exercise as a tit-for-tat type of comparision by a long shot (no pun intended).

        Firstly the registration should not be public information – No one should have to register “publically” to enjoy a constitutional right.

        Secondly, the advocates who DID propose the ideological “scarlett letter” are willing participants – this is their public domain proposal. Any counter arguments they might afford, would in essence be the same arguments against their own proposal/behavior.

        As several sites have organized some data on the “dots”, many of them are registered firearm owners because they have been subjected to prior “stalking”, criminal activity including rape and incest, and some are Federal Law enforcement – a few anonymous, as in the example of Mark Osterman.

        The consequences for the decision by the Newspaper Owner, Editor, and ideological board will never surface, unless they themselves are placed into a similar position as the victims they choose to identify.

        This was their decision. As they own every single consequence that occurs as an outcropping to their decision – including the risk they may have placed upon themselves and their families amid the backlash described.

        As I have repeatedly stated – Progs don’t think through consequences, and non-progs should not be tasked with protecting the progs from the consequences they choose to ignore.


        • howie says:

          The prog’s are classifying gun owners. As the problem. This is just the start. They will drive it hard. The POTUS is a prog now. PC prevents counter offensive in any effective way. The Master Debaters on the Boob Tube will not go to the truth. It is Taboo. Gun owners will be grouped in a big pot. As people who need re-education. They have the bully pulpit and the mind control machine. But 4 years more of this ….Ahhh Dunno.


        • Sharon says:

          I don’t like adopting their standards for retaliation. Putting new and separate events in motion is not the same as letting events initiated by someone else play out.


        • michellc says:

          I can only speak for what I would do or not do. I wouldn’t have posted their info because I tend to take things to heart. So I would have thought what if someone read it and hurt them or an innocent family member. Even if my actions had nothing to do with it, I would have felt like blood was on my hands.
          However, when looking at it from a standpoint not involving me, I wouldn’t blame the people who posted the info if something happened because logically they opened themselves up to risk when they decided to violate the privacy of others and didn’t care if they put lives at risk.

          As for making permit information open to the public, imho that is a huge violation on the part of the state and is imho violating their constitutional rights. But then I’m one of those whackos that sees registration in and of itself a constitutional violation because the constitution does not say the right to bear arms if you do x, y and z.


      • Michael Johnston says:

        Ever see the movie “The Outlaw Josey Wales”? When talking to 10 Bears he gets asked the same type of question. He replies that his message of death is here in his rifle and his holster, along with his message of peace….he left it up to 10 Bears to decide which it would be….seems like the same applies here….


    • waltherppk says:

      Gotta wonder if those person’s insurers will reevaluate and recalculate premiums based upon the common sense actuarial involving people who would seem suddenly to be accident prone.


      • howie says:

        Well how bout raising the rates if you have a gun? Don’t be surprised.


        • waltherppk says:

          Maybe an Obamacare surcharge for being a public health risk ? Yeah you can see that one coming huh. Effin’ revenuers, they never stop, whiskey nazis, tobacco nazis, gun nazis ……all nazis right down to the nazi bone.


          • howie says:

            No F’n doubt about it. Revenoor’s. I only hope Obama does not appoint Bloomberg to the ATF. I can see it now. He will use every bit of power available in the executive branch. And that is a lot nowadays.


  4. cajunkelly says:

    A couple of comments to that article:

    Sea Captain

    After 30 years of protecting people and putting criminals behind bars and most of them for a long sentence my safety and the safety of my family members are at risk. Criminials sit in jail looking at ways to get back at the person(s) who put them there. For the many years that I was in Law Enforcement I attempted to make sure that a criminial that I had arrested could not locate me or my family. I was not listed in phones books, used P.O. Boxes, etc so a creep could not find where I lived. Now the Urinal News put my address and the addresses of many other retired Law Enforcement Officers’s in the paper where our lives (and the lives of our families) could be in jepordy. The Urinal News just gave many more criminals access to firearms, and its a lot cheaper than buying them on the street Great Job Urinal News. I already cancelled my subscription.


