Free At Last – Jon Hammar Released from Mexican Jail, Crossed Border Friday Night….

(Via GWP)  On Thursday, Bill O’Reilly and two US Republican Representatives threatened a boycott of Mexico if Jon Hammar was not released by Christmas.   Jon Hammar was released from prison in Mexico on Friday night.   He is with his father in Texas. FOX News reported:

The ordeal for Jon Hammar Jr., who languished under deplorable conditions in a violent Mexican prison for four months, is finally over.

Jon Hammar Sr. has confirmed that his 27-year-old son, a Marine combat veteran, is back on U.S. soil and with him in a rented car in Brownsville, Texas.

Hammar Sr. said his son was released from the notorious CEDES prison at 8 p.m. local time and made it back across the bridge between Matamoros, Mexico and Brownsville, Texas by around 8:30 p.m.

The ex-Marine, who was arrested at the same border crossing Aug. 13 after attempting to declare an antique shotgun, was suffering from a stomach virus, his father told Fox News as he and his son drove from the border looking for a hotel to spend the night.

“We’re both tired and at our wits end,” Hammar Sr. said. “We’re glad he’s out of there.”  (more)

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18 Responses to Free At Last – Jon Hammar Released from Mexican Jail, Crossed Border Friday Night….

  1. maggiemoowho says:

    Great news, I was so happy to hear about his release yesterday.


  2. griz1234 says:

    Excellent news!


  3. ctdar says:

    Great news to wake up to!
    Merry Christmas Hammar Family


    • canadacan says:

      Felice Navidad It’s all about the Benjamins when it comes to the Mexican government Sounds like a touch of Montezuma’s Revenge for that young ex Marine hope he gets well soon


  4. stellap says:

    Yeah, that evil Fox News was instrumental in getting him released by publicizing the situation and putting pressure on both our and the Mexican governments. Good news indeed! Merry Christmas to him and his family.


  5. thefirstab says:

    A Joyous Christmas for the Hammar family – as has been stated in some media (Fox primarily) this started as an administrative screw-up (bad info on both sides of border) when Hammar tried to do the right thing in following protocol with his gun. What I take from this situation, along with the Benghazi tragedy, is that the current administration has little to no respect/value for the lives and well-being of people who serve THE COUNTRY, unless it benefits Obama for a specific purpose. I wonder what will happen when the president demands their service to further his own agenda?


  6. cajunkelly says:

    I can’t begin to imagine the joy his parents are feeling. It trully is a Blessed Merry Christmas for them, no thanks to the jackass squatting in our Oval Office.

    As far as boycotting Mexico? Been there, done that, for a couple of years at least. My local grocery has stickers on produce announcing “product of Mexico”. Wouldn’t touch that crap for all the cows in Texas.

    As far as traveling to Mexco? Nyet. I prefer that my head remain attached to the rest of my body, thank you very much.

    BTW, I understand that gun laws are so restrictive in Mexico that a gun owner is allowed a gun IN THEIR HOME ONLY. That’s working wonderfully ain’t it?

    As the guest of Glenn’s show yesterday intimated; Let’s see all the pro gun grabbers vacay in Mexico for a couple of weeks, SANS their armed body guards, of course. He was speaking of Piers-of-scat Morgan, who lives in a posh apartment with an armed body guard in the lobby, while demanding that we (who he most likely calls proletariats) give up our 2nd Amendment rights to self defense.


  7. czarowniczy says:

    A few years ago, one of my sons and three of his co-workers who were working in Mexico with a major European company, were arrested on trumped-up charges and placed in a Mexican slammer. It took a few rather nasty calls from the company through it’s country’s embassy and some calls by a friend in the government business to get them out. That particular son was a semi-pro MMA fighter prior to going to work for this company and two of the others arrested were prior military and current pipe fitters or metal smiths so, while conditions in the jail were deplorable, they managed to keep the trash at bay. As it turned out the police chief thought that a big European company would cough up some bucks to get its workers out of the hole, but he didn’t count on the company not only had contacts at the highest levels of the Mexican government and havin a great deal of experience in dealing with tin-pot despots around the world. Not all that unusual to get thrown in the slammer in Mexico and asked for a donation to speed the release along.


  8. Sharon says:

    Now there is some good news for Christmas! It’s thrilling to have some public documentation (IN THEIR FACE) that even though the POTUS and his hapless Cabinet Czars couldn’t do anything to help this American, some actual Americans could.

    That’s AMERICA of the people, by the people and for the people…..since her government no longer is.

    Thank you, Bill O-Reilly and Congressmen, for showing that the American ingenuity and courage that built the country in the first place can still make things happen. Thank you very, very much from this usually-disgusted-any-more American heart.


  9. jordan2222 says:

    I was surprised when I fist learned of this. I am guessing that gun laws have changed dramatically. I remember friends who used to go there to hunt for ducks and doves. I am sure they took their own shotguns. One was an ex brother in law who tried to get me to go with them but that was long ago.

    When will they tell BO what happened?


    • Sharon says:

      Gun laws may not have had anything to do with it…as others have related, the staff in Mexican jails pretty much has carte blanche to write the rules as they go along, particularly if they think there’s cash to be made from relatives of whoever they grabbed.


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