    John Patrick Ellis

    As a resident of Katonah and a ‘concerned citizen’,I demand your rag publish the names and addresses of all the mentally ill as well as all convicted felons and everyone on legal prescription drugs.You gun grabbing fanatics should have no problem doing that,right?And just so you know,because of you’re assault on law abiding citizens my friends and I have joined the NRA.Here’s to the demise of your rag and your place on the unemployment rolls.


  5. cajunkelly says:

    It’s also being reported that the reporter connected to this article owns a 357 and has had a permit since 2010, yet HIS little red dot is magically not on this map.

    There’s more I could say about this reporter, but nyet, t’wouldn’t be prudent.


  6. kinthenorthwest says:

    Yesterday I had Christmas Brunch with my Church Family—The Greatest Christian Family anyone could have. Sure I missed my real family a bit, but Christmas with them was so very Awesome.
    However that is not the intent of my post…After Brunch we saw a movie that really hit home with all of us there. Lots of tears and some cheering too. If you have not seen it, I highly recommend it.
    For all the moderators on here, I Guarantee that you will be hearing your voices echoing in the movie…I Sure Heard All of Your voices in the movie..
    Last Ounce of Courage trailer


  7. Bill Hasse says:

    They really just posted a map of houses to rob vs leave alone for criminals. I’d be more angry if I was the unarmed neighbor. Lol


  8. sundance says:

    The irony is the same mindset that publishes the names of gun owners would yet rail against “Open Carry” laws.

    Wouldn’t the ability to openly carry a firearm accomplish the same ideological objective?


  9. gretchenone says:

    My mom lives down there in WC with my prog sister and brother-in-law. My mom has been wanting a gun to protect herself. She shall have one. A late Christmas gift from me. 😉

    These idiots who think they are going to embarrass or shame or frighten gun owners are ignorant sots.


  10. Chip Bennett says:

    This could get very real. One of the outed gun owners is a victim of an ex-husband who was incarcerated for stalking her. Think he might want to know her whereabouts?

    And when these libtards get someone killed, they’ll just blame conservatives, the Tea party, the so-called “gun culture” – anything other than blame their own actions.


  11. ottawa925 says:

    I just heard that an Attorney has made public the names, address, and pictures of the ppl that published the gun owners. Helmets on … incoming.


  12. Sharon says:

    The NIJ, (National Institute of Justice) using data from the BJS,(Bureau of Justice Statistics) charts the use of various weapons types in homicides over a 30-year period — and clearly, the use of guns had a peak, but it dissipated almost 20 years ago:
    Over the last 20 years, the firearm crime rate has dropped, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, from 6 victims per 1,000 residents in 1994 to 1.4 victims per 1,000 residents in 2009. The 1.4/1000 is the same rate as in 2004, the last year in which the “assault weapons” ban was in place. Part of this is from an overall decline in violent crime over the same period, but that doesn’t account for all of the improvement. Firearm crimes accounted for 11% of all violent crime in 1993 and 1994, but was 8% of all such crime in 2009.


  13. akathesob says:

    The real scary part is that they walk among us.


  14. lovemygirl says:

    Obama Borg


  15. kadar2012 says:

    Justice Brandeis’s dissent in Olmstead v. U. S. (1928):

    “The makers of our Constitution understood the need to secure conditions favorable to the pursuit of happiness, and the protections guaranteed by this are much broader in scope, and include the right to life and an inviolate personality — the right to be left alone — the most comprehensive of rights and the right most valued by civilized men. The principle underlying the Fourth and Fifth Amendments is protection against invasions of the sanctities of a man’s home and privacies of life. This is a recognition of the significance of man’s spiritual nature, his feelings, and his intellect.”


  16. cajunkelly says:

    These people are idiots. They might as well have been on the filthy prog map.

    The time has come to be silent about what you own or do not own.


    • Sharon says:



    • michellc says:

      I got a Henry for Christmas and a picture was snapped of me and the gun. Now I never put pictures on the internet. I’m a very private person and a worry wart and have fits at my nieces and nephews for putting pictures of their kids on facebook because of my worry wart mentality.
      I just think a lot of these people don’t think about the people who view their FB page that aren’t friends and family and when they posed for the pictures and put them on their page were probably never thinking of sharing with the world, just with family and friends.

      Maybe not smart, but millions of people every day post pictures that imho aren’t smart on their fb page.


  17. jordan2222 says:

    Sharon, I read all of your comments with great interest. I am momentarily depressed because what you say about we should and should not do has left me feeling empty and powerless.

    The paper’s election to publish the list seems like a total repudiation of just plain old common sense.How do you respond to that kind of betrayal?

    The urge to get even can be overwhelming but you are correct in the sense that means we will become just like them.

    In the end someone is likely to decide whether or not we should retaliate, and if so, how.

    That means that we must, to some agree, accept that and follow suit.

    Which leaders do we trust to make those decisions?

    Ultimately, this SHOULD be decided by the voting process….. AND using logic, but, I, for one have lost faith in that system.

    My concern right now is that this kind of rhetoric could bring out the crazies which might be exactly what they want.


    • WeeWeed says:

      “..My concern right now is that this kind of rhetoric could bring out the crazies which might be exactly what they want.”
      Their objective, IMHO.


      • tara says:

        Exactly. Just like Spike Lee when he tweeted the non-related Zimmerman address, this media source is hoping that a nutcase on a mission will be spurned into action. The instigators will of course wipe their hands clean. Free speech, of course.

        The only thing that makes me feel halfway decent is knowing that most will be afraid of approaching with bad intent a gun owner’s home.


    • Sharon says:

      Jordan, I am certainly not a “source” for determining what we should or should not do. I’m just participating in the conversation and struggling with my own opinions and perspectives…and reactions. (I guess I’ll give up on trying to respond rather than react. I’ll just react and not give a rip if the children of those newspaper fools are shot on their way to school next week. They deserve it. I guess. [I don’t mean that. I’m just trying it out–cuz I guess that’s our destination. I’ve got a conscience problem, which I’m sure will be resolved, once enough of them are shot. I’ll get over my reservations.] )

      Let’s just all react like crazy, clobber anybody who gets in the way, and hang the consequences. I guess.

      Our problem stems from the fact that for several years we have not a functioning Republic with the checks and balances of three branches counter-balancing and serving as check(s) on each other. Our three branches of government are now filled with people who don’t even understand their oath of office, much less have any intention of fulfilling it.

      We are no longer a functioning republic, functioning under the rule of law. Problem is, it’s been that way for quite awhile, and it’s only now that it’s SO obvious that it can’t be ignored, so the left is doubling down, and normal Americans are freaking out.

      So react it is. And God help us.

      Whatever you do, Jordan, do not take seriously (as a “solution” or a “directive”) anything I say! Sheesh! Remember I’m the one who still lives in the 50’s as much of the time as possible. It’s much nicer there.


      • jordan2222 says:

        Not upholding the oath of office is an impeachable offense, but since no one does that, it means nothing. How many votes would there be for impeachment of anyone of them? Zero.

        That in itself renders the Constitution invalid, or at least, meaningless. The only one on the Hill who tried faithfully and consistently to do that was Ron Paul. People said he was nuts and “out of touch” with today’s reality, including Republicans but, in essence, they were really saying that the Constitution is irrelevant today.

        Scalia is an originalist, who believes that one must study the Federalist papers in order to understand and interpret the Constitution in the context of our world today, but how many folks have ever even read the Federalist papers?

        Right now, it would be nice if a second amendment leader emerged to make sense of all of this in a way that most people can understand. Apparently, Wayne LaPierre did not accomplish that.

        I have never seen any reliable polls about how many gun control freaks own weapons but I doubt that they are all defenseless.

        However, if push comes to shove, and things were to become violent, I do believe that gun owners own most of the guns.


        • Sharon says:

          Even if there were enough votes to convict, there wouldn’t be the votes in the Senate to convict. You see, back in the 90’s when Clinton was impeached, the Senate already did not care enough about his lying under oath and his perjury to defend the constitution with a trial on the charges. This did not start with obama, although it surfaced more obviously due to his firestorm of implementation of leftist anti-Constitution measures, and the czars, and the Executive Orders, and the refusal to prepare or ask for or pass a budget, and the insistence on just continuing to spend money we don’t have. But this did NOT just start in the last 4 years.

          Definitely gun owners own most of the guns, and they are far more skilled. That’s a given, I’m thinking.

          Now if we can just get all of the SEALS off of active duty before the SHITTUS has them all killed, we might stand a chance.

          Wayne LaPierre should not be faulted for not “making sense of all of this.” Criminy, when you’re dealing with a bunch of braindead fools, even God Himself can’t make them understand when He becomes one of them and lives with them for 33 years.

          We’ve got two generations right now that are barely literate. We need us some scorched earth, I’m guessing. We’ll start over. Or something.

          That’s my reaction to the whole mess.

          (Ya see why I try to concentrate on responding instead of reacting…………It’s not that I’m averse to reacting. I’m FULL of reacting. I’ve got reactions that could clear the deck in 8.3 seconds and nobody would be left around to ask what just happened.)


    • ctdar says:

      The people that run the journal brought the reaction from the blogger & others on themselves. I understand the concept of 2 wrongs dont make a right but we no longer live in logical and conscientious times. The paper put themselves in danger as surely as they put those people that own or once owned firearms on an interactive map. Did the paper stop and consider what could happen to those people or their families or their neighbors that may not own guns? What about the rights of those listed that may be victims of violent crimes, stalking and spousal abuse that own guns because of the sickos in this world? I do not know what I would do if I was listed on that map but I can tell you this, i would not sit & wait around for the other shoe to drop. Frankly I am happy that someone had the guts to act as swiftly and perhaps make the next idiot that owns a media tool to think twice before they publish another interactive map of anything that should be considered an act of invasion of privacy. As a result of this thoughtless use of the freedom of information act I bet more people will buy unregistered and for those that already have registered when the time comes to renew permits will not.


    • michellc says:

      I think the honest truth Jordan is we don’t really know what to do. If any of us did, we wouldn’t be having the discussions because we would have already fixed it.

      We can talk about how we won our independence, but it’s a different time and even the squirrel hunters wouldn’t be able to win this war.

      The biggest problem and one I think they relish the thought of is that when you corner a scared dog the dog will react and they’re doing their best to corner a lot of us scared dogs.


  18. howie says:

    The reason for the 2nd Amendment is for the citizens to bear arms. To be able to fight invasion and defend the country and themselves. Also to provide food for the table. Now. The publication of who is armed and where they live could be used by an invader as good intelligence. This is really bad. Now the British went for the armory did they not. What if they had had a roadmap to all the colonists houses???? Three if by government.


    • howie says:

      Or four if by the media. Damn the steeple is getting crowded. It just made me think of Paul Revere for some reason.That must have been quite a night. But they were organized. Maybe that is why they put the 2nd in the Bill of Rights. I have been wondering if the Founders ranked the amendments by importance to them. The first ten. Of course the rest were as you go. I have just started to study the constitution. I can see why the socialists abhor it. To repeal the amendment requires a large majority.


      • waltherppk says:

        The civil war was fought over a lot lesser important issue and the republic barely survived that insurrection. It definitely won’t survive a revisiting of civil war over another
        divisive issue particularly such an issue where the tyrannical ambition of the government itself would be to make slaves of us all. The republic would no longer exist even if the issue is visited by insurrection because so many millions of people could never accept the outcome either way the outcome was decided. It would be the end of the United States.


  19. PatriotUSA says:

    “Remember I’m the one who still lives in the 50′s as much of the time as possible. It’s much nicer there.”

    Indeed it was and that is where I am most of the time, passed by this whack a mole world that I do not understand and can just ‘react’ to after much thought and research.

    I will not give up my rights, freedoms or liberty and you will find me perhaps, on the ground dead to fight for them, preserve them.They can come take them from be by force and come what may I will not one of those who stood around and just complained and did nothing.

    Remember Jordan, when good men do nothing, that is when evil will move ‘forward.’
    This is the times in which we live. I find refuge


    • howie says:

      Ouch. It can happen here? Whoa Nellie. For you to worry about this is a tell. For anyone to worry about this is a tell. We should not have to worry about the Federal Government….I think that is a valid point. I don’t know what to do about it. Guess just keep clawin away.


  20. PatriotUSA says:

    Dang it, I can’t type worth a rip, my mistake…. umm hem:

    I find refuge here and at Fellowship Of The Minds more than any other sites. What I have learned through here and there, wisdom and strength. I am on many other sites as well but these two, exceptional

    Jordan, the second amendment is precious and peace is not free and they are already and more are coming. These fools live and will die by cognitive dissidence. Our constitution has been trampled and we have allowed it. Shame on us.

    Magical thinking anyone, and this explains most of CD and idiotic modern libtardism:


    • Sharon says:

      The discussion about magical thinking reminded me of the Cargo Cults….there are some illustrations of leftist childishness there, too, perhaps. That, just like those Cargo Worshippers thought if they built the wide open flat spot (the runways) that the Cargo/Sky Gods would bring the magic silver flying boxes back again, full of wonders from another world… the fool Cargo Cult Policymakers think if you give everyone an equal amount of cash, everyone will have a wonderful life. Just make it all equal and life will be good.



    • howie says:

      I have not allowed it. i have been trying to stop it. But I just do what I can….does not seem to be working but keep clawing away at it I guess.


  21. elvischupacabra says:

    “… who served in the Marines as a rifleman…”

    EVERYONE in the Marines is a rifleman! DOH!

    It looks to me like time to boycott the offending fishwrap’s advertisers. And as all real journalists understand, the only reason any fishwrap exists is to sell ads.


    • howie says:

      I have eliminated everything NEWZ. Some papers around here are OK they have no AP wire propaganda and are free. They have all the comics and puzzles. The majors only print AP scams and add a headline.


    • GracieD says:

      My sentiments exactly, El! That, and maybe a lawsuit, if those whose names were published can find solid legal ground to stand on.

      Sharon, your reasoned response is excellent! I agree that we should be careful as to how we react to this. The Progs are trying to push us into an unwise reaction, and we cannot take the bait. I am keeping my powder dry. I just had a lightbulb moment, I think. I wonder if keeping records on any governmental level of the gun owners/typs of guns owned might violate the Second Amendment? Might that kind of list be challenged in Court? I wonder how many people even know that said documentation is public record? Just a few thoughts before getting ready to head to the office.


      • GracieD says:

        Remember, all politics is local. Might the locals get such a law repealed? Just a thought, I know this is NY that we are talking about.


  22. turnthetables says:

    check out publisher Janet Hasson nice $1.4 million house, 3 Gate House Lane, Mamaroneck, NY 10534. Phone number:(914) 694-5204


  23. Sharon says:

    Iowahawk has a research project going on media violence! God bless him!

    Media Violence Project

    Journo-politico Violence: Deadly Threat or Menacing Trend?

    A Public Safety Alert from David Burge
    Executive Director and Chief Research Officer
    The Media Violence Project / Center for the Study of Politician Sociopathy

    At the Media Violence Project, our charter is to protect public safety by researching, documenting and raising awareness about the ever-increasing wave of violent, disgusting crimes perpetrated by members of the American news media. It is a largely thankless task — often requiring a cast iron stomach — but if our work has prevented one more American child from falling victim to a criminally insane anchorman or newspaper reporter, it will all have been worth it.

    Go to the link to read the whole report! Pass it along to your friends and those who fear the media–with good reason, apparently. We need to save the chirren from the media. DO.Your.Part.


